Herdani, Eliane

Eliane S. Herdani, LCPC, CEAP, BC-TMH, PhD +49 151 127 322 17 life@lifeaspects.com www.lifeaspects.com My journey into astrology started in 1988, when I attended my first basic course in astrology and I haven’t stopped ever since. In 1993 I founded … Read More

Hand, Robert

Hand, Robert Reston, VA http://www.arhatmedia.com/ Astrologer Robert Hand is an internationally renowned astrologer who is the author of many fine astrology books including, Planets in Transit, Planets in Composite, Planets in Youth, Horoscope Symbols, and Essays on Astrology. He is … Read More

Hampar, Joann

Hampar, Joann New York, NY jhampar@optonline.net www.astroinsights.com Joanne Hampar has been a professional astrologer for over 25 years and holds certifications in electional and horary astrology. She is also proficient in natal astrology and relocation techniques. She attended the American … Read More

Hammond, Richard Gideon

Hammond, Richard Gideon San Diego, CA www.secretlyobvious.com SecretlyObviousAstrology@gmail.com Richard is an inventor, scientist, computer engineer, carpenter, chemist, philosopher, and astrologer. After living in France for 11 years, when he came to America, he realized this country is in desperate need … Read More