Cauley, Patty

Patty CauleyCauley, Patty
Pewaukee, WI

Patty specializes in soul-centered astrology, focusing especially on determining your soul-purpose in this lifetime. She finds the ascendant, the nodes, Chiron, the outer planets and the 12th house and their aspects to be illuminating and offers spiritual facilitation and guidance to clients seeking to remove blocks and live their spiritual path.

Patty is a spiritual facilitator and psychotherapist with over twenty-five years experience. She supports the sacredness of each person’s unique path through spiritual growth, psychotherapy, energy work and astrology.

After receiving her master’s degree in 1981, Patty trained in alternative healing and energy techniques. She studied nature-based and world religions, the chakra system and energy fields. She has studied soul-centered astrology, spiritual psychology and direction and eastern Ancient Wisdom teachings since 1992.

With great respect and compassion, Patty encourages clients to select which modalities to pursue — psychotherapy, energy work, alternative healing, or spiritual facilitation — in order to identify and release unhelpful patterns and claim each person’s unique identity, purpose, and joy. Get more acquainted with Patty by visiting her website at