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Fannin, Bert
PO Box 192311
San Francisco CA 94119-2311
Phone 415-439-0341

Bert-SmallI started my studies of Astrology (As a tropicalist) in Boston in 1969. I moved back home to
San Francisco in 1974, where I became associated with and graduated from the San Francisco School of Sidereal Astrology. I did my post graduate work with Master Sidereal Astrologer Paul Schure, from whom, I learned the technical skills, that allowed my to develop my Location and Timing techniques.I have been doing research, writing and seeing clients, for the past 34 years.
I have developed techniques that allow one to chose the best places to be, and the best times
to be there. My consulting services includes Natal, predictive, compatibility, and the astrology related to location and timing. My writings have been published in American Astrology Magazine, and The Mountain Astrologer.I have recently relocated my residence from San Francisco to Vacaville California. As I am now retired, I plan to devote my self to client work, helping people
to find the right place and time to do what they wish and find the fulfillment they deserve.

Farley, Trish M.A., C.A.P.
Torrance, CA

picture[1]Trish Farley, M.A., C.A.P., is a Certified Astrology Professional and astro-therapist, in private practice over 35 years as AstrologyWestside (formerly Phoenix Foundation) in Torrance, California. She specializes in problem solving and personal empowerment using the horoscope
for life-planning, transitions and change. A consultation with Ms. Farley may also include spiritual mind healing treatment, guided imagery, meditation, and creative mind coaching. Trish holds
an undergraduate degree in Education, did a graduate program at Goddard College in
Counseling Psychology and completed a clinical internship in Marriage and Family Therapy at South Bay Center for Counseling. An avid student of metaphysics, Trish earned a practitioner’s certificate in Religious Science and has led study group discussions in spiritual psychology: A Course in Miracles, and Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God material.

Trish is also a member of Humanity’s Team, an educational outreach mission for global peace. Previously, she conducted seminars in beginning astrology and published Astral Times 2000,
a newsletter for the novice astrologer. Currently, Trish is pursuing a professional credential in Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Treatment.

Farrington, Laurie
St Albans, Vermont

Laurie FarringtonHaving long since passed the threshold of 10,000 hours of focused study, Laurie Farrington is clearly a Master of her craft.  Laurie began her fascination with astrology the first time she saw the glyphs (symbols) on those little horoscope booklets that  were common by the grocery store check-out counters in the early 1960’s. She began to seek serious study of astrology in 1970 at the age of 15.

Following many years of self-study, Laurie began her formal practice of astrology in 1994. In the years since Laurie has had the honor of working with thousands of folks using the tools and gifts of astrology. Supporting her clients, mentoring students, and writing mundane astrology forecasts has been the continued focus of her work and life.

With her clients, Laurie’s goal is to assist each soul in expanding their understanding of themselves, to see themselves from a new perspective, empowering them to explore, improve and transform their lives.

Laurie has lived a complex, full, and varied life; she joyfully brings her extensive wisdom and life understanding to each client and student. She is available to speak to you of any concerns you may have no matter how delicate or difficult they may seem.

Your astrological chart is a truly objective tool and Laurie has the ability to see the reality of your path beneath your circumstances; she easily welcomes your reality and holds full acceptance. The wisdom of astrology, in the hands of a skilled guide/ coach, will assist you in living your life with balance, awareness, and compassion to yourself and others.

In recent years Laurie’s focus is turning toward teaching the language to others who will carry on her work. Don’t pass up the opportunity to work with this Master Astrologer.


Fearrington, Basil
Wilmington, Delaware

basil fBasil Fearrington is the author of Llewellyn Publications, The New Way to Learn Astrology. Basil has been on the faculties of UAC, Astro 2000, and Norwac and has published many articles in The Mountain Astrologer, Dell Horoscope, and American Astrology magazines.

