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Haryana, INDIA
+91-124-3926090 (Landline) +91-9958854900 (Mobile)

babajiBabaji was born in 1978 in a middle class family in Delhi.

By Divine Grace, since his childhood he started studying Occult Sciences and practiced Yoga at the young age of just 9.

By the age of 12 his interest in these subjects grew more and more. He started Practicing Meditation with the highest form of “Vicharshunyata” (Thoughtlessness).

At 15 he started practicing Astrology Professionally. And he was the World’s Youngest Ever Professional Astrologer at that age.

At 18 he received a Gold Medal in World Astrological Conference in the presence of His Holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya Ji.

Babaji is now researching upon the existence of Seven Elements in this World. Previously it was ever thought that the Entire Universe is made up of Five elements only. But Babaji’s due research proves that the Universe is made up of Seven Elements viz Earth, Fire, Sky, Air, Water, Energy and Time.

Astrology is just a part of the ancient divine sciences. We have the Whole Universe inside us. We can see it all with our Inner eyes.

Babaji associates Adhyatm (Spirituality) with Vigyaan (Science). He says Spirituality is the mother of Science.

Babaji strongly advises people to do Meditation in both Thoughtful as well as Thoughtless Avasthas.

B., Crystal
Bloomfield, NJ

Modern Astrological Insight With A Twist” is what Crystal B. is all about. Astrology has been around Crystal all her life since her father is also an astrologer. She focuses primarily on astrological prediction and has private clients all over the world. Astrology parties and special events are also another venue where you can find her in astrological action. Her popular website,, attracts an international audience who come to read all about her fun, insightful and thought provoking predictions. Her monthly astrology update is on the Top 100 Horoscopes and she has astrological articles printed all over the web including yoga sites such as and Testimonials can be found directly on her website and public reviews on Go to: for additional information about her private readings.

Bailey, Nicoli Ann
Anchorage, AK

nicole bailyNicoli Ann Bailey has been a professional astrologer and personal change consultant for twenty five years. She maintains a private practice in Anchorage which includes consulting, teaching, lecturing and writing. She also conducts sessions with clients nationally and internationally by telephone. Nicoli is well versed in mythology, Jungian psychology, and esoteric symbolism, and weaves these threads into her work.


Baker, Shivani

I have been seeing clients for over 30 years. My specialty is people in transition, an timing of events. My approach is grounded with a strong spiritual base. I do believe in reincarnation an that our soul never dies. Have been teaching classes for 3 decades an love it. Many of my clients have come back for updates over the years an are located all over the USA an overseas.

I do readings over the phone. My undergraduate degree is in Psychology an have studied with wonderful mentor Astrologers such as Francis McEvoy, Nancy Hastings and Rob Hand.

Banfield, Barbara
Seattle, WA

Barbara is a professional astrologer from Seattle with a strong background in both the arts and sciences. She is a graduate of Noel Tyl’s Master’s Degree Certification Course and practices astrology from a unique union of both the scientific and poetic modes of perception.


Bartlett, Michael
Santa Fe, NM

image002Michael Bartlett is a practicing Astrologer and Business Consultant who has a background in Core Energetic and lives in Santa Fe, NM. Michael brings a grounded astrological understanding which he sees in visual images or metaphors. He uses these visual metaphors to translate Astrological archetypes in an accessible manner for the level and understanding of each client he sees.

Michael uses whole sign houses and the Uranian Astrology way of looking at charts. He also uses a blend of other methodologies as he is always working on improving his astrological knowledge utilizing knowledge from as many sources as he feels are applicable given the needs of his client.

He came up with the idea of creating AstroTheatre while listening to Tom Brady discuss a live astro drama he produced with Barbara Schermer for people in Santa Fe many years ago. Michael also produces Alan Oken’s Webinar productions.

Michael offers readings in person or via Skype.

Baylor, Dean
New York, NY

Dean Baylor is a professional Vedic Astrologer who specializes in Natal Chart Readings, Relationship Compatibility and Muhurta (electional astrology). Originally a Teacher, he transitioned away from Western Astrology in the early 1990’s as he learned of the more numerous and mathematically precise techniques available to a practitioner of the ancient Science of Light (Jyotish). He sees Vedic Astrology as a divine science, as a cause-and-effect blueprint that makes us accountable for our actions, serving as an early-warning system for recognizing the return of previous karmas.He has been a student of many spiritual teachings since he was a child, especially the Teachings of the Ascended Masters (, whose prayers, decrees and mantras he uses to accelerate the transmutation of karmic records in the horoscope. A graduate of California State University, San Bernardino, he holds a B.A. with Honors in Political Science and an M.A. in National Security Studies. He currently has a private practice in New York City where he resides with his wife, Betty, and a dog, a Pomeranian named Teddy.

