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January 2020

FAA 2020 Astrology Conference Melbourne
Astrological Crossroads and Conjunctions
Melbourne, Australia
January 16-20 2020

“Astrological Crossroads and Conjunctions”

Brian Clark and Glennys Lawton, co-convenors of the 2020 conference, invite you to join us in Melbourne,
the art and cultural capital of Australia, for another magical celebration of astrology

The 23rd FAA Conference will commemorate and celebrate the theme of crossroads. Astrologically the stage is set during 2020, as three major planetary pairings – Saturn/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto & Jupiter/Saturn – are at a crossroads in their cycles: Thematic to our conference will be the many ways astrology speaks of endings and beginnings, finales and renewals as well as the great mystery of cycles and returns, themes that congregate at the conjunction, the seed moment when the cycle is renewed. What does astrology say about the end of an era? What does it promise at this time of renewal?

All our presenters have been invited because of their unique insights, deep understanding and significant
contributions to the practice of astrology. Conference lectures will cover a myriad of aspects and approaches
to astrology, all bound together by the unifying spirit of the art.

2020 will also mark the final conference in the FAA series of conferences which began January 23, 1976 –
all of which have been held near the Australia Day holiday and mostly in university settings.
Each one has created a special time and place to share in our mutual respect for astrology, to forge
new perspectives and to develop bonds with new friends. From this point forward the conferences will
be reborn in a new format, time and setting. Help us celebrate our past together and welcome in our future.

Join us for an inspirational, educational and fun-filled journey into the soul of astrology.

February 2020

IVC Conference Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology
Feb. 4th to 9th 2020

World’s biggest IVC Astrological Conference 2020 from 4th to 9th Feb, 2020:
Astrologers from around the world will be united for a full week of scholarship
and friendship. Faculties from over 27 countries will be joining us for this
ground-breaking astrology conference. There are lots of new and exciting ventures
being added in 2020. The visionary IVC conferences spearheaded by Gopal
Bhattacharjee and the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology in Calcutta have
become the leading platform for a deeper dialogue and exchange of knowledge
between the astrological traditions of East and West.

For more details please visit

March 2020

Vibrational Astrology Conferemce
March 27-29, 2020
Best Western Gateway Grand
Gainsville, FL

Every speaker is an expert in Vibrational Astrology (VA). They have spent years a
studying and mastering VA and they use VA in their professional practice.

Once you dive into the language of VA there is no turning back for you find that VA is
a door to an astrology of the future. With VA we can see the fundamental issues in a person’s
life that are not as clearly indicated when we do not see the full symphony of cosmic vibrations
that are being expressed through a person. The VA Conference is an opportunity to meet the leaders
in VA, learn about VA and see VA in action. No matter what your interest in astrology is, the
VA Conference will give you a direct experience and insight into one of
the most exciting and dynamic movements in astrology today: Vibration Astrology!

Phone: 352-373-1504 | Email: Click to Email Us


April 2020

2020 OPA Retreat
April 22-26 2020
April 27-29 2020

ASTROLOGT Bridging Science and Spirituality

Astrology – Amazing 2020 OPA Retreat in Zion National Park
Visit opaastrology,org

OPA will host its forthcoming Astrology Retreat on April 23-26, 2020 (Part I)
and April 27-29 (Part II) at the mesmerizing Zion National Park, in Utah.

This retreat is designed for all levels of expertise, from beginners in
astrology to professional practitioners.

The OPA Retreat is an uncommon
learning experience . . .
cutting-edge knowledge in an
intimate atmosphere.
The program is tailored for both beginners and seasoned professionals.
Tracks are available for different levels of astrology backgrounds.


May 2020


May 5 – 12
Astrology Rising 2020

Top Notch Faculty Presenting Advanced and Beginner Programs

Astrology Rising 2020 is a unique gathering of like-minded souls coming together not only to see what
is happening in the world and ourselves through astrology, sound, movement and nature herself, but
to form new relationships with each other that can last a lifetime, or more!

Our intention of celebrating the changes that lie before us will consist of presentations by world famous
astrologers, yoga, ceremony, dance, beach time, sailing, and more, to not only expand our consciousness
but our sense of belonging and community. Through an interdisciplinary approach toward understanding our
personal evolution and that of our planet, we will connect with our deepest selves to heal, rejuvenate,
strengthen and integrate our fullest potential.

You will come away not only knowing yourself and your astrology better than ever before,
but a whole group of new, amazing people!

June 2020



July 2020
July 10-12 2020

On July 10–12, 2020, our incredible lineup of programming will push astro conferences further
than ever by prioritizing presenters of many colors, alive in a radiant spectrum of gender/s, reporting
from multiple countries, if not continents, all while being LGBTQI?+


embrace all of the elements, (not just the talk & listening) – so more astrology connecting & community,
creativity, conversations will be offered. Along with performances, presentations, and roundtables.

As is our way, QAC pricing is flexible AF with a suggested price of $49, appreciation of $99 from those who can, while also welcoming one to register at any price they can afford.

As is also our way, we love to swish things up, so stay tuned for more of what we’re packing in our fruit bowl this time around 😉


August 2020


September 2020
ISAR 2020 Conference
Sept. 6 – 14, 2020
Westminster , CO
Marriott Hotel, located midway between Boulder and Denver Colorado

The location of this special event will be the spectacular Westminster Westin,
a Marriott Hotel, located midway between Boulder and Denver Colorado
(about 11 miles from each) with impressive views of the Rocky Mountains.
But the incredible views are only one reason why this event will set a new
standard in astrological conferences.

