Cerow, Don

don cercowCerow, Don
Santa Cruz, CA

An astrologer since 1972, Don is known for the warmth and deep insight he brings to his counseling practice. He has been writing a weekly column since 1983 for up to a quarter million people – on-line and in local papers. He has produced shows for radio and television, and has taught and lectured at many colleges across the country (In chronological order: UMass, Hampshire College, Mt Holyoke, Holyoke and Greenfield Community Colleges, Texas A&M, Univ of Colorado, St Petersburg College and an astronomy course at UC Santa Cruz).

He started writing “Predictions for the USA” for Astro Annual, a national publication, in 1996 and more recently completed a reconstruction of one of the earliest models of Stonehenge – an observational site originally used as an observatory to monitor the heavens. An article featuring this ‘Woodhenge’ appeared in the New York Times in August, 2002. Starting in 2003, Don has been working with Fiske Planetarium in Boulder on a show entitled, “Stars, Myths and Dragons” pushing back the limits of what ancient man knew about the heavens and when. Since 2004, he has been criss-crossing the country, offering astrological presentations, planetarium shows and Star*Myths from Ft Lauderdale to Ashland, OR; from Boston to Phoenix and points in-between. Popular with kids and adults alike is his Star*Myths program, an evening under the night skies pointing out the constellations and telling the tales of times gone by.