Dillard, Deborah

Deborah DillardDillard, Deborah
Clifton, VA
571- 334- 7474
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Deborah Dillard got interested in astrology researching for a term paper called
“Why Astrology is Bunk” in 1975. She failed the assignment but found her niche in life. She has been a guest as Debs the Horoscope Lady on Rick Adam’s KOL radio show, broadcast over AOL, since October 2003. Debs can usually be heard live every Wed, 6:30 to 7 pm ET espousing sidereal astrology to enthusiastic listeners. Look for her on the AOL Living site in 2007. She served as the president of Astrological Association of Northern Virginia for two terms and lectures when her schedule permits.

Deborah’s consultations are predictive with detailed timing best assisting clients making career, business and financial decisions. She will consult on health and relationships, including group and family dynamics. Contact her for an astrological consultation.

Her new book Gift Giving By The Stars is the practical guide for buying and receiving gifts blending etiquette, sage advice and sidereal astrology. Read sample chapters and try out the Gift Profile service on http://SearchByTheStars.com/