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Acker, Louis
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Louis Acker is the author of ” The Astrologers Handbook,” (Over 250,000 copies sold) Predictive Astrology, and The Astrology of Human Relationships, published by Harper Collins plus over 20 smaller books on Astrology and has over 40 years of experience.
Private readings with Louis Acker are available by telephone or in person. Telephone readings are recorded using a special tape recorder that records both sides of the conversation and eliminates long pauses. The client receives an audiocassette as a permanent record of the reading and a computer printed copy of the birth horoscope. Astrology readings with Louis Acker help you discover and develop your unique talents and abilities, take advantage of important opportunities, and chose the most advantageous times to initiate important activities, make important decisions. Astrological counseling with Louis Acker gives insight into future trends and helps you map effective strategies in regard to money, business, career, family, love, travel, education, children, relationships, lifestyle choices, spiritual development and all other life issues.

Louis Acker is available for lecturing, teaching and workshops on topic such as, Beginner’s astrology, predictive techniques, relationship astrology, astrology and spiritual evolution, astrology, the original holographic science or the science behind how and why astrology works, and transition to the Aquarian Age.

There is no aspect of life which astrology does not relate to and shed light on. Louis Acker likes to call Astrology the original holographic science as it defines our energetic relationship to the entire universe. Astrological insight into karmic destiny patterns and environmental relationships enables us to more consciously make choices and intelligently exercise free will.

Astrology is extremely useful in understanding relationships. When an experienced astrologer has two or more accurate birth horoscopes to work with he can be amazingly precise and specific in determining how two or more people will interact in all aspects of the relationship. This is valuable in romantic relationships, marriage, business partnerships, parent-child relationships and all other important relationships.

Louis Acker has practiced Astrology for people of all walks of life and lifestyles. His broad experience over the years combined with an extensive background in parapsychology, Para physics, eastern philosophies, yoga, meditation, UFO and occult studies enables him to understand the problems and evolutionary personal growth situations of the people he councils.

Louis Acker’s approach looks for the practical solutions to problems within a larger spiritual context. According to Louis the astrologer’s purpose is to make people more aware of their potentials and the likely consequences of choices. It is up to the individual to decide what to do with it.

Louis Acker looks at astrology as part of a historical process and likewise history as part of an astrological process. Astrological interpretation can only be useful as seen in the larger social and historical context of a person’s life. Astrology is a discipline that has thousands of years of empirical experience. As with anything else people must ultimately experience for themselves what astrology can reveal. A good teacher and advisor can help. Only with knowledge and insight is it possible to intelligently guide personal destiny.

The birth horoscope is an indicator of soul purpose, evolutionary goals, and karmic challenges for this lifetime.
Many tendencies within an individual lay dormant until activated by the right astrological influences. Astrology has an advantage over other predictive methodologies in that it can indicate not only what is likely to happen but also precisely when.

No two human situations are exactly the same and no two people have exactly the same goals and aspirations. Experience, understanding, and intuition are needed to help a person to understand and effectively deal with his or her unique life circumstance. This is where there is no substitute for consultation with an experienced astrologer. Books and computer printouts can provide piecemeal information but they can not synthesize that information into a comprehensive, synthetic overview in the way a qualified astrologer can. Louis Acker often demonstrates his astounding accuracy by describing the timing and circumstances of past events in peoples lives he could not have otherwise known about, but his real purpose is to interactively help his clients gain insight, solve problems and achieve their aspirations.

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