Durocher, Rev. Dr. Russ Ph.D, D.D.

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Russ DurocherDurocher, Rev. Dr. Russ Ph.D, D.D.
Member: American Federation of Astrologers
Member: The Church of Light
Western Massachusetts Area

Priest, Teacher, Counselor, Expert Professional Hermetic Astrologer/Life Consultant, Rev. Dr. Russ Durocher emerged from traditional ministerial training with a dedicated desire to share the psychological insights and scientific spiritual understanding which form the central message of all major philosophical and religious traditions — for the purpose of helping people everywhere use these insights and enhanced understanding to effectively create a richer, more rewarding and more successful life experience.

“Dr. Russ” holds degrees in Philosophy and Religion, as well as a Doctorate of Divinity. In addition to spending several decades independently researching the Gnostic, Hermetic and Qabalistic Traditions, he has studied with The Religious Science Institute; Unity School for Religious Studies; Saint Alban’s Theological Seminary and The Ecclesia Gnostica. He is extensively trained and certified in the teachings of numerous esoteric schools, including The Brotherhood of Light/The Church of Light (known as the “Harvard” of astrological schools); The Rosicrucian Order AMORC; The Rosicrucian Fellowship and The Builders of the Adytum.

Rev. Dr. Durocher provides counseling services worldwide, offering clients from all walks of life effective tools for greater happiness, success and spirituality. He is director of Universal Life Fellowship of the Inner Light, a teaching ministry devoted to disseminating the scientific spiritual facts of the Aquarian Age and Sacramental Officiant at The Oratory of Holy Raphael & All Angels.. He is an ordained Priest in The Independent Sacramental Movement and holds the rank of a duly consecrated Bishop. Rev. Dr. Durocher is a member of The Church of Light, The American Federation of Astrologers and The Organization for Professional Astrology.