Herdani, Eliane

Eliane S. Herdani, LCPC, CEAP, BC-TMH, PhD +49 151 127 322 17 life@lifeaspects.com www.lifeaspects.com My journey into astrology started in 1988, when I attended my first basic course in astrology and I haven’t stopped ever since. In 1993 I founded … Read More

Hyde, Maggie

Hyde, Maggie London, England maggie@coa.org.uk www.maggiehyde.com I am an astrologer and diviner, studying cosmology and divination at the University of Kent, where I am doing postgraduate research on divination for modern times. In 1983, I co-founded the Company of Astrologers, … Read More

Hunter, Kelley

Hunter, Kelley St. John, Virgin Islands (888) 7-ALTAIR P.O. Box 37, St. John, VI 00831 kellhunter@earthlink.net http://www.heliastar.com/ Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., C.A.P., is an internationally-known astrologer and mythologist. Her psycho-spiritual approach to astrology is supported by studies in Depth Psychology and … Read More

Huber, Kathy

Huber, Kathy Mars Hill, NC 828-689-6621 AstroKath7@yahoo.com Kathy Huber (Eggleton), PMAFA, earned the professional designation from the American Federation of Astrologers in 1978 and has been a counseling, predictive astrologer for thirty years. Kathy’s readings have been influenced by her … Read More

Hopewell, Joyce

Hopewell, Joyce Cheshire, UK http://joycehopewell.blogspot.com www.astrologicalpsychology.org joyce.hopewell@zen.co.uk I’m Principal Emeritus of the Astrological Psychology Association (APA) based in the UK. I’m a professionally qualified teacher and astrologer with 26 years experience of working with the Huber Method of Astrological Psychology. … Read More

Honeycutt, Brian

Honeycutt, Brian Berkeley, CA 323-919-6039 angelicastrologymagic@gmail.com http://www.angelicastrologymagic.com/ Brian has been fascinated with the multi-layered workings of the human soul for as long as he can remember. When he was introduced to angels and astrology, it was like a doorway had … Read More

Hohne, Kari

Hohne, Kari Tahoe City, CA 530.559.7016 kari@cafeausoul.com http://www.cafeausoul.com Evolutionary Astrologer Kari has been practicing astrology since 1977. She has been featured on radio stations around the world as an expert on symbolism, shamanism and comparative archetypes. She joined Ken Wilbur … Read More

Hofer, Manuela

Hofer, Manuela Norway www.manuelahofer.com manuelahofer@hotmail.com I have been studying Astrology for several years. I also have attended webinars conducted by mr. Robert Hand. I work with natal charts, transits, synastry, composites, returns, progressions, asteroids, fixed stars, event charts, pet astrology, … Read More

Hills, Richard

Hills, Richard Minehead, Somerset, UK (0) 1643 705571 richard@astrology-chart.co.uk www.astrology-chart.co.uk www.zodiac-signs.co.uk I graduated at the University of Durham (England) in 1971 and had a career in publishing before taking up astrology in the 1990’s. The insights astrology gave relating to … Read More

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