Bechdolt, Patricia
Los Angeles CA

PatriciaBechdoltPhotoPatricia teaches Evolutionary Astrology at Holos University, where she received her doctorate in Theology with an extended emphasis in Energy Medicine and Medical Intuition. Her doctoral studies included intensives with the widely respected medical intuitive, spiritual teacher, and author Caroline Myss, Ph.D., and energy medicine pioneer and American Holistic Medical Association Founder C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. She has also completed extensive in-person study in Evolutionary Astrology with the eminent astrologer and teacher Steven Forrest. Patricia works with clients worldwide, and conducts consultations by phone for individuals and partners.


Beckman, Howard
Pecos, NM
(505) 757- 6194

howard beckmanHoward is a Vedic astrologer and planetary gemologist with 30 years of experience. An ACVA faculty member and Director of the Vedic Cultural Fellowship, he is also the author of “An Intro to Vedic Astrology”, “Vibrational Healing with Gems” and “Mantras, Yantras and Fabulous Gems”. Having lived and studied in India for many years he still spends at least a month or two there
annually, as well as annual visits to Europe and the UK from his home in the US. Howard is one of only a few Planetary Gemologists in the world and the ONLY certified Planetary Gemologist in the USA. He is also director of Balaji Natural Gems and am the 5th generation of one of the oldest gem families from Europe and India. Howard is also the current secretary of the Planetary Gemologists Association. Howard offers full-life horoscopes, yearly horoscopes, compatibility comparisons, timings for events and will do birth time rectification without extra charge if necessary. Contact Howard at the Vedic Cultural Fellowship for personal, mail or telephone consultations, at the number and addresses above.

Begg, Deike Astrol.S., Dip.Pet
London, UK
020 7228 3220

DeikeDeike Begg has been practicing astrology since 1975. She holds Diplomas of the Faculty of Astrological Studies and the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust and is Media Officer for the Association of Professional Astrologers International. She has written many articles for astrological publications and national newspapers. She has lectured internationally and is in
private practice in a central location in London. Consultations are in person, by telephone or by post, all of which can be taped.
Published works include: Rebirthing – Freedom from your Past; Synchronicity – The Promise of Coincidence; and with her husband, Ean, On the Trail of Merlin and In Search of the Holy Grail and the Precious Blood.

Bellis, Carol
Sandwich, MA

carol-bellis-260x300Carol Bellis, B.S., member NCGR and ATA (American Tarot Association) is a Professional Astrologer, Nationally Certified Reflexologist and Tarotist. Carol has been practicing astrology professionally since 1998 when transiting Saturn approached her Midheaven. In addition to being a voraciously, self taught astrologer, she earned her certification under the tutelage of astrologer, teacher and author, Carole Devine. Carol Bellis is constantly studying and learning because an amazing subject of this magnitude could never be mastered in one lifetime! She is a graduate of Noel Tyl’s Master Program for professional astrologers. Carol has written the Astroforecast for Synchronicity Magazine since October of 2001 and currently writes articles for her astrological website. With her philosophical ninth house Moon, unconventional first house Uranus and empathetic Jupiter/Chiron conjunction in Pisces, Carol is a lifelong, dedicated wisdom seeker of the intuitive arts. She is committed to the practice of astrology as a sacred, healing modality. Her intuitive and soul centered approach will help you identify and align with your true path, offering healing and empowerment.

Carol offers in depth, taped consultations either in person or by telephone. Contact her by email or through her website listed above. Her office is currently located at Cape Cod Book and Healing Center in Mashpee, MA. .


Bennett, Naomi
Austin, TX
512 619-9255

Naomi-BennettNaomi has been an astrologer since 1970. She currently lives in Austin, Texas with an astrology practice and teaches the subject locally. With a BA in Psychology, she is sympathetic to the personal issues her clients face in their lives as they use astrology for guidance. She spent 11 years in the highly competitive computer industry selling to Fortune 500 financial businesses.
This gave her extensive experience in business and relating astrology to corporate and financial issues. The use of computer technology has expanded her ability to reach and support others at a distance.

She spent five years researching the roots of astrology in the 1990’s in Europe and Egypt gathering astrological history for a book in process. She has studied with Rob Hand analyzing traditional techniques. Naomi is currently writing small ebooks for distribution through Amazon for December 2013. In Austin, she is President of the Astrological Society of Austin for 2013/2014.


