Fannin, Bert

Bert FanninFannin, Bert
PO Box 192311
San Francisco CA 94119-2311
Phone 415-439-0341

I started my studies of Astrology (As a tropicalist) in Boston in 1969. I moved back home to
San Francisco in 1974, where I became associated with and graduated from the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology. I did my post graduate work with Master Sidereal Astrologer Paul Schure, from whom, I learned the technical skills, that allowed my to develop my Location and Timing techniques.I have been doing research, writing and seeing clients, for the past 34 years.
I have developed techniques that allow one to chose the best places to be, and the best times
to be there. My consulting services includes Natal, predictive, compatibility, and the astrology related to location and timing. My writings have been published in American Astrology Magazine, and The Mountain Astrologer.I have recently relocated my residence from San Francisco to Vacaville California. As I am now retired, I plan to devote my self to client work, helping people
to find the right place and time to do what they wish and find the fulfillment they deserve.