has an average of 10,000 unique visitors a month and the top ten page hits indicates people are using the site as intended, to find professional astrologers for consultations, education and finding organizations and conferences. I launched it in 2000 and it enjoys a first page placing on Google for the most of the main pages and a good percentage of the minor pages. If you become a member of the directory, check your website stats to see what is doing for you. A website will increase your traffic. If you don’t have one and would like a great deal call Web Welder at 303-578-2330 and let them know you are with


Free Astrologer Listings include:
Your biography listed on the name page (include all contact information)
a location page (limit one)
the Specialties page (limit one)
unlimited updates to your listing
a personal photo – 100 pixels
a link to your article page/blog page or newsletter page
a link to your local classes or distance learning program

What I need from you:
Your biography
a picture 100 pixels (optional)
contact information

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