Basil was selected as the Inaugural Chairman of The Noel Tyl Learning Centre of Johannesburg, South Africa. A full time astrologer, he presently resides in Philadelphia. Contact Basil by email to get information about his consultations, his course, or for any lecture requests

Feather, Rachael
Jungian Analyst, ANZSJA, IAAP
Registered Psychotherapist, MNZAP
Archetypal Astrologer
Auckland, New Zealand
021 0674676

3_generations_2010[1]Born in 1954. Rachael is in fulltime private practice, in Auckland New Zealand, as a Jungian psychotherapist and archetypal astrologer. She has been studying and working astrologically
for over 30 years. Her academic background includes a diploma in Midpoint Astrology (Cosmobiology), a degree in Fine Arts, and a masters degree (Hons) in Counselling. She is currently training as a Jungian psychoanalyst through ANZSJA CGJI.
Rachael has a special interest in the archetypal patterning of the individual natal chart, and also
in developmental cycles and transitional passages. She is available to consult by telephone or Skype, and in person at her Auckland offices.

Fernandez, Maurice
Hawaii & International

For more than twenty years, Maurice Fernandez has been developing a worldwide network
as a full-time teacher, counsellor, and writer from the perspective of the evolution of consciousness in Astrology. He has authored Neptune, the 12th house, and Pisces, and Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness—Volume One, along with other collaborative writing projects. Maurice has organized several astrology conferences around the world, notably The River of Stars Astrology Conference in Hawaii. He has forged a reputation of excellence among clients, students, and the greater astrology community. He currently serves on the Organization of Professional Astrology – OPA

Fernandez, Paul
Miami Beach, FL

smallpaulPaul Fernandez has been a student of the science of astrology for 19 years and consulting professionally for 14 years, formerly the “On Site” Astrologer and weekly columnist for Shirley MacLaine. In addition to his professional writing endeavors, Paul also teaches astrology in his home office in Miami and in the Ft. Lauderdale area. He uses the ancient and accurate tool of Astrology as an instrument for assisting his clients with self empowerment. As he always says, “The Stars Guide They Don’t Decide.” Paul offers a variety of charts and readings, calculated with your birth information, intuitively interpreted, and offering a unique and truly insightful look into the journey of your soul.

Ferns, Lee
Cape Town, South Africa
083 2658382

Lee Weller Ferns is internationally recognised as being one of finest in her field of Cosmobiology Astrology and for her ability to make accurate predictions. She has been awarded for her outstanding contribution to lectures on Solar Eclipses. At the Convention USA she was selected to serve on Board of Directors of American Fedn.Member of NCGR.

When she was 19 and studying fine arts, Lee met a Swiss-German lady who analysed her life and altered its course forever. She made the amazing statement to Lee that ?You are very artistic … Art should be your hobby and people and psychology your career?. Lee has never looked back.

During her life, Lee has travelled extensively, gaining knowledge wherever she goes. The amazing lady predicted that Lee would have opportunities to (and feel the attraction to) belong to many societies and clubs, and sure enough that all fell into place during her life. She has been invited to be a member of the S.A. Writer?s Circle, the 100 Club, Red Cross Fund Raising, Business Women?s Club, The International Gourmet Club, Chaine des Rotisseurrs, among others.

Lee says that ?my aim is to help people achieve their potential. To have self understanding, and therefore to achieve happiness, and to be comfortable with who they are and to achieve their goals and dreams?.

Fidler, Richard
Cape Town, South Africa
+27 (0) 829345212

Richard Fidler is a professional astrologer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Richard has been practicing as an astrologer since the early 1990’s and is known for his expertise in Vedic astrology, which he uses in his work alongside more conventional western methods. Richard also teaches various groups and individuals, both in person and online. Richard is regularly consulted for comment on topical issues by the South African media, and he has been published in a variety of magazines, including The Mountain Astrologer magazine, which featured his method for discerning the differences between twins with Jyotish (Vedic astrology).

Long distance consultations and lessons can be conducted on Skype or landline.

Finey, Michele
Altona, Melbourne, Australia
+61 434356534

IMG_0182Interested in the planets from an early age, Michele Finey began teaching herself astrology at the age of 21 in 1980 then studied with Alan Johnston and Sean McNamara. She holds three Diploma qualifications, one each in Astrology, Clinical Hypnosis and Arts (Professional Writing and Editing).

Michele has presented her astrological research in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Seattle in the US. Her feature articles have appeared in a number of publications including Dell Horoscope, Wellbeing Astrology Guide, The Mountain Astrologer and the NCGR Journal. She is the author of Solar Fire’s Health and Wellbeing Report and two books, Secrets of the Zodiac (2009) and The Sacred Dance of Venus and Mars (2012).

A member of the Federation of Australian Astrologers since 1985, she is also a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers.

