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Easton, Chandra
Brisbane, Australia
61 + 7 + 32696019

chandra_sunrise head shouldersjpgChandra loves all things esoteric: planets, stars, angels, spaceships, sacred sites, as well as people from all walks of life. A genuine interest in and compassion for others, coupled with a commitment to empowerment, forms the foundation of her work. Chandra loves to assist others in finding keys to unlock their joy and potential. For nigh on 40 years she has enquired, studied and shared many Ancient Wisdom Paths.
Traditional, Medical & Esoteric Astrologer

” Traditional Astrology
o Relationships, family constellations
o Life Path – transits, Solar Returns, Secondary Progresssions, Locational charts
” Esoteric Astrology
o Soul’s purpose, karma, dharma, vocation, Seven Rays
” Medical Astrology
o Chronic health concerns, wholistic framework, in-depth insights, referrals,
A few highlights:-
” 1987 – founder Sirian School of Astrology
” 1989 – founder Sacred Esoteric Fellowship, Australia
” 2000 – co-founder Daylesford College of Astrology & Esoteric Sciences
” 2012 – co-founder of Heartscape Australia
” 2013 – founder Sacred Earth Tours
” 2013 musical collaboration with Arjuna Govinda

Worldwide work From 1984 – 2002 Chandra taught astrology students and consulted with tens of thousands of people throughout Australia. In 2003 she began to bring her work (Esoteric Astrology & Spiritual Healing) to Europe and New Zealand – teaching in Denmark, Britain, Norway, Iceland and Ireland. Since then she has consulted and travelled extensively within many countries, cities and sacred sites; made amazing friends all over the world; been blessed with wonderful co-workers and shared the lives and stories of thousands of people along the way.

Published works:-
” 1995 – Steps on the Path – spiritual journal
” 1999 Earth in Transition – predictions for Earth Changes
” 2000 – 2006 13 textbooks on Traditional Astrology & Esoteric Psychology co-authored and produced with Zachary Casper
” 2003 New Day Dawning – poems and essays Age of Aquarius, Age of the Heart
” 2005 Goddess Mysteries
” 2010 Awaken to Ascension Isis Healing
” 2010 – Joy of Service – Esoteric Psychology
” 2012 Children of the New Civilization Age of Aquarius (Age of the Heart)
Chandra is based in Brisbane Australia, and via Skype works with people from all over the world. A few Testimonials:-

“I have known Chandra for several years and have always found comfort and support in her clear guidance. We have worked on a variety of spiritual practices together within astrology, healing sessions and karmic relations. I have received a variety of precious insights and gone through many sessions to uncover the deeper layers of my personality and the challenges I faced. Our sessions have contributed to greater personal clarity, improved intuitive connection and a sense of liberation in many spiritual aspects. For this I am truly thankful, and can only recommend others to meet Chandra for guidance on life cycles, personal challenges and spiritual development.” Jacob, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014

“I personally recommend Chandra’s insight, clairvoyance and understanding for all esoteric work. Her inspired words will resonate at deep levels for a long time as you slowly integrate it into your life.” Linda, Northern Rivers, Australia, 2014
“Chandra has for some years made me a natal chart, transits and solar return for the year ahead. Having this chart is very helpful because it explains, month for month, the emphasis needed to effectively follow the flow of life (and the stars). In doing so, harmony and balance have come into my life, because I can see in the chart when difficult times lie ahead. Knowing that does make it much easier to cope with the difficulties, as I can see in the chart when they will end. It really makes life much easier.” Helga, Iceland, 2014

“During a time of major personal crisis Chandra’s help was unique and impressive. Whilst planning my bucket list trip around the world, Chandra’s view of the year ahead, coupled with her interpretation of where I should travel for the best chance of following my souls purpose, fitted perfectly with the small voice in my heart. I departed with such inner and outer confidence that magic manifested everywhere I travelled.

And whilst on my fantastic journey a Skype Soul Reading answered many questions about past life influences and future possibilities. If you are at a deadend, or a crossroad in life, or on the journey of a lifetime, Chandra has some unique and heartfelt skills to help you find your way home. Highly recommended.” Phil, Glenlyon Australia 2013

“I have known Chandra for over 10 years and have consulted with her professionally as well as observing her in a teaching situation. I hold her in high regard for her skills in psychology and career counselling. I consulted with her in the last several years with regard to career matters and I found her to be thoughtful, helpful, and professional in her interactions with me. I could see that she was drawing on a substantial base of experience and study in the field. On the occasions when I have attended a session where Chandra has been teaching, I have found her to be very knowledgeable, well prepared and thought-provoking, and again, drawing on many years of experience.” Mary, Victoria, Australia, 2006

Elango, Muthu Vijayan
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

MuthuMuthu Vijayan Elango is an astrologer and a certified life coach at

He learned astrology from his father Elango and has been practicing it for more than 15 years. After completing a Master degree in engineering, he worked in an MNC for a decade before taking up a full-time career in astrology. He is passionate about writing astrology-related articles for the benefit of common people. He is one of the most popular writers in                        Quora in the topic of astrology.

Eggleton, Kathy
Mars Hill, NC

Kathy Huber (Eggleton), PMAFA, earned the professional designation from the American Federation of Astrologers in 1978 and has been a counseling, predictive astrologer for thirty years. Kathy’s readings have been influenced by her lifetime of personal inner work which has included time spent at Esalen as a work scholar, Jesuit Retreats, Hospice volunteer work, and personal Gestalt and Jungian therapy. She is an ordained minister in the Alliance of Divine Love. Her education includes an AS degree in Mental Health counseling from Palm Beach Community College, a BA in Liberal Studies from the University of Louisville and a 600 hour diploma in massage therapy from the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy.