Benton, Mehtab
Austin TX

Mehtab[1]Mehtab Benton Mehtab¹s name given to him by his teacher Yogi Bhajan, literally translated, means Light of the Moon, so it is fitting that he has become one of the most insightful and approachable vedic astrologers around. His readings, available in person or via phone, are uniquely tuned to each individual and can focus on anything from the spiritual to the practical decisions one needs to make in day to day life. Because Mehtab has been practicing yoga for over 25 years, his intuition is often very accurate and many find his insight invaluable to their personal growth. His light-hearted sense of humor and deep immersion in a spiritual practice gives you a relaxed feeling of confidence and ease. Mehtab is the author of 11 books and over 100 articles on yoga, health, diet and astrology. He is a Level 2 certified Vedic Astrologer from the College of Vedic Astrology and a mentor in their astrology certification program.

Berry, Linda
L.A, San Diego, Inland Valley, CA

LindaBerryHeadshotCR[1]Linda Berry has been actively seeking her own spirituality since she was very young. Her aunt, an accomplished astrologer and numerologer, started Linda reading palms as a child. Since then Linda has studied in various areas of Old Age Spirituality (Native Indian) and New Age Spirituality (Metaphysical) to combine the two into her style of Spiritual Astrology Readings and Trainings. Her readings are aimed toward helping people to grow and heal themselves. By getting in touch with their “higher selves” she gives them insights and perceptions that result in clearer visions and the discovery of inner knowledge, which can be used to create happier lives. In her Spiritual Astrology readings she guides them in finding the road to take for their own spiritual journey. Using very analytical techniques in her teaching style, Linda’s Spiritual Astrology Training is not only spiritual, but interesting and educational as well. Being a professional practicing astrologer, Linda offers astrological services that specialize in modern Western Astrology as well as Spiritual Astrology (karmic insight and shamanic healing). She offers birth chart, synastry, and transit chart interpretation, special eclipse packages, relationship consultation, and customized services such as life path, business, finance, relocation, medical, and children/baby analysis. Linda’s Spiritual Astrology Reading assists individuals in understanding their Natal Chart energies to help connect with the “blueprint of their soul.”

Through her Astrology expertise and background she has developed one-on-one Basic Astrology and Intermediate Astrology Personal Training Programs and her one-on-one Spiritual Astrology Training Program. She combines her knowledge of Western, Classical, Karmic, and Shamanic Astrology to develop educational as well as growth and healing oriented Astrology Training Programs. Students learn everything from how to read their Birth (Natal) Chart, relationship oriented Synastry Charts, energy producing Transit Charts, Solar and Lunar Return Charts, as well as learning about the Moon and its relationship to the elements.

A worldwide audience joins Linda Berry for her monthly “Blog Talk Radio Shows.” Internationally known as an Astrologer, Linda has taught Modern, Classical, Spiritual, and Native Indian Astrology for the past eleven years. In addition, she shares her wit and sage wisdom as the “Zodiac Yoda” on the Lunar News™Radio Show which airs twice monthly where she offers Full and New Moon reports as well as astrological forecasts and cosmic mini-readings. Linda is the past President of the San Diego Chapter of NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research). NCGR is an internationally known Astrological organization that certifies Astrologers at four levels of expertise. She served on the National NCGR PEP (Professional Empowerment Program) Committee and was also a National NCGR Astrological Mentor. Linda is also an active member of the San Diego Astrological Society (SDAS) as well as the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR). A dynamic and sought after public speaker, Linda has been a presenter at meetings, workshops, seminars, and conferences around the country, and has appeared on both radio and television. She is also the author of the soon to be published books: “Spiritual Marketing for the Modern Day Astrologer, Archetypes in Astrology, Spiritual Astrology: Karmic Insight and Shamanic Healing, Moon through the Signs: Elemental Shamanic Healing, and Spiritual Palmistry and the Seven Classical Planets.”


Bevan, Lorna MA MBACP
Astrologer Master NLP Coach Psychotherapist
Sherfield on Loddon Basingstoke, UK
+44 (0)1256883883

lorna2_sAs a consultant astrologer for the Sunday Times and other publications, I have had unrivalled experience in talking with people about their lives by working with their astrological charts. Through my qualifications and experience as a psychotherapist and NLP coach, I can offer you much more than a standard reading which is limited to understanding rather than changing. I can take you that important step further with strategies for dissolving sabotaging beliefs, behaviours and blocks. I work face to face, by telephone or e-mail from wherever you are in the world.