Michele works as a consultant in Melbourne and enjoys research. Since 2013 she has produced an annual 32 page astrology calendar.

She can be contacted via her website

Fitch, Kevin D. Raphael
Remond, WA
360 932-9441

kevin-fitchKevin Fitch (Raphael) began his study of astrology, in 1979, while attending the House of David, An African spiritual community, where he studied Hebrew and comparative religious and spiritual subjects. On the heels of a couple of, aha moments, Raphael started a more comprehensive investigation into astrology’s depths, when for two clients, he predicted the birth of a baby boy, several months before and right to the very day. For the other, he located a client’s estranged sibling, after a twenty-plus year separation. These events put an A in aha, for him.
Raphael’s clients have included CEO’s CFO’s actors, directors and famous band leaders. He has presented astrology subjects in Ghana, West Africa and Johannesburg, South Africa. Raphael is the author of the highly acclaimed book: Celestial Configurations of Africa and the Caribbean. He has another two astrology books on the way, one in December, 2016 and the other in 2017.
Raphael considers himself a general astrologist, in that he employs, tropical, sidereal, Hindu and Esoteric aspects of astrology, enabling him to see his clients’ current conditions, from several angles. He employs Horary and Elections for quick questions and answers, and many other measurement methods. You may learn more about Raphael’s astrological services, as well as recorded talks, book reviews, and lectures, by visiting his website.

Fiverson, Daniel
Santa Fe, New Mexico

df isar-webDaniel is an astrological intuitive. He has been a student of Astrology and metaphysics since the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo (the sign on Daniel’s ascendant) in the late 1960’s. In spite of Timothy Leary’s comments to the contrary, Daniel remembers the ’60’s well. Like many other members of his generation, his direct spiritual experiences through different modalities initiated in him the process of liberation from the conditionings of his childhood as prescribed by parents, public school teachers, and religious teaching. He came to realize that the true nature of reality was much different than what he had been taught in school. In addition to Astrology, his studies included practice with the I Ching and Tarot. Also in those years, reading the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda, forever changed Daniel’s understanding and perception of spirituality. He was increasingly attracted to teachers who worked with intuitive development and self-actualization through conscious intention.

Throughout the 1980’s, Daniel was actively committed to the virtual New Age communities of cyberspace. There he met and interacted with authors, tarot readers, Native American elders, intuitives, UFOlogists, Wiccans, lucid dreamers, Seth readers, and of course, other astrologers. He worked closely in real time with a local focus group studying the work of Jane Roberts, author of The Seth Material where he began to constellate practical methodologies surrounding man’s inherent ability to self-actualize and create physical reality.

In 2010, Daniel encountered the work of Jeffrey Wolf Green, realizer of the paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology. Jeffrey’s work became a “magical moving sidewalk” for Daniel. He instinctively immersed himself in the work, and it led him to understand and find his dharma. The core of Daniel’s work stems from the teachings of Jeffrey Wolf Green, and as elaborated by other evolutionary astrologers including Kim Marie, Mark Jones, Maurice Fernandez, Patricia Walsh. He has also discovered profound insight outside this core group in the work of Noel Tyl, Lynn Bell, Margaret Gray, Jeff Jawer, and Frank Clifford, Chris Brennan.

Daniel is an award winning photographer, whose work has been exhibited locally, privately, and online. With his partner Susan Waller, he works with the consciousness of plants and stones using essential oils, making herbal medicine, and mining and distributing locally sourced Selenite.

You can hear Daniel on the radio each month Moonwise with Merrylin LeBlanc on KSFR-FM Santa Fe Public Radio and twice a month on Transitions Radio Magazine, KBAC-FM Radio Free Santa Fe


Flaherty, Dennis
Edmonds, WA
(425) 778-nivs (425) 697-nivs fax
611 Main ST. Suite C
Edmonds, WA. 98020

Dennis Flaherty is one of the few Westerners who is practiced and certified in both Vedic and Western Astrology, having been certified through Professional Astrologers Inc. and he has been the recipient of the Jyotish Kovid and Jyotish Vachaspati awarded by Dr. B.V. Raman of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. Dennis has a busy consulting business in the Seattle area. He has served four times as President of the Washington State Astrological Association and he is currently Membership Chair for Association for Astrological Networking, and a founding board member of the American College of Vedic Astrology. Dennis writes regularly for The Mountain Astrologer and co-authors the “Jyotish Currents” monthly column. He is the author of Mythic Measurements of the Moon’s Nodes and The Eastern Moon through Western Eyes featured in anthologies from Llewellyn and Samuel Weiser. He teaches Jyotisha through his Audio Correspondence Course, which has been distributed widely. He is the founder and director of the NW Institute of Vedic Sciences, where he provides personal consultations, and teaches and tutors a curriculum in Vedic Astrology.

