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Abreu, Sean
Oakland, CA

seanabreuFor a decade I have studied the language, the art, and the science of astrology. My astrology practice blends the ancient tradition with multiple spiritual philosophies. My research spans Western, or Hellenistic Astrology, and Chinese Astrology. I practice a methodology that adheres with the integrity and discipline meticulously handed down by thousands of generations of celestial observers.

I believe that communication does not rely on word and sound alone. I believe meaning can be rendered and interpreted from that which exists beyond the five senses. I feel, like most everyone, a compelling desire to experience that connectivity to the universe, and confirm that I’m not alone or separate, but that my individuality is a single expression of the greater whole. Astrology speaks to this quest.


Acharjee, Dr. Ashis Kumar<
Guwahati, India

100_2696Experience: More than 20 year & Professor of Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith, Assam Branch, Guwahati, Assam.
Basic Qualification: B.Sc, M.A, LL.B, DIM, NCES
Astrological Qualification: Ph.D in Vedic Astrology & Ph.D in KP Astrology,
Professor of Astrology (Post Doctoral), KP Hora Ratna & Certified Planetary Gems Advisor from PGA, Bangkok, Thailand.


Acharya, Ashok
Delhi, NCR India

vlcsnap-2011-03-10-16h55m00s10 (1)Since 1990 , Ashok Acharya , a very famous and renowned name in Indian- originated great science Astrology , is known for his accurate predictions and researches in Astrology. Astrologer Ashok Acharya predicts relevant and practically applicable predictions according to changing scenario , having deep inter-disciplined knowledge of various Humanities subjects with scientific approach, astrologer Ashok Acharya is blessed with a large amount of clairvoyance, intuitiveness and spiritual virtues.

In his prominent researched work till now, astrologer Ashok Acharya has pointed out Birth many factors for accurate prediction and discovered invaluable method of one by one calculations of these factors to reach on most accurate level of prediction. Besides this, remarkable number of astrology’s key concepts has been successfully reinterpreted in scientific manner, with consideration of relevancy and practical applicability in this changing scenario of time. Ashok is also a Numerologist, Vastu Shastra , Usui Reiki Reiki Grand Master, Mdical Astrologer, Astro Meditation and Astro Yoga Guide.


Acker, Louis
Crestone, CO
719-256-4057 – office

ackerLouis Acker is the author of ” The Astrologers Handbook,” (Over 250,000 copies sold) Predictive Astrology, and The Astrology of Human Relationships, published by Harper Collins plus over 20 smaller books on Astrology and has over 40 years of experience.
Private readings with Louis Acker are available by telephone or in person. Telephone readings are recorded using a special tape recorder that records both sides of the conversation and eliminates long pauses. The client receives an audiocassette as a permanent record of the reading and a computer printed copy of the birth horoscope. Astrology readings with Louis Acker help you discover and develop your unique talents and abilities, take advantage of important opportunities, and chose the most advantageous times to initiate important activities, make important decisions. Astrological counseling with Louis Acker gives insight into future trends and helps you map effective strategies in regard to money, business, career, family, love, travel, education, children, relationships, lifestyle choices, spiritual development and all other life issues.

Louis Acker is available for lecturing, teaching and workshops on topic such as, Beginner’s astrology, predictive techniques, relationship astrology, astrology and spiritual evolution, astrology, the original holographic science or the science behind how and why astrology works, and transition to the Aquarian Age.

There is no aspect of life which astrology does not relate to and shed light on. Louis Acker likes to call Astrology the original holographic science as it defines our energetic relationship to the entire universe. Astrological insight into karmic destiny patterns and environmental relationships enables us to more consciously make choices and intelligently exercise free will.

Astrology is extremely useful in understanding relationships. When an experienced astrologer has two or more accurate birth horoscopes to work with he can be amazingly precise and specific in determining how two or more people will interact in all aspects of the relationship. This is valuable in romantic relationships, marriage, business partnerships, parent-child relationships and all other important relationships.

Louis Acker has practiced Astrology for people of all walks of life and lifestyles. His broad experience over the years combined with an extensive background in parapsychology, Para physics, eastern philosophies, yoga, meditation, UFO and occult studies enables him to understand the problems and evolutionary personal growth situations of the people he councils.

Louis Acker’s approach looks for the practical solutions to problems within a larger spiritual context. According to Louis the astrologer’s purpose is to make people more aware of their potentials and the likely consequences of choices. It is up to the individual to decide what to do with it.