Qualifications : Diploma in Psychological Astrology (Zurich ) MA BA (Hons ) Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy Master Practitioner NLP Accredited NLP Coach, MBACP, INLPTA, MAPAI, Member of Astrological Association, UK

Bholle, Sachin
Delhi, India
+91 9958711822

Sachin BholleSachin Bholle, a very famous and renowned name in Indian- originated great science Astrology, is known for his accurate predictions and researches in Astrology. Astrologer Bholle predicts relevant and practically applicable predictions according to changing scenario of time trends. Post-graduate with excellent academic record, having deep inter-disciplined knowledge of various Humanities subjects with scientific approach, astrologer Bholle is blessed with a large amount of clairvoyance, intuitiveness and spiritual virtues.

In his prominent researched work till now, astrologer Bholle has pointed out Birth chart’s 30 to 35 decisive factors for accurate prediction and discovered invaluable method of one by one calculations of these 30-35 factors to reach on most accurate level of prediction. Besides this, remarkable number of astrology’s key concepts has been successfully reinterpreted in scientific manner, with consideration of relevancy and practical applicability in this changing scenario of time.

Bisbo, Henrik
D.F.Astrol. S
Bisbo Astrology
+65 8111 4773

Henrik BisboA Singapore based Danish national I have studied and practiced Western astrology for more than 20 years alongside my career in international shipping. In 2012 I obtained the Diploma from The Faculty of Astrological Studies entitling me to use the letters D.F.Astrol.S. after my name.

I work closely together with my wife, Tinna, who has also been involved in astrology for more than 20 years.

We focus on a psychological approach in the Jungian tradition and specialize in personal astrology as well as business astrology with particular emphasis on career development and identifying vocations. Frequent lectures and workshops also figure prominently in what we do.

Black, June
Somersworth, NH

I have been providing astrological consultations from my home in Somersworth, NH since 1992. I work exclusively with women, guiding and clarifying the day- to-day of their unique journey. As a Social Worker for over two decades, I have worked with people from all walks of life and in all types of life situations, events and conditions. I primarily use natal, transit, solar return, diurnal, and progressed charts. I also use compatibility charts to better understand relationships between two or more people. People are more than their charts, but it is their charts that describe best not only current life conditions, but the very nature of their being. Please see my website for more information on my services.


Blaze, Chrissie
Madison Heights, MI
248-804 9945

download (1)Chrissie Blaze is an author, astrologer and teacher of astrology, metaphysics and the spiritual sciences. She is English and now lives in Los Angeles, California with her American husband, and fellow author and presenter, Gary Blaze. She is a well-known figure in the New Age movement there, and a regular guest in the U.S. media. During her twenty-year career in the public eye,
she has given hundreds of radio and television broadcasts, lectures and workshops on subjects from astrology and psychic development to spiritual healing and U.F.Os. She has assisted in launching several nationwide campaigns to raise public awareness, including the successful Natural Healing on the National Health. Blaze has been a regular speaker at Expos and Festivals in England and the U.S., including the world’s largest Festival of its kind, the Festival for Mind-Body-Spirit. In 2003, she will be giving a keynote workshop at the Festival for Mind-Body-Spirit on Mercury Retrograde. She is a qualified teacher with credentials from the University of London, England and certified with the State Board of California, and has lectured on subjects ranging from business studies to yoga. She worked for eight years as a lecturer at inner-London colleges, was the public relations director of a London investment company, and is the publicity officer in the U.S. for international metaphysical organization, The Aetherius Society. Her experience is wide and varied, and includes teaching, writing, public relations, publicity and promotion, broadcasting and healing. She also earned her astrology credentials from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and works as a professional astrologer in Europe and the U.S.A. She writes a regular column for several magazines including PhenomeNews, Magical Blend, and the popular web-based magazine, For more information and the latest astrology news, visit

Blue Moon Astrology
Portland, OR
(503) 242-1214 (800) 630-2288
1730 Harbor Way #308
Portland, OR. 97201

susan westSusan West of Blue Moon Astrology has a Masters Degree in Human Relations and spent most of her earlier career (besides being a mom) as a regional sales manager for a Washington D.C. business lobby group. In 1985 she discovered she had advanced cancer (now fully recovered) and stepped off the fast track to redirect her life and find her true vocation. As a Virgo, she is a natural astrologer and lecturer. Susan specializes in astrological forecasting and she may be contacted by phone, mail, or
email for appointments.