Flecher, Sue
Bedford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
01234 589615 / 07788982737

I have been helping clients change their lives in a positive way for over twenty-three years. I don’t think you can help people unless you have had your own life experiences. Learning astrology has been such a gift to me and I thank the universal energies for giving me that opportunity. Along the way I have also learnt other ancient arts that show me what people’s life purpose is. With my life’s experiences I am able to use all my skills to fine tune a clients Life Purpose. Then I use the coaching to get them on their chosen path and onto their destination.



Forrest, Jodi
Chapel Hill, NC

Jodie has maintained a busy local and national practice as an astrological counselor, teacher and writer since 1983, when she joined forces with fellow astrologer Steven Forrest. Jodie travels to lecture on astrological topics, and co-authored the book Skymates: Love, Sex and Evolutionary Astrology (Seven Paws Press, 2002). Jodie has written for magazines and newspapers, published poetry, and her articles have appeared in all the major astrological journals. With Steven, she wrote the text for a pair of relationship reports, The Sky We Share and The Single Sky, a joint project with Alphee Lavoie’s AIR Software.

Forrest, Steven
Chapel Hill, NC
POB 2345, Chapel Hill, NC 27515

steve2Steven is a well known astrologer, writer, teacher, lecturer and frequent speaker at major astrology conferences. His books include, The Inner Sky, The changing Sky, The Night Speaks and The Book of Pluto. He has co-authored Skymates with his wife Jodie Forrest and most recently published Measuring the Night, co authored with Jeffrey Wolf Green. Measuring the Night, Vol. 2 will be published in February 2001. Steven is also the Chair of the Advisory Council of Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences in Seattle. He maintains a busy practice in Chapel Hill and is currently involved with his Apprenticeship program in many different parts of the country. For in depth instruction and support in terms of becoming a practicing counseling astrologer, please have a look at Steve’s web site for information about his ongoing apprenticeship programs. His many years of counseling and study have been graciously passed on to those students attending the program. Check the section on this site under “Conferences” for current seminar listings.

Forma, Ananur
Rockland ME

aformaAnanur Forma studied with Isabel Hickey in the early 70’s. She focuses on personal readings, writes newspaper columns, is trained in Emotional Release Processing, hospice work, past life regression and pastoral* relationship counseling.

Foxworthy, Teresa Ann
Los Angeles, CA

love astrologerTeresa is a professional astrologer who has been doing paid readings for over 30 years. Her grasp of astrology started very early in Life. Teresa began studying astrology at the age of 12, when her mother introduced her to Sydney Omar’s book on her Sun sign, Aquarius. Teresa was astonished that a complete stranger could know so much about how she felt about life, learning, and relationships. Here were her own personal thoughts written in a mass-produced book on a shelf in a store! How could this be? Teresa’s first astrology class began in college. Her teacher was very impressed with Teresa’s birth chart and a life-long friendship began. They went on to collaborate on his computerized astrology program and in the process met the Reagan’s astrologer, Joan Quigley, as well as legends Robert Hand and Dane Rudhyar.

Today, Teresa specializes in Astrology Compatibility, Career Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology, Karmic Astrology, Psychological Astrology, Relocation Astrology, Spiritual Astrology, Teachers of Astrology, as well as general Natal, Progressed, Transits, Mid-Points, Nodes, Past Life, Synastry, Composites, AstroCartography and other astrological readings. Her work as a Life Coach, specializing in Dating and Relationship success, has given her ample opportunity to learn the subtleties of what makes for a lasting relationship. Both partners have their evolutionary work to do as individuals, as well as succeeding as loving and empowered partners. Using astrology, Teresa helps men and women steer their lives in fulfilling directions, whether for personal fulfillment, spiritual evolution, or professional success.