Louis Acker looks at astrology as part of a historical process and likewise history as part of an astrological process. Astrological interpretation can only be useful as seen in the larger social and historical context of a person’s life. Astrology is a discipline that has thousands of years of empirical experience. As with anything else people must ultimately experience for themselves what astrology can reveal. A good teacher and advisor can help. Only with knowledge and insight is it possible to intelligently guide personal destiny.

The birth horoscope is an indicator of soul purpose, evolutionary goals, and karmic challenges for this lifetime.
Many tendencies within an individual lay dormant until activated by the right astrological influences. Astrology has an advantage over other predictive methodologies in that it can indicate not only what is likely to happen but also precisely when.

No two human situations are exactly the same and no two people have exactly the same goals and aspirations. Experience, understanding, and intuition are needed to help a person to understand and effectively deal with his or her unique life circumstance. This is where there is no substitute for consultation with an experienced astrologer. Books and computer printouts can provide piecemeal information but they can not synthesize that information into a comprehensive, synthetic overview in the way a qualified astrologer can. Louis Acker often demonstrates his astounding accuracy by describing the timing and circumstances of past events in peoples lives he could not have otherwise known about, but his real purpose is to interactively help his clients gain insight, solve problems and achieve their aspirations.

Contact Louis by phone or his email listed above for consultations appointments or information on his workshops and lectures.


Adams, Dianne Eppler ISAR, CAP

Dianne EplerDianne is a certified astrological consultant with a full-time practice in Alexandria, VA. Her readings combine an in-depth astrological knowledge with a keen intuition and loving spirit. She helps people find purpose and meaning in a seemingly chaotic world, by offering life-affirming insights into their strengths and suggestions for seeing weaknesses as assets. She works with the client to clarify possibilities and image options for the future while considering the deeper meaning for their personal and spiritual growth. As a result, the client’s perspective on life changes, they gain an enhanced appreciation of who they are and have more confidence that their life is unfolding in alignment with their soul’s journey. In relationship sessions, both compatibility and differences are pointed out with the aim of exploring how to bridge differences or simply honor them. Underlying everything she does is the message that you cannot be compared to anyone else and need only to appreciate your own uniqueness to find happiness. Dianne is a speaker for various local NCGR groups, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and First Class, an adult education center in Washington, DC. She writes a free monthly New Moon newsletter, Astrology in Matters, which you can sign up for at her website. In addition, she writes a regular column for the Del Ray Sun newspaper in Virginia.


Addeo, Joseph
New York, NY

JosephAddeoJoseph Addeo is a professional consulting astrologer certified by the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) with a practice in New York City. He has been an active board member of the New York City Chapter of NCGR since 2002 and currently serves as Associates Coordinator. On Metro TV he was interviewed by Bob Berkowitz for the talk show Naked New York discussing the Astrology of Sex. He is a regular guest speaker at the NCGR winter and spring conferences, has written articles and columns for and is an ongoing contributor for the astrological magazine “The Ingress”. Aside from his private practice Joseph gives astrology readings at restaurants, health spas, parties and corporate events. In his consultations a humanistic and psychological approach is emphasized that can be practically applied to daily life. Western mythology is also used to reveal and illuminate. It is most important that clients be aware of timing as a way they can prepare themselves to make their own life choices. Joseph is also a professional operatic tenor and graces many stages throughout the world with his voice. For a consultation please contact Joseph at the phone or e-mail address listed above.


Adkins, Clementine
Aquamoon Astrology
Geelong, Victoria, Australia
0411 251 463

clementine_adkins_vicClementine Adkins Clementine is a qualified astrologer, having obtained a Practitioner’s Diploma with the Federation of Australian Astrologers and is a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers.

Clementine is also has a Practitioner’s Certificate in Deep Memory Process ( form of past life regression) from the Woolger Institute. She offers local astrology lessons and also has an online astrology course available. Check her website for details

Clementine has been working with astrology since 1998, has been teaching since 2006 and specialised in the area of astrology known as Evolutionary (past life) Astrology in 2007. Her work is now mainly centred on past life influences coming from the natal chart and that is also combined with past life regression work since June 2010.
She offers local astrology lessons and also has an online astrology course available. Check her website for details.


Akanowicz, Ron
Miami FL

ron a.Ron is a professional astrologer who works with clients from around the country to help them through times of choice, challenge, and change. He is an active member in several astrology organizations including NCGR, OPA and the SFAA (South Florida Astrological Association). As a member of these professional organizations he also abides by their code of ethics for professional astrologers.