Bock, Thomas
Austin, TX

patrick-bockThomas Bock
My Name is Thomas Bock, I have been a professional Astrologer since 1980 with a specialty in psychological interpretations for kids and adults, relationships, relocation, luck, career and business. I started my career in astrology while in college. I was a business major going for a MBA. I became very fascinated with psychology in my psychology class. I learned that many of the great psychologist like Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Friedrich Nietzsche all used Astrology extensively in there work to help them understand the human psyche. In 1980 I started studying Astrology with Robert Hand, Mary Shea, Robert Pelletier, and other astrologers. Not long after I started giving astrology reads at renaissance festivals.

My goal is to help people understand the events in their lives and themselves thought astrology. I believe everything happens for a reason. I have always striving to find the deeper meanings and purposes behind life events. I want people to understand why something happened or is going to happen. So not just to solving a current problem, but also preventing the same or similar problem from happening again and again. I wants to help others find their true paths in life, that will be most fulfilling in utilizing their unique personality and abilities.


Natal Readings, Charts and Reports for Adults and Children. Vocational Readings
Relationships Readings for Couples and Families. Composite, Davidson and Symmetry
Horoscope Forecast Readings, Solar Returns, Transits, Progressions
Relocation Readings, Astrocartography
Luck Readings, Jupiter Return and favorable Transits for Gambling, Lotto, Bingo and Business


Bogart, Greg
Richmond, CA

greg0909Greg is a Bay Area astrologer and psychotherapist. He is also the author of four books described in his web site. Greg does chart readings in person or by telephone. He holds a level 1V certification as a counseling astrologer from the NCGR and is a regular conference speaker at UAC and other International conferences.






Boomer-Trent, Laura
London England
07905 146 176

lauraBTWriter, lecturer, artist and astrologer, Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background and an earlier career in film and television. Laura has been involved in the astrological world for over twenty years; since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India, in 1996-97, she now integrates ancient Eastern healing arts, yogic and astrological – Tibetan, Indian and Chinese – with the practical teleology of western astrology and modern metaphysics. Past media credits include innovating Britain’s only national television show dedicated solely to astrology, C4’s ‘Astrology Show’; for three years Laura was the BBC astrologer; and featured in the only tarot commercial to have run on Sky and Star TV. She has appeared on several radio shows and written for many magazines, she has also co-authored two books on astrology. Her interest is healing mind, body and spirit by connecting to the heavens in a manner that is as much psychological as is it experiential.


Bost, Tim
Sarasota, FL

TimBostCloseUp[1]Tim Bost is not a typical investment advisor, financial planner, or market analyst. As one of the world’s leading financial astrologers, he uses his knowledge of planetary cycles to forecast market trends and to identify the individual equities that offer the best prospects for profitable trading. Tim shares his expertise each week in FinancialCyclesWeekly, an email service he provides to clients around the world.

Tim is not only an internationally-known professional fully certified by the American Federation of Astrologers, the National Council of Geocosmic Research and the International Society for Astrological Research – he has also had more than 35 years’ experience helping clients from all walks of life with business planning and personal development.

Tim’s work has been featured in Barron’s, Bridge News, and other financial publications, as well as in A Trader’s Astrological Almanac and a variety of regional magazines and newspapers.


Bowser, Kenneth
Minneapolis, MN

kenneth1Ken has been a student of astrology since 1970, first as a tropicalist and since the middle 70’s as a siderealist. He is an advocate of the Fagan-Bradley school of western sidereal astrology which derives from the Babylonian, not the Vedic tradition. Ken works full time as an astrological consultant. His work is split equally between natal interpretations and business, especially stock market consultations; he is also a columnist for American Astrology Magazine and his work has appeared regularly in print for more than twenty years in many astrological publications, both in the U.S. and Europe . Ken does in-person and phone consultations. You may contact him by accessing the email address above.

Brady, Bernadette
Bristol, UK

bernadette_bradyBernadette Brady holds a MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University College, UK and is a professional consulting astrologer, co-principal of Astro Logos, a post graduate speciality school for astrologers, and a faculty member of the Astrological Guild of Educators Int. (A.G.E Int.). She is a Fellow of the Federation of Australian Astrologers and also holds an FAA Diploma.

Her publications include : the astrological software package Starlight (co-authored with Barnswood Ltd and published through Zyntara Publications), and Jigsaw (Astrolabe, USA, and Esoteric Technologies, Australia) which she co-authored with Esoteric Technologies; and her books: The Eagle and the Lark: a Textbook of Predictive Astrology (Weisers USA, 1992, 1999) which has been translated into Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, and Bulgarian ; and Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars (Weisers, USA 1998) translated into Russian. Her first book was reprinted in 1999 as Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark by Weisers, USA, and was the winner of the UK’s Spica Award for the Best Astrological Book of the Year. Australian by nationality, Bernadette now lives in Bristol, UK.