Our conference theme – Reimagining the Future – was inspired by three long-term cycles
related to the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of December 17-21, 2020, at 0° Aquarius.

First, it is the end the important 20-year Jupiter/Saturn synodic cycle that began
May 28, 2000.

Second, it is the end of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction cycle occurring
in earth signs since July 19, 1802.

Third, it is the beginning of the first air sign “Great Mutation” series,
with the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions only in air signs
from December 2020 through December 2159. This long stretch of air
sign Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions has not happened since 1186-1226.

To those who study astrology, these three cycles portend a monumental new era.
Jupiter and Saturn leaving Capricorn, sign of the “past,” and moving into Aquarius,
sign of the “future,” suggests a revolutionary approach in all major area of the
human experience, from collective psychology to politics, economics and relationships.
This powerful cosmic event occurs at the same time the Sun crosses the Galactic Center.

Marcela Andaluz
(206) 717-4662



October 2019

October 25th – 27th 2019, Dallas TX
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dallas
4099 Valley View Lane, Dallas,
TEL: +1-972-385-9000

This conference is designed to take the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology forward into the 21st century.
The future is changing so rapidly with technology, social media and finances. There are many techniques
and research that make astrology useful in these times.

The presentations will give new information, never revealed before. World predictions for 2020, building
your brand through social media – these are just a few of the ground-breaking topics you will be hearing
about. A modern look at relationships, marriage and love will shed light on the future generations.

In depth classes about the Sudarshana Chakra, the significance of moon in Vedic Astrology,
Introduction to Jaimini system etc are also part of the wonderful line-up . The world is
evolving and this is the conference that addresses the changing times.

Many students have met online and now is the time to finally meet in person. Joni Patry as the sponsor
of this conference invites everyone to her home for dinner Saturday night for a personal celebration.
This is a small, intimate conference so space in very limited.

Looking forward to our special weekend of union, fun and progressive learning of the secrets of Vedic Astrology

28 October – 4 November 2019

Ancient Egyptian AstronomyA course held in the Valley of the Kings taught by Dr Bernadette Brady

Daily lectures and related visits to fascinating ancient sites, including three ‘special openings’ of sites usually closed to visitors.


We travel as a group flying from Heathrow to Luxor (and returning via that route). You will be checked in to the 5* Winter Palace Garden Pavilion for 7 nights. (You can arrange to fly into Luxor direct from your own country if you are outside the UK but you will need to email Lucia Gahlin at Bloomsbury Summer School for more information about this option).

Over the 7 days you will visits special sites which feature expressions of ancient Egyptian astronomy. These include astronomical ceilings, star clocks, Sacred Books of the Sky, and a visit to Dendera, to name a few points. These guided site visits are followed by lectures every afternoon by Bernadette Brady on the astronomical contents of the structures and tombs you are visiting.

If you have every dreamt of visiting the Valley of the Kings and Dendera

with a guide to help you see the key astronomical features plus gaining access to sites normally closed to the public, then this is your chance!

For full details of all the sites to be visited, lectures and pricing please click here.

BSS in Egypt 2019 – Course fee
Course fee: £3340 (Single Supplement: £200). To secure your place, please send us a deposit of £500 (non-returnable unless the tour is cancelled by Egypt Archaeological Tours due to circumstances beyond their control).

The price of this BSS in Egypt course includes international flights from Heathrow with EgyptAir in economy class; all transport in Egypt; 5* accommodation (with breakfasts); all lectures and guided tours; entrance to all sites; 3 special openings of sites usually closed to visitors; 2 group dinners, 6 group lunches (2 of which will be packed lunches); refreshments between lectures; water on bus and with included meals; services of an Egyptian tour guide; tipping including drivers (except guide).

The price of this BSS in Egypt course DOES NOT include: travel insurance (essential); Egyptian visa (obtainable on arrival in Egypt for £20); meals and drinks other than those mentioned in itinerary; tip for local Egyptian guide.

How to book
Please send us your completed booking form, together with a deposit of £500 per person (non-returnable unless the tour is cancelled by Egypt Archaeological Tours due to circumstances beyond their control). Cheques made payable to Egypt Archaeological Tours Ltd. Post to Lucia Gahlin, Bloomsbury Summer School, c/o Dept. of History, UCL, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT.

Or you can email us your booking form, and pay your deposit by bank transfer. For bank details please contact Lucia:
Call: 020 7679 3622

November 2019

November 21 – 25, 2019
Annual Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference
Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona, Arizona

On behalf of the SVAC faculty and staff….we would like to invite you to the
Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference to be held at the Poco Diablo Resort in
beautiful Sedona, Arizona! Come and explore the ancient Vedic Sciences of
wisdom and their application to the Modern Western World as we learn to walk
the mystical path with practical feet. Jyotisha or Vedic Astrology reflects
the science of light that assists in illuminating our path home to the divine.
It is a powerful tool for understanding our karmic strengths as well as areas
in our life that need healing. Vedic Astrology reflects our life lessons and
soul’s intention for this incarnation. This predictive science reveals our
developmental life cycles of of spiritual evolution as well as career,
relationships and optimal health.

This conference is always a very special event in a special place. This conference is given in the Vedic style, including pujas and other traditions of Vedic astrology. We will have a booth at the Trade Show and David Cochrane will give a lecture.

December 2019