Akanowicz, Ron

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Akanowicz, Ron
Miami FL

Ron is a professional astrologer who works with clients from around the country to help them through times of choice, challenge, and change. He is an active member in several astrology organizations including NCGR, OPA and the SFAA (South Florida Astrological Association). As a member of these professional organizations he also abides by their code of ethics for professional astrologers.

Ron’s consultation style of astrology is a blend of psychology, personal responsibility, and human potential concepts. He is a licensed practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) through the Global NLP Training Institute. Ron’s goal is to empower his clients to make healthier choices, inspire them to consider more possibilities, and encourage them to deeper levels of self-discovery. Ron lives and practices astrology in Miami, and is available to do consultations by phone and via the internet using Skype.