Braha, James
Longboat Key, FL.

Braha__Thumbnail_PhotoJames Braha is internationally recognized as the astrologer who first brought Hindu, also known as Jyotish or Vedic, astrology to the West in understandable form with his groundbreaking book Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer.
He is famous for training astrologers worldwide to use Hindu astrology for its amazing predictive ability, and Western astrology for its profound psychological and spiritual advantages. After learning Western astrology, Braha traveled to Delhi and Bombay in 1983 and 1984. He is also the author of How to Predict Your Future: Secrets of Eastern and Western Astrology, a comprehensive text on Hindu Dasas and Western planetary transits, How to be a Great Astrologer: The Planetary Aspects Explained and Astro-Logos, Revelations of a Hindu Astrologer. James is one of the most respected astrologers in America and regularly writes articles for national astrology magazines.

His textbook on Hindu astrology sells in India and he is the recipient of the Jyotish Kovida award from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer is now available in German, Greek,
Italian, and Czech. Check James’s website for more information on consultations, computer reports and his books or contact him at his email address from this site.

Brandon, Fiona MA, MFT
San Francisco, CA

New_4239a[1]As an astrologer I hope to energize a fresh perspective into the way you approach being in the world. My astrology readings inspire new ways of approaching areas of your life where you might feel blocked, confused or overwhelmed. We can forget about the amazing unique gifts that we have when our focus is on what is not working. My skillful and heartfelt astrology readings remind
you of your innate gifts and how they can be brought to bear on the challenges you face. We may even unearth some special talents you are not consciously aware of! And figure out ways to attend to these new discoveries so that you feel lit from within. When we feel sparked on the inside we can connect to a new vision of who we are and share our vitality and ideas out in the world.

You can use your astrology reading with me to look at many areas of your life such as your relationships, career, childhood, creative desires, travel and your spiritual path. To give you the best possible reading I combine information from three separate astrological charts. I look at your birth chart to understand your natal influences. I look at the current planetary cycle and how it is effecting you now. And I look at your progressed chart which shows what you are emotionally ready for. I combine the knowledge from these charts to understand where your time and energy will be most received as well as those areas where you may need to apply patience. Understanding the timing of things can bring relief and reorient your focus to what is ready to be in play now and
what still needs time to grow. My hope is that you will leave the reading feeling a sense of direction and excitement about your life, your relationships and what you are building.

My astrological readings are full of warmth, attentive listening and discussion. I bring to our meeting over a decade of study as an astrologer, stargazer and my experience as a licensed psychotherapist. My readings are influenced by my love of myth, storytelling, archetypal symbolism, depth psychology, Buddhist psychology and alchemy.

I am available for astrology readings by phone or in person at my San Francisco and Oakland offices. All my astrology readings are recorded in MP3 format and emailed to you so that you have a copy of your reading. My fee for a 60 minute reading is $100 and $150 for a 90 minute reading.

To give you your astrological reading I will need you to email me your date, time and place of birth. Once I have your birth information we can schedule a time for the reading. You can also give an astrology reading as a gift. If you are curious about getting a reading, or if you have any questions about my approach to astrology, you can reach me at 415.721.3355 or by
email at I am happy to answer any questions you might have about how we can work together and the ways in which a reading can address your particular needs.



Brennan, Chris

chris-brennan-01 (1)Chris is a practicing astrologer and researcher from Denver, Colorado. He is a graduate of Kepler College, where he focused on cross-cultural comparisons between the astrological traditions, and he currently serves on the Kepler Board of Trustees. He is the former President of the Association for Young Astrologers, as well as the former Research Director of the National Council of Geocosmic Research. He specializes in the Greco-Roman tradition of astrology known as Hellenistic astrology, and his forthcoming book on the subject is titled Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate. He offers consultations in natal, electional and horary astrology, and he also teaches online classes through his website.



Brook, Jacqueline
Johannesburg, South Africa
(+27) 082 802 5215

jacqueline-brookJacqueline Brook is a professional practicing astrologer and tutor of The Tradition, having studied under John Frawley. She is a published author in both local and international journals and has an extensive media profile. She consults with international clients and her tuition is offered in both lesson attendance format as well as via correspondence. She is the founding director of AORTA, Astrologers of the Real Tradition of Astrology. Contact her at her email address or visit website for more information.




