delSol, Divina

delSol, Divina
Divine Discovery
Phoenix, AZ

My joy is to assist others understanding their charts and the charts of those they love, and how their archetypal astrological patterns flavor their relationships.
This helps them learn to deepen their ability to truly enjoy and celebrate those they love. So often we can love another deeply, yet still feel clueless or thwarted with regard to how to interact with them successfully on an ongoing and practical basis. I work with my clients to help them bridge the gap in the personality’s understanding. To begin, we first tune into the wisdom of the soul, as it speaks through the universal language of the heart, then gently awaken and educate the personality in the art of listening, transmitting, and moving into deeper levels of communication through presence. Often those who thought their only alternative was to end the relationship will find the relationship is able to be re-birthed so it becomes an instrument that plays the sweet music of love and celebration.

In our work together we will look at any or all of the following:
Composite Charts,
Relationship Charts,
Family Charts and Family Patterns,
Karmic Links, and Trigger Patterns and Life Lessons.

I help clients embrace their lineage and re-frame their lessons and define and/or re-define their sense of their legacy.