Devine, Carole

carol devineDevine, Carole
Norfolk VA

Carole Devine graduated from the Astrosophical Institute, Patchogue, NY, in 1971 and the Academy of Astrological Studies in 1973. She passed the ISAR exam in 1973 and attained fourth level certification in consulting from NCGR. Carole has been a practicing Astrologer since 1974 and is the author of the 94-cassette correspondence course, Exploring Astrology. She has also recently published her book, Solar Arc Directions, which may be purchased on line (MC/Visa accepted on line for book sales and services). Carole has also been a columnist for the Ft. Myers Observer and Pine Island Eagle (1992-94) and The Mountain Astrologer (1994-95)She has also been a speaker in Europe for the Edgar Cayce groups on behalf of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) in 1990 and 1997 as well as speaking to numerous groups on an on-going basis. She is a past member of the Virginia Speakers Association and Toastmasters. In addition to teaching astrology, Carole has specialized in Psychological/Humanistic astrology counseling, Locational and relationship consulting, and Cosmobiology in her busy professional practice. She sees clients on a personal basis in Virginia Beach, VA and Ft. Myers FL and is available for consultations by mail and on the phone. For more information on Carole’s services, her book and correspondence course, explore her web site or
contact her at the email address above.