Brownstone, Diana
New York, NY

DianaHeadshotDiana Brownstone is a certified professional consulting astrologer through the National Council of Geocosmic Research. She has provided personal consultations since 1987, and is a member of the faculty of the New York Chapter of the NCGR. Diana believes that astrology, when used as a tool and a guide, has the ability to help us understand the life cycles we all undergo and is particularly useful in times of accelerated or sudden change as it gives a time frame for these. Each reading covers all areas of your life or you can choose to focus on one specific current issue, or on a single question. Consultations cover the cycles in your upcoming year, or can be focused on relationships, choosing a wedding date/start of an enterprise (Electional Charts), Relocation or Rectification (discovering your birth time through working backwards through events in your life). You will leave Diana’s readings with a deeper sense of clarity of your current situation and validation for what you are experiencing, as well as a road map for the months ahead. Diana has clients throughout the country as well as internationally. She has lectured for NCGR at their annual spring and Winter educational conferences, and is a popular speaker at The New Life Expo in New York and Fort Lauderdale. She has also spoken at Cosmic Astrology Group of Southern New Jersey, and for The Astrological Society of Princeton New Jersey among others. Diana’s Spiritual Astrology Readings have been translated and forwarded to clients in Japan. Media appearances include The Today Show, on NBC, as well as American Freedom Radio, New Realities and Mystic Journey Radio. Her diverse background and experience have brought her into contact with an amalgam of people of cultural and spiritual diversity. She is available for in-person consultations in New York City or via phone.


Brugge, Gustav
Phoenix, AZ
Copenhagen, Denmark

Gustav Brügge is a professional esoteric astrologer from Odense, Denmark, now based in Phoenix, Arizona since 2000. Gustav has a pedagogical degree, 10 years lecturing experience, and 30 years as an intuitive astrologer. In Europe and USA, he has done several hundred horoscopes, readings, and lectures. Through his school in Torreblanca, Spain, he held courses in both classical and esoteric astrology from 1996 to 1998. Borders Books USA held four lecture engagements to launch his book, An Esoteric Handbook on Astrology, in 2004.

Depending on your need and focus, a horoscope reading by Gustav will identify you as a person on several levels, including where and how the soul has intervened. Your understanding will also be intercepted by you in critical areas, as he speaks to you of your past lives, energies, and potential, as well as exactly what patterns are currently affecting you. You will experience a release, cycling of new energy, healing, acceptance, and new possibilities. A deep and fulfilling perspective will lead to creative choices and joy in life.

Gustav has planned to travel and lecture at expos from the summer of 2006 and onward. You can check his itinerary on the website below for locations. Personal readings on CD can be ordered through or at the expos.

Distance learning courses with state-of-the-art computer graphics is now available. The curriculum of online classroom lessons is designed and taught by Gustav. This is a great opportunity to go as far into self-development through astrology as you wish, understand others, and become a professional astrologer. Weekend retreats are also offered in modules for courses in astrology, or for self-developmental purposes, where readings are also given.

The website and publishing company name, UNIVERSAL GROWTH, is the path, and helping others is the mission of the astrologer, Gustav Brügge. Your horoscope on CD, the second edition of “An Esoteric Handbook on Astrology”, and astrology courses can be ordered online from anywhere in the world. If you go to the link, Astroexplorer, (or ) you can read free monthly articles by Gustav Brügge. This is also the learning link, where online courses will be up and running by June of 2006.

Burgess, James
Vilnius, Lithuania
00 370 611 83274

James offers personal astrology readings and Astrodrama sessions in Vilnius, Lithuania and on Unicorncamps ( in England. He has over 20 years experience as a professional astrologer, having pioneered astrodrama in several countries and taught groups around the world. His style is provocative and intense so that a horoscope reading is expected to be a life-changing experience. He will address any questions required – including relationships, career and life direction – so it is very useful to have a specific purpose for the consultation.


Burns, Curtis
Minneapolis/St Paul, MN

curtislouversI specialize in delivering to you a very practical and spiritual interpretation of your chart and your upcoming cycles in very clear spoken and written word. I use a unique blend of Western and ancient Vedic astrology methods that I have acquired in my over 25 years of astrological consultations.

My philosophy of astrology is that the horoscope chart is a very beautiful representation of the intrinsic reality of you, and a closer look at that chart will reveal the various blockages of energy that you need to correct or redirect so that you can successfully manifest that reality.

If you think that there is something more to your life, but you’re not sure what it is, whether it’s in the realm of relationships, career, family, health, spirituality, or just simply who and what you are, then I can definitely help you to find that path and destiny that is meant for you.

