Aujula, Nicolas

Aujula, Nicolas
London, England (UK)

Nicolas Aujula is an international Astrologer, Transformative therapist and columnist that has appeared on the Biography Channel, Channel 4, ITV and is the VIP Astrologer for the Beverly Hills Times. His Astrological features have also appeared in Glamour, Hollywood Weekly, Spirit & Destiny and Chat It’s Fate.

Nicolas holds a diploma in Astrology from the New Age Foundation that has enabled him to provide in-depth Astrological insights using techniques such as natal analysis, synastry and composite, transits, progressions, electional etc to help you gain perspectives into personal issues – career, relationships, compatibility, family, personality, finance, life direction and karmic issues.

Nicolas believes that astrology, when used as a tool for gudiance, has the ability to help you understand life cycles and is particularly useful in times of change as it allows you to understand the underlying energies. Each reading covers all areas of your life or you can choose to focus on one specific current issue, or on a single question..

Offering a calm and compassionate approach to enlighten your path ahead through Astrology, Nicolas offers readings in person in London and Berkshire (UK) otherwise via email, phone or Skype.

Nicolas has read for 80’s icon Toyah Wilcox on the Biography Channel, has read at UK’s annual Mind-Body-Spirit festival at Earls Court and is a renowned Past Life Regression expert that has cured many health problems and behavioural patterns as documented in leading media such as ITV Daybreak, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, The Sun, Irish Examiner and Spirit & Destiny.

Readings available in person or via email, phone or skype.