Her many years of association with the Association for Research and Enlightenment, (the ARE/ Edgar Cayce organization) in Virginia Beach, where she served as director of the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy, a holistic massage school, and with Unity of the Palm Beaches where she taught the use of biofeedback to enhance meditation, prayer, and healing states, have been an important part of her metaphysical education.

Kathy believes that astrology offers a unique path to self knowledge as a key to higher spiritual understanding of ourselves and others while on this earth plane. She often includes intuitive reflections on past lives and karma in her readings, which are both personal and positive. She enjoys showing others how to make the most of even the most difficult aspects, using a combination of good solid astrological counseling and her intuitive gifts. As a Libra with a strongly intuitive Cancer Moon Kathy has special interests in love, marriage and family relationships. She can’t promise you a soulmate but she can help you find the best time and place to look for that perfect person and what to do with them once you find them.

Kathy is located outside of Asheville in the little college town of Mars Hill, North Carolina. She travels often to Kentucky, Illinois, and Florida and is also available for readings in those areas. Individual and group classes, private tutoring by request.

Elenbaas, Adam
Silver Spring, Maryland

Adam Elenbaas is an intuitive astrologer and author. Adam grew up a preacher’s kid in small town, Minnesota, but during graduate school at age 24 his life completely changed. Strung out on drugs and disillusioned with the mainstream Christian church, Adam traveled to South America and sought the healing help of shamans in the Peruvian Amazon. The shamans of the Amazon use a vision inducing tea called “ayahuasca,” which helps people to face their fears and purge their psychological demons. After his initial experiences, Adam became sober again and his life made a 180. He continued studying ayahuasca shamanism in hundreds of ceremonies with many different shamans and traditions. As his path with ayahuasca unfolded he was naturally guided through his visions to the language of astrology, which he became intensely passionate about. While living in New York city Adam worked as a social worker and art therapist with schizophrenic adults for several years before finally coming out of the astrological closet and starting a full time, private practice and astrology study program for aspiring astrologers. Adam’s first book, a coming-of-age memoir about his healing work with ayahuasca, was published by Tarcher/Penguin in 2010, and is called “Fishers of Men: The Gospel of an Ayahuasca Vision Quest.” Adam holds an MA and MFA in creative non fiction writing, and Adam is currently living in Washington DC where he and his partner (soon to be wife, in October!), own a donation-based yoga studio and wellness center. The Sky House Yoga studio and the Nightlight Astrology school offer a regular schedule of yoga classes, astrology, and herbal medicine offerings. You can learn more about Adam at or

Emerald, Estrella
Abbeville, SC

Estrella ÉmeraudeEstrella is a qualified astrologer, relationship specialist and empathic clairsentient who gives accurate readings based on an ancient system hidden in an ordinary deck of playing cards. These card connections reveal a surprisingly extraordinary amount of information about you and the people in your life.

Using intuition, psychology and personal experience, Estrella offers guidance to all querents with the purpose of empowering them with knowledge she receives from within.

Schedule your appointment with Estrella today to receive a detailed and accurate reading with one of the topics mentioned below.

Emeney, Ellen
+44 (0)1736 331291

Ellen Emeney is a trained and qualified professional astrologer who is also a historian who specializes in the middle ages. She is a teacher, a counselor and her interests range far and wide through philosophy and world cultures , religions, astronomy, science fiction, current affairs and more. Ellen is also passionate about ornithology and chess. Her astrology practice includes expertise in asteroid interpretation, including the newly discovered Centaurs, Chinese astrology, Electional and Horary, forecasting, and her prime specialties, vocational and relationships. She has a wonderful web site which can be accessed from the address above and would be glad to answer any questions on her services through her email address.


Erlewine, Michael
Big Rapids, MI

Michael Erlewine has been studying and practicing astrology for over 40 years, as a reader, author, teacher, programmer, and conference producer. Internationally known astrologer and author Noel Tyl (author of 34 books on astrology) has this to say about Erlewine: “Michael Erlewine is the giant influence whose creativity is forever imprinted on all astrologers’ work since the beginning of the Computer era! He is the man who single-handedly applied computer technology to astrological measurement, research, and interpretation. He founded MATRIX software long ago, and from crucial algorithms to interpretation zenith, Erlewine has been the formative and leading light of astrology’s modern growth. After inventing the technological applications, Erlewine humanized it all, adding perception and incisive practical analyses to modern, computerized astrology. Now, for a second generation of astrologers and their public, Erlewine’s genius continues with StarTypes … and it’s simply amazing!” Erlewine has had several careers. Starting as a musician in the 1960s, he traveled with Bob Dylan, was lead singer
in the Prime Movers (Iggy Pop was his drummer) and performed at places like the Fillmore Auditorium in 1967, the “Summer of Love,” where he opened for Cream, etc.

Erlewine went on to become an award winning archivist of popular culture, and is recognized as a pioneer of Internet content, with dozens of books and ROMS on music and film to his credit. Some of the sites he founded
are listed below.

Michael Erlewine has trained in esoteric astrology, both East and West, and has made two pilgrimages to Tibet. He has been practicing Tibetan Buddhism for more than 30 years.

Founder/Director Matrix Astrological Software
Director of the Heart Center Astrological Library

UAC Regulus Award
Award PIA (Professional Astrologers Incorporated)
Award AFA
Scores of online awards

Publisher Matrix Magazine