Ron’s consultation style of astrology is a blend of psychology, personal responsibility, and human potential concepts. He is a licensed practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) through the Global NLP Training Institute. Ron’s goal is to empower his clients to make healthier choices, inspire them to consider more possibilities, and encourage them to deeper levels of self-discovery. Ron lives and practices astrology in Miami, and is available to do consultations by phone and via the internet using Skype.


Akua, Khefreun
Kauai, HI.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 1.42.51 PMStudying and practicing Astrology for over half a decade, Khefreun inspires to redefine our modern understanding of this cosmic meta-science by integrating different fields of physics, astronomy, psychology, and spiritual teachings into a universal understand of “You.”

Discouraged by the complicated and often contrived understand of modern Astrology, Khefreun strips the practice back to basics in order to discover the natural identity; the You that you were born to be. If you are unsure about who you are, or require help in navigating the currents of your life, a visit with Khefreun will shed much light upon your path.


Alieksaites, Jodi
Boulder, Lafayette, Denver, CO

Jodi AlieksaitesI am not a predictive astrologer and I do not “tell fortunes.” I am most profoundly in to assisting my clients and students to come into their own personal power through knowledge. I practice Western astrology primarily, but take philosophy from zen, buddhism and taoist practices. I utilize many Eastern approaches to spiritual understanding including reincarnation. You do not, however, need to believe in these things to benefit from a reading from me.

It is helpful to be open and receiving when requesting a reading. I never defend astrology or try to convince anyone of astrology’s validity. In my opinion, astrology works. I do know that one needs a talented astrologer to interpret the birth chart. I feel confident in my skills and ability to do just that!


Allen, Lisa MH
San Diego, CA
Missoula, MT
Austin, TX Lisa started seriously studying Western Astrology on her Saturn Return in 1993, and became professional in the year 2000 (formerly Eclipse Astrology). Along the way, she also picked up skills in Tarot Reading, Dowsing (mostly with a pendulum), Flower Essences and other healing and divinatory arts. Since 2006, she is an Author for Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd. under the pen names AarTiana and Calantirniel and featured in well over a dozen annuals. Her goal for each client consultation is empowerment to choose and then create desired experiences, rather than rote fortune-telling.

In 2007, when Lisa realized healing skills were as important to her clients as astrology skills, she became a Master Herbalist (MH) through Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing. She also became an ordained Reverend through the Universal Life Church. Eclipse Astrology then changed to and she then became an Usui Reiki Master and energetic healer – sometimes implementing shamanic methods. She began creating Flower Essences in her yard and in the woods nearby to custom-blend healing signatures along with appropriate herbs for her clients. Currently, her healing skills are being expanded further through Homeopathic training through David Little’s well-reputed intensive course.

As a Level I NCGR who passed the ISAR ethics requirement in 2003, Lisa received rigorous training while employed with Twelve Signs Inc (makers of the very successful StarScroll), and enjoyed helping clients at the La Jolla, CA Psychic Eye Bookshop, Hillcrest’s America’s Longevity Health, and in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana’s Between the Worlds store who hosts the Hamilton Psychic Fair. She also taught Astrology at the Santana Adult School in Santee, CA. Although she practices what is termed Modern Western Astrology, her influences draw heavily on Classical technique, and even knows some basic things about other forms of Astrology that could be helpful, including Vedic and Chinese systems. She was the Founding President of the Montana
Big Sky NCGR Chapter, served as a Publicity Chair for the San Diego NCGR Chapter, and was a member of the Network of Triangle Astrologers (now an NCGR Chapter), and the San Diego Astrological Society. Tropically, Lisa is a Sun Sign Capricorn, with a Leo Moon and late Gemini Rising.


Anand, KG
Panchkula, (Chandigarh) India
91-981-4535577 cell

KGAnandNorth India based Qualified, Experienced Astrologer with specialization in authentic system of ancient Indian Vedic Astrology, Remedies and Vastu Shastra. Guidance on Health, Wealth, Love, Career, Business, Litigation, Sudden gains-losses, Marriage, Spouse, Family, Progeny. Horoscopes- Matching, Annual and Long Time Forecasts in important aspects of life. Frequently consulted in India and internationally. Guidance on specific questions and suggestions for Remedial Measures in simple practical easy to follow way.