There are a few differences between Vedic astrology and Western (tropical) astrology. For instance most of the planets will be read in different signs for a few technical reasons, and there are some differences in interpretation and methodology. Vedic astrology also has a very powerful predictive system called dasas that has no counterpart in the Western system. They both share the same planet and sign meanings, so they have many similarities as well.

With my many years of practice with Vedic style I have come to see that the Vedic system resonates to your deeds and acts, whereas the Western system of astrology resonates with the world of your thoughts and feelings. Therefore Vedic astrology is considered to be a more predictive art, but I find it to be just as effective with spirituality and psychology as Western astrology, but I really do bridge the gap between the two styles.

If you’re interested in astrological consultation with me, please contact me at 651-756-7451,, or at my website blog:


Burns, Peter
Clifton Springs, Vic Australia
(03) 5251 5613

Peter-Burns 5Peter Burns runs online correspondence courses in horary astrology and palmistry (hand analysis with astrological correlations) through his school: Ambrosia School of Astrology and Palmistry. He specialises in interactive teaching providing feedback with all assignments, and providing students the freedom to work at their own pace with no set deadlines.

Peter’s interest in astrology began in the late 1970’s while studying for a sociology degree and began his studies in palmistry (chirology) 1982. Since 1984 Peter has provided consultations for hundreds of people, and has been actively involved in teaching astrology and palmistry.

Diploma of Astrology (FAA), Horary Astrology Craftsman Certificate.
Peter has been trained in both modern astrology and traditional astrology.
Media Experience:
Peter was a regular guest speaker on the subject of astrology on ABC radio in Western Australia in the mid 1990’s, and on 3RRR in Melbourne Australia in 2002 and 3AW in 2006.
Teaching/Lecturing Experience:
Peter has been teaching since 1984. In 1991 he gave a series of public lectures in Perth concerning the astrological indications of a second industrial revolution (‘the information revolution’) expected to commence in the early 1990’s. He has since given a number of lectures at the Western Australian and Victorian Astrological Associations, and lectured at
the International Astrology Conference held in Melbourne in 2004. Peter will be lecturing at the 2010 FAA International Astrology Conference in Brisbane.

Peter has been national editor of the quarterly Journal of the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) since 2000, and has written a number of articles for various astrological publications over the last 10 years.

Among many other successful predictions, Peter published his prediction concerning the present economic crisis on his web site in November 2007 On the basis of this prediction Peter and his partner sold their house in St Kilda as well as his publishing business, and moved to Ocean Grove in Victoria Australia to live by the sea.

Hand Astrology
Hand Astrology offers profound psychological insights and timing for life events. Hand Astrology combines the ancient art of hand analysis (palmistry or chirology) with astrological correlations to provide an excellent tool for astrologers and healers. Hand shape and the lines on the palm provide the missing link between astrology and the manifestation of the natal chart in real life – the hands show how the horoscope is expressed and the timing of significant life events. Hand Astrology is without peer in the ability to offer fast and accurate personality assessment. It complements astrology exceptionally well and provides a validation of astrological transits.

Present Activities:
Peter Burns now devotes all his time to the running of his online correspondence courses in horary astrology and palmistry.


Butler, Sandra DFAstrol.S, Cert.Ed., MAPAI
Shropshire, UK
01588 640112

sandySandra is an experienced primary school teacher, but after obtaining her Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 1985, turned instead to teaching astrology to adults in LEA classes. She also tutored for FAS from 1989 until 2002. She then helped to set up a new correspondence astrology school, (see where she now tutors, and deals with enquiries. Sandra also runs an astrological consultancy, specialising in telephone and home consultations, e-mail work, and typewritten reports. She continues to run local astrology classes and groups. Sandra is a member of the Association
of Professional Astrologers International.

Button, Anne
Warranwood (Ringwood area) Victoria
(03) 9876 7845

anne_button_vicAnne Button Anne is a Melbourne Astrologer who has been practising as a personal Astrology and Tarot consultant, lecturer, educator and counsellor for over 20 years. She has an exceptional ability to combine the finer techniques of Astrology and Tarot to provide great insight and depth to her work.

Anne specialises in personal issues – in-depth interpretation, career, relationships, children, family and locational astrology. She is an office bearer and active member of the Association of Professional Astrologers and a professional member of the Tarot Guild of Australia.

Anne began her career as a teacher. She then went on to study and practise Yoga in which modality she qualified as a teacher with the International Yoga Teachers’ Association. Anne then studied Astrology and Tarot in great depth, becoming fully qualified in these fields. She became a teacher of both Astrology and Tarot.

Anne is a very friendly and down-to-earth person. She is a person of integrity and insight who always strives to help people to solve their problems and move on to a better future.