Herdani, Eliane

Eliane S. Herdani, LCPC, CEAP, BC-TMH, PhD +49 151 127 322 17 life@lifeaspects.com www.lifeaspects.com My journey into astrology started in 1988, when I attended my first basic course in astrology and I haven’t stopped ever since. In 1993 I founded … Read More

Serio, Sandra-Leigh

Serio, Sandra-Leigh Lafayette, CO 303-604-2777 www.sandraleigh.com sandraleigh@sandraleigh.com Sandra-Leigh Serio received a Master’s Degree is Psychology from the Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado in 1998. She is certified by AFA and ISAR as a Professional Astrologer. Sandra-Leigh served on the AFAN … Read More

Roberts, Evelyn

Roberts, Evelyn Santa Ynez Valley, CA Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 805-688-6789 U.S. + 62 8133 837 2598 www.evelynroberts.com www.heavenandearthworkshops.com evelynroberts@earthlink.net www.astrologyinbali.com Evelyn is a native of Scotland with homes in both Bali and California. She has been practicing professionally for 15 … Read More

Panaro, Lars

Panaro, Lars Albuquerque, NM 505-385-4654 www.larspanaroastrology.com Lars Panaro is an astrologer living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He practices a holistic method of reading in which astrology, tarot, omens and more are employed together or as the need arises, much as … Read More

Murray, Jessica

Murray, Jessica San Francisco, CA jessica@MotherSky.com www.MotherSky.com Jessica Murray trained as a fine artist before graduating in 1973 from Brown University, where she studied traditional psychology and linguistics. After a stint in political theatre, Jessica began a study of metaphysics … Read More

Mitz, Phyllis

Mitz, Phyllis Marina del Rey, CA 310-740-3654 http://www.astrologerphyllis.com/ astrologyoffice@gmail.com Phyllis F. Mitz, M.A. has enjoyed a flourishing astrology practice for over 20 years. Using her unique blend of astrology, psychology (in which she holds her Master’s Degree) and spirituality, (in … Read More

McBride, Deb

McBride, Deb Brooklyn/Manhattan, NY 718-832-3129 www.debmcbride.com Debtune@nyc.rr.com Deb has been studying astrology for most of her life, in addition to holding degrees in chemistry and mathematics. She began her professional astrological counseling practice in 1986, and never ceases to be … Read More

Martin, Craig

Martin, Craig West Hollywood, CA 323-208-1091 www.sageofstars.com drcraig@doctorcraig.com I discovered what powerful art astrology is when I was very young. From then I read whatever I could get my hands on. Being a double Scorpio with moon in Aquarius I … Read More

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