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Find Astrologers offering astrology readings in Europe, listed by city and country. Biographies, websites and contact information are available by clicking a name.

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Boomer-Trent, Laura France
Brugge, Gustav Copenhagen, Denmark
Burgess, James Vilnius, Lithuania
Cossar, Faye Amsterdam, Netherlands
Crawford, Nawo Paris, France
de Looff, Roeland Tilburg, Netherlands
Ganz, Beatrice Zurich, Switzerland
Goldsmith, Barbara Vienna, Austria, Greece
Herdani, Eliane EU
Hofer, Manuela Norway
Kuntos, Vit  Czech republic
Laurento, Maarit Helsinki, Finland
Lioni, Anthoula Athens, Greece
Ognjenovic, Igor Zagreb Croatia
Pierpaoli, Paola Rome, Italy
Rasmussen, Eskild Copenhagen, Denmark
Teixeira, Mónica Mendonça Lopes  Portuga
Stronach, Cathy  Coin, Malaga Province in Spain
Sturite, Baiba  Riga, Latvia
Sundell, Anne  Vasa, Finland
Thomas, Faith Brugge, Belgium
Watters, Joanna Lefkada, Greece
Wolfram, Scott Germany
Zimmel, Manfred Vienna, Austria
Zito, Claudio Antonio  Turin, Italy
Zoltan, Veres Romania