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June, 2017

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a fun holiday with friends and family. We certainly did here and had a plus with just beautiful weather and a backyard Bar B Que with family and friends. Now that we are jumping into summer, let’s take a look at the stars for June.

First the big boys. Jupiter will go direct on the 9th at 13 Libra, Saturn continues to go retrograde covering 25 to 23 Sag, Uranus is in forward motion at 27/28 Aries, Neptune goes retrograde on the 15th at 14 Pisces, and Pluto continues it’s retrograde motion at 19, 18 Capricorn. Now that we have the outer planets positions, let’s see what they have in store for us for June.

Jupiter and Neptune are in a somewhat uncomfortable paring all month that could have some of us taking on our projects with great enthusiasm but possibly not seeing the situation clearly. It is easy to be over optimistic with this energy and necessary to look at the facts before taking action. At mid month, Venus slips into the picture so we will need to make sure we are not wearing rose colored glasses where relationships and money are concerned. If everything looks okay, you can take that action the last week of June. Optimism is wonderful but get all the facts before you make a move.

Saturn and Mercury make a somewhat difficult aspect to each other around the 8th which could bring some not so good news, and if this is the case look at your options from a practical stance and make changes that are necessary. Uranus is in this mix, creating the potential for some unique solutions. Think outside the box where business is concerned. Using the energy of Uranus, you could take a new look at an old problem and like what comes of it. Venus in Taurus gets into this picture right around mid month so we can expect some decisions on partnerships and money. Practical research and observation will help in getting out of the Neptune fog so you can proceed on solid ground.

Speaking of Uranus, be careful and on alert mid month as it aspects mars and that can manifest in accidents at worst or hasty actions that should have had more thought before moving forward. At the same time, Neptune and Mars are also active, again giving us caution on taking action before all the cards are on the table. From a health perspective, infections come up with this combo so take care of yourself.

Saturn and Pluto are in a hard aspect all month as it has been for several months. While this can be a source of difficulty concerning work or projects, it can also give us the tenacity to get the job done. Expect more difficulties around the political scene as well.

The Full Moon occurs on the 9th at 19 Sag with aspects to Venus and Pluto. If this is aspecting your chart, your love life could be quite passionate on the upside or fanatical on the down side. In any case it sure won’t be boring. If you are creative, you will have a surge of passion in your creative work that might just surprise you. Go with it and enjoy it.

The New Moon occurs on the 24th at 3 degrees of Cancer with Mercury, Venus and Uranus. This will open up to family, our values and probably some unexpected trips. If you get the urge to pack a bag, just go for it!

That’s it for June good people. Enjoy the start of summer and be good to each other.


Robin Manteris