Elenbaas, Adam

Elenbaas, Adam
Silver Spring, Maryland

Adam Elenbaas is an intuitive astrologer and author. Adam grew up a preacher’s kid in small town, Minnesota, but during graduate school at age 24 his life completely changed. Strung out on drugs and disillusioned with the mainstream Christian church, Adam traveled to South America and sought the healing help of shamans in the Peruvian Amazon. The shamans of the Amazon use a vision inducing tea called “ayahuasca,” which helps people to face their fears and purge their psychological demons. After his initial experiences, Adam became sober again and his life made a 180. He continued studying ayahuasca shamanism in hundreds of ceremonies with many different shamans and traditions. As his path with ayahuasca unfolded he was naturally guided through his visions to the language of astrology, which he became intensely passionate about. While living in New York city Adam worked as a social worker and art therapist with schizophrenic adults for several years before finally coming out of the astrological closet and starting a full time, private practice and astrology study program for aspiring astrologers. Adam’s first book, a coming-of-age memoir about his healing work with ayahuasca, was published by Tarcher/Penguin in 2010, and is called “Fishers of Men: The Gospel of an Ayahuasca Vision Quest.” Adam holds an MA and MFA in creative non fiction writing, and Adam is currently living in Washington DC where he and his partner (soon to be wife, in October!), own a donation-based yoga studio and wellness center. The Sky House Yoga studio and the Nightlight Astrology school offer a regular schedule of yoga classes, astrology, and herbal medicine offerings. You can learn more about Adam at www.nightlightastrology.com or www.skyhouseyoga.com