Anderson, Robert
Plymouth, UK
01752 294856 H
0771 455 2159 C

An Astrology reading offers a different perspective on personality traits and life experiences. Whether you want to know about relationships, career choices, life-path or are just curious, a reading can give food for thought and may lead to new insights. If you are experiencing problems, these are often visible as areas of stress in the birth chart which are being activated by planetary alignments. Seeing difficulties in abstract form on a chart often helps people to talk them out, and possibly realize how they fit in to an overall life – pattern. It can also be helpful to place events in a probable time frame. Challenging experiences begin and peak, but they also come to an end. To draw up a chart it is only necessary to know your date, time and place of birth. Consultations can be in person or by phone/Skype and include a CD/MP3 recording of the session.

I have been an Astrologer for over twenty-five years and hold a diploma with distinction from the Mayo School of Astrology (DMS Astrol). I am also a Fellow Member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (FAPAI), and a Trustee of the Astrological Association (UK Charity No. 1152804).

Antepara, Robin Ph.D
Louisville, KY

Robin Antepara, Ph.D., is a psychological astrologer with over 25 years of experience. She is the author of Aspects (Llewellyn 2006), as well as numerous astrology articles and essays. She has a PhD in depth psychology and has lectured on astrological and psychological themes worldwide. She specializes in compatibility analysis and cross-cultural issues. She is available for phone consultations and personal readings. For her travel and lecture schedule, please see her web site.


Arbon, Kate
West Cork, Ireland

Kate arbonWith over 30 years of experience Kate is a professional Astrologer who works with traditional and transformational spiritual Astrology. Over the last two decades she has developed her Astrological Consulting and Teaching practice both locally and internationally. Using Astrology as a tool for self exploration she is able to offer in depth Natal Astrology Readings which address life path issues, personal challenges, career opportunities, relationship potentials and future trends. She specialises in reading your chart from a spiritual perspective and offers help with karmic patterns and the soul’s journey. She also offers Horary Astrology, a traditional practice which can answer a specific question. In addition to Astrology Readings she teaches workshops, forums and classes and writes a regular Astrology column and occasional articles. She has been living in West Cork, Ireland since 1995. She welcomes personal visits but also uses phone or email for remote consultations. Details of how to arrange a personal consultation or phone reading can be found on her website along with details of current and forthcoming Astrology Classes.


Archer, Jacquelyn
Madison, WI

Jacquelyn Archer, native of Madison, Wisconsin, has been an international professional fulltime astrologer since the internet’s existence. She teaches, consults and abides by soul-centered Western Astrology. Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry is a consulting and mentoring business, partnered with her husband, Mark Framstad. The philosophy is simple “the stars incline not compel”. She is a self-taught Astrologer for nearly 35 years. Her professional practice has been for 20 years. She is a member of NCGR, ISAR, FOA and AFAN.


Armstrong, Jeffrey
Los Angeles, CA
Vancouver BC

Jeffrey is a well known international AyurVedic Astrologer, Author, Enlightenment and Life Skills Strategist, Poet and Spiritual Vedic Teacher. He is an Award winning author of numerous books on Vedic knowledge including: Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar, Ancient Wisdom for a New World. God (Goddess) the Astrologer Soul, Karma & Reincarnation – How We Continually Create Our Own Destiny, KARMA –The Ancient Science of Cause & Effect and the Vedic Astrology Learning Deck. With 40 years of experience, he specializes in relationships, compatibility, career and finance, as well as children’s charts. He is also a popular guest on radio and TV. Jeffrey does consultations in person or over the phone. See YOUTUBE on Vedic Astrology vs Michael Shermer.



Aronson, David
Lansdale, PA.

DavidAronsonDavid Aronson has been a professional astrologer for over ten years. He is also a holistic energy healer, working with the modalities of reiki and integrated energy therapy, a professional tarot reader, and a certified hypnotherapist. David uses astrology as a tool for self-awareness and transformation, and rather than giving you generalized readings that could apply to just about anyone, David will enter into a dialogue with you in order to discover exactly how you are expressing and manifesting your chart in your life and then base the reading on this knowledge, giving you practical and usable information, as well as a deeper understanding and acceptance of your true nature. David does natal charts, transits, and relationship readings, in person and over the phone.


Ashman, Bernie
Durham, N.C.
919 489-0545

Bernie AshmanBernie Ashman became inspired to study astrology in 1973 after reading Dane Rudyhar’s classic book, The Astrology of Personality which was a major factor in the field of Humanistic Astrology. Continuing on that course, he began practicing professionally in 1976, building an international clientele. He published his first book, Astrological Games People Play, in 1987 followed in 1994 by RoadMap, a book on predictive astrology. SignMates is an astrological guide to love and intimacy and is available now through Llewellyn Publishing. His new book, Sun Signs & Past Lives: Your Soul’s Evolutionary Path is now also available. Bernie has also written three software programs, Skyscope (a birthchart report), The Prediction Report, and Simpaticos which is a relationship report.