Frazier, Andrée
Roxbury, VT

andree-frazierVermont Astrologer Andrée Frazier is a practicing astrologer with over 20 years experience reading charts and advising clients from all walks of life. “I believe astrology opens doors into life’s purpose, it’s meaning, and can shine light on possiblilties we don’t know are there for us. It can comfort us in times of stress, reveal the best times for us to act, and can pair us with the right carreer, the right partner, and the right lifestyle for ultimate health and happiness in life.”

Astrology offers each of us windows into our souls and can articulate energies that we don’t understand and therefor berate ourselves for. Some energies are unfathomable to us, energies that leave us confused and disoriented. Once brought into the light, and given meaning, their influence dissipates with awareness, and comfort can be found in knowing when the influence will subside. So too can the good energies and timeframes be identified and planned with confidence and joy.

For more of Andree’s history on her astrological journey follow this link.

Freed, Barbara-Lynn
Chapel Hill, NC
(919) 942-7754

BARBARA-LYNN_PHOTO[1]Barbara-Lynn Freed has practiced astrology since 1980, and specializes in Birth Charts and Planetary Returns. Her Soul Readings focus on your Evolutionary Goals, Karmic Challenges and your Soul’s True Purpose, while helping you to gain insight into how to grow and change within your current life dynamics. Readings are given locally or by phone. Courses on beginning astrology for individuals and groups are also available.

As a Mystic, Spiritual Healer and Teacher, Barbara-Lynn has a 30-year eclectic background that includes a four-year apprenticeship in Native American spirituality and healing, and further studies in Dreams, Women’s Mysteries, Archeo-Astronomy, and the Mystical Branches of the World’s Major Religions, and has facilitated seminars at the following Conferences: 2006, National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists International Conference, 2008 and 2011 Journey Through Wholeness Conferences.

She is also the Founder and Facilitator of the Center for Transformational Studies where she teaches clients and students how to heal their core issues and reconnect with nature. Barbara-Lynn also sees clients in her 22-year old Awakening the Heart! Spiritual Healing practice, and has recently developed a three-year, cross-cultural shamanic apprenticeship. In 1993 she was ordained as an Alliance of Divine Love, interfaith Minister, reflecting her love for helping people understand the mysteries and challenges in their lives.

Fremlin, Helen Jayne
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Helen Jayne RocksAstrologer for over 20 years. Certified Life Coach since September 2015.
Educated in Astrology by the great Julie Simmons in Toronto.

Over 25 years in the business world of retail as a Corporate Buyer/Planner for major Retailers.
Masters of Business Administration from Lake Superior State University and a Bachelor of Arts from Wilfrid Laurier University with a major in Economics.

I love knitting and my beautiful dog Humphrey (cocker spaniel/airedale mix). Living in Bolton, ON (GTA) and enjoying the life of a cancer survivor and the amazing life lessons that come with that. Life is fun, challenging, educational, extraordinary and beautiful.

Being the true authentic YOU sets up a force field of attraction that brings your dreams right to you. I love working with clients to identify those dreams and digging deep into who they are to make magic. Its a lovely amazing process that fills my soul with joy.

Frezza, Rachel
Asheville, NC

Astrology, the ancient study of the heavens, humans have been fascinated with the stars always. The fascination persists today in my heart and soul. I have studied this esoteric science with Kelly Lee Phipps of Asheville, NC who has provided me with in depth knowledge of Western Traditional Astrology. I have also studied with Ryan Kurczak of the Asheville Vedic Astrology School, who has given me the Vedic Astrology perspective.

I believe your personal birth chart represents your relationship to the universe at the moment you were born. This explains not only your personality, challenges, and talents, but also your ability to attract and handle events, good or bad. Learning about your chart will help you understand why you are the way you are, what caused events in the past, what will happen in the future, and how to work with the energy for your continued evolution. It will illuminate the reasons for the current dilemmas you may find yourself in and show you how to make positive changes in your life. Through knowing and understanding your chart your life will be easier,
you’ll start attracting what you want and your evolution will be more joyful and full of the grace of the heavens.

Please provide me with birth date, time, and place of birth, and any specific questions you may have. Composite charts for two people are available as well. Very insightful for relationships.