As a teacher, Bernie is now concentrating on mentoring programs to not only teach astrology to individuals, but to build them into competent practicing professionals. His own consultations are done in person, taped, and on the phone and include relationship and locational counseling, electional charts, and in-depth birth chart interpretation from a humanistic point of view. Link into Bernie’s webpage from this site for more information or contact him through his phone or email address.

Miami, FL

Astro FlameI have been interested in astrology since my teen years and had been studying it since late ’90s.
In 2016 I felt I needed to take it a step further from reading for friends and family and started
my astrological practice. Astrology is a powerful tool for understanding one’s deep inner
psychological motivations and working on personal issues. It has helped me in my own personal
growth and now I am offering this help to others.

I am constantly studying and upgrading myknowledge in this area. Currently I am enrolled in
the London’s Faculty of Astrology certificate program. I use an evolutionary astrology perspectiveand help my clients find their own place in the bigger picture and feel connected to the flow of life by having a better understanding of themselves and their motivations(natal readings). I also provide information that helps them make an informed choice in relationships (compatibility reading) as well as multiple everyday life concerns (free-form questions).

I offer written consultations by e-mail. You are welcome to contact me via my website.



Atkinson, Tracy
Brooklyn, NY

Tracy Tilt 3Tracy Atkinson is a professional Vedic astrologer, consultant, author and teacher based in New York City. Her initiation into the world of astrology began in 1991 with the study of Western Astrology. When several years later she found Vedic Astrology, the astrology of India, her attention turned exclusively to the study and practice of this sacred system. In addition to her knowledge and skill as an astrologer, Tracy received her B.A. from Smith College and is certified as a yoga teacher and clinical hypnotherapist.

Aujula, Nicolas
Aujula, Nicolas
London, England (UK)

NicolasAujulaCLNicolas Aujula is an international Astrologer, Transformative therapist and columnist that has appeared on the Biography Channel, Channel 4, ITV and is the VIP Astrologer for the Beverly Hills Times. His Astrological features have also appeared in Glamour, Hollywood Weekly, Spirit & Destiny and Chat It’s Fate.

Nicolas holds a diploma in Astrology from the New Age Foundation that has enabled him to provide in-depth Astrological insights using techniques such as natal analysis, synastry and composite, transits, progressions, electional etc to help you gain perspectives into personal issues – career, relationships, compatibility, family, personality, finance, life direction and karmic issues.

Nicolas believes that astrology, when used as a tool for gudiance, has the ability to help you understand life cycles and is particularly useful in times of change as it allows you to understand the underlying energies. Each reading covers all areas of your life or you can choose to focus on one specific current issue, or on a single question..

Offering a calm and compassionate approach to enlighten your path ahead through Astrology, Nicolas offers readings in person in London and Berkshire (UK) otherwise via email, phone or Skype.

Nicolas has read for 80’s icon Toyah Wilcox on the Biography Channel, has read at UK’s annual Mind-Body-Spirit festival at Earls Court and is a renowned Past Life Regression expert that has cured many health problems and behavioural patterns as documented in leading media such as ITV Daybreak, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, The Sun, Irish Examiner and Spirit & Destiny.

Readings available in person or via email, phone or skype.

Austin, Stephanie
Port Townsend, WA.

stephanie austinStephanie Austin, M.A., is an astrological counselor specializing in life purpose, vocation, and transitions readings, via telephone or in person. Stephanie also does astrology tutorials for personal and professional development. Her background includes a master’s in Consciousness Studies, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a lifelong involvement with meditation, nature, and healing. She’s been a professional astrologer since 1986, full time since 1993. For information on astrology readings, classes, and forecasts, call the number above or visit her website (click on link above).



Avanti, Michele, CAP
Reno, NV.

michele-avanti-smMichele specializes in natal, predictive and relationship astrology for adults, children and business associates. She is one of less than fifty astrologers worldwide accredited in Fixed Star astrology. When working with you, Michele takes into account the natal, progressed, fixed stars and transits. If there are health issues, she also consults your solar arc chart. Michele has been a consulting metaphysician since 1972, so she is intuitively directed to the most important issues. She offers taped one hour sessions by phone or in person.

In the spring of 2006, her new book: Secrets of Wisdom will be available in eBook form and her eleven class sessions of “Learn the Tarot from Beginner to Professional” will be available on cd and mp3