One hour consultation $90 (in person or over phone) and $120 for couples.
Consultations with flower essence to address chart issues $111 (shipping included in US)
International shipping available for $10 more

I am also available to teach workshops or classes on a general overview of Astrology or detailed aspects of it. Including but not limited to: The houses, degrees of signs, Planet’s energies, Chiron, Moon signs, rising signs, flower essences and the houses, etc.

Friedman, Hank
El Cerrito, CA

41651_572334464_9786_nIn 1973 Hank Friedman researched astrology to disprove it. Rigorously trained in science, in premed and in neurochemistry graduate work, he tested the accuracy of Western astrology for several years. To his surprise, most of astrology’s principles worked. Since then , he has designed his own charts and reports, to enhance his chart readings, and has continued to deepen his understanding by studying Vedic astrology. He has taught many astrology workshops, and mentored professional astrologers. In 1984, Hank wrote the book Astrology on your Personal Computer and now writes astrology software reviews for several journals. He helps astrologers find the best software for their needs, teaches classes and does individual tutoring. Hank’s birth chart readings illuminate one’s essential qualities, lifelong patterns, and present cycles, integrating Western and Eastern astrological approaches and Hank’s psychic gifts. The couples’ chart reading explores each partner’s relationship patterns, the purposes of the relationship, and the dynamics between the two charts, and how best to navigate them. Predictive readings show what cycles are approaching, their purpose, and how to use them optimally, avoid pitfalls, and maximize growth. Finally, Hank finds the best times for getting married and for starting businesses. Hank sees clients personally in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, and Marin CA. For more information on Hank and his additional services, check into the web site above.

Fronteras, Adam
Maidstone, UK
01622 684504

Adam Fronteras has been a qualified Consultant for over 25 years in Astrology, Tarot & I-Ching and Dream Interpretation. Adam is a past President and Chairman of the British Astrological & Psychic Society. He is also one of the directors of Esoteric Entertainments Ltd and MySpiritRadio the latter being an online mind body spirit radio show.

Adam is a regular contributor to magazines and the press and appears frequently on television and radio. He is a regular astrologer for a number of TV and radio broadcasters, including BBC stations. Adam is also the dream expert for the largest UK teen portal.

Adam is the author of a number of books including Tarot (Carlton), Psychic Powers Pack (Carlton), Family Sun Signs (Sterling), Understanding Dreams ( Star Fire Books) and Instant Tarot (Collins & Brown), many of which and have been translated into foreign languages.

Frost, Rollin
Kona, Big Island, Hawaii

Bio: 8 planets in earth, 29 Taurus ascendant. 35 years professional practice in Hawaii.

Weekly TV show last 17 years on public access tv on all islands Thursday and Friday. Plays on internet at and some shows on you tube.

Full service Astrologer, all work done on DVD, no personal interviews . All I need is an accurate Birthtime, I work at 3 levels: 65, 95, and 125 dollars… to get thru next 2 years… nuts and bolts future prediction, not a lot of personality crap. my data is 1/16/41 1:07 pm, San Francisco.

Furiate, Linda
Columbia, Maryland

Linda Furiate, Dipl., IAA

Linda Furiate is a graduate of the International Academy of Astrology and is their Media Director and a Board member, plus she in on the marketing team for their Breaking Down the Borders conferences. Her background is in marketing, writing and creating TV programming. She worked as the Director of Marketing/Administration for an out-patient drug/alcohol treatment center. She is the Program Director for the Annapolis NCGR chapter and is a member of ISAR. She serves on the Editorial Board for the Astrology New Service. Linda’s passion for astrology ignited after being diagnosed with cervical dystonia in 1996. She accredits her ability to ‘see inside the soul’ with the aid of astrology as a means to effectively manage the physical and emotional symptoms associated with her dystonia.

Linda’s enjoys are working with clients who want to further explore their addiction issues and to gain a deeper aspect of their own psychology.
Linda specialties are Natal Charts Interpretation, Addictive Behavior, Relationships and Psychological Astrology.
Recently Linda was cast as an Astrologer in the reality TV show “Take Me To Your Mother” starring comedian Andrea Rosen which airs on the NickMom channel. Although her portion was cut from the show, the network did post this 2 minute video on their website. Link

To learn more about Linda’s work and cervical dystonia, visit her website She may be reached via email at or by phone 443-794-5087.