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Gainsburg, Adam
Soulsign Astrology
Soulsign Astrology
Springfield, VA

adam-headshot-smallAdam provides clients and students with extraordinary guidance for their soul’s evolutionary journey. He specializes in illuminating a client’s actual Soul purpose as well as the complex makeup of their identity. His work focuses on the Lunar Nodes, the Mars-Venus and Sun-Moon polarities, all six angles, Pluto and Chiron. He teaches classes on a wide variety of subjects with and without astrological emphasis. Adam is the founder of Soulsign Astrology, a trans-astrological method of alchemizing inner and outer polarities through astrology. He continues to lecture and teach widely in the US and abroad, and has authored The Soul’s Desire for Wholeness, The Soul’s Desire & the Evolution of Identity, and Chiron: Evolving the Wound into Medicine. Contact the Soulsign office for information or scheduling.

Galea, Kerry
Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
0419 382 131

Kerry Galea I live and work in the country area of Gippsland in Victoria in Australia. Originally I trained as a Medical Scientist and I continue to work part-time in this field today. It keeps my Virgo nature happy. There was a time I trained and worked as a teacher, But I recovered from that experience!

I work with you through my Astrology and Palmistry readings which uses astrology chart with the positions of the planets and the stars, along with the lines of the hand, to see your position in life’s journey. They are your map of life and I am your map-reader.

And I create and publish the Ancient Moon Gardening Almanac which uses the position of the Moon through the month for the best times to plant, sow, prune, feed, weed, fertilise and harvest.

My qualifications include

Batchelor of Applied Science in Medical Science
Graduate Diploma of Education
Diploma of Astrology from the Federation of Australian Astrologers
Diploma in Applied Astrology from AstroSynthesis
Practitioners Diploma of Medieval Astrology from AstroLogos
Certificate in Palmistry ICP (now closed)
and my plants love me!


Ganz, Beatrice
Zurich, Switzerland
0041 44 361 41 42

Beatrice Ganz was born January 1st, 1956 at Zurich, Switzerland. 1999 she graduated in Astrology in Germany. Since then she is a professional member of SAB (Swiss Federation of Astrologers). She is the founder and director of the Astrological Society of Zurich. From 1997 to 2010 she organized the International Zurich Symposium on astrology. Currently, Beatrice Ganz hosts an astrological salon at Zurich, where lectures, workshops and seminars are given by renowned speakers from home and abroad. Beatrice Ganz lectures on composers and pianists such as Frédéric Chopin, Franz Liszt and the contemporary Swiss composer Werner Baertschi, about the deduction and meaning of prognostic astrological statements, on astrology as individual life coaching as well as a contribution to the understanding and interpretation of the present age and of world events.

Her lecture on “Euro and Swiss Franc currently and up to 2020 – where will the banking and financial system end up in the next few years?” was recently held at Vienna and Zurich. Beatrice Ganz’ presentations on the future aim at astrological laypersons as well as professionals. Beatrice Ganz also deals with the basics of Astrology: How “thinks” Astrology, what can it provide? In her counselings Beatrice Ganz emphasizes the psychological approach, she gives career counseling and partnership counseling and is dealing with horary and electional astrology. She writes reports and issues astrological lessons.

Garcia, Mari
Astrological Consultant, Educator, Writer, Speaker
Adelaide, Australia
Phone: +61 0421 326 001


Mari Garcia AstrologerMari Garcia is a consulting astrologer, writer, speaker and educator holding the Practitioners Certificate from the Federation of Australian Astrologers. She has studied with Robert Zoller and Bernadette Brady.

Mari has lectured in Australia at the Federation of Australian Astrologers bi-annual conferences, at the United Astrology Conference (UAC) in the USA, the inaugural Regulus Astrology Conference on Traditional Astrology held in Melbourne in 2009 and on-line at the International Breaking Down the Borders Conference. Mari speaks regularly for FAA- SA, and has been a guest speaker for the International Academy of Astrology.

She is co-author of the book, Scala Coeli: A Ladder to Heaven- A Collection of Astrological Essays published in 2012. She edited the compilation An Ancient Art in the Modern World: Australis 97 Congress papers and was also a contributor to the anthology with the article “A Mundane Look at Australian Images”. She has also compiled student publications including The Book of Notable Births, Astro Mundi Astrology Primers, and the Traditional Astrology Glossary of Terms. Mari also writes regularly for local, national and international and publications including WellBeing Astrology and her work is also available from Astro Mundi at or at

Mari’s interests include mundane and political astrology, mythology and traditional astrology and the research and application of traditional techniques in a modern setting. She runs a consulting practice and is co-principal of ASTRO MUNDI, a school offering a four year astrology course, studies in Traditional Astrology as well as Master Classes covering a wide range of topics.

For more information visit or


Gardstein, T.C.
Brooklyn, NY

MaskedMenchetteI offer private, in-depth astrology consultations in person, by phone, and via Skype, as well as private lessons if you wish to learn more about astrology. If you live in New York City and are throwing a party, I can give special mini-readings for your guests.

My credentials: I dove headfirst into the bottomless ocean of astrology when I had my natal chart interpreted in 1991, and have been giving readings since 1993. The more I learn about this art, the more I realize that the learning never stops. I have published articles in Dell Horoscope, Mountain Astrologer, the NY chapter of the National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGR), and highly esteemed astrologer Donna Cunningham featured me on her website for the first International Astrology Day in 2010; my article, “The ‘We’ Generation,” was selected among the top 5 from that occasion. Since 2009 I have actively maintained an “anti-horoscope” astrology website, Pluto Rising Astrology, since astrology is so much more than sun-sign horoscopes. On the homepage you can read references from satisfied clients.

My philosophy: I believe that astrology is an art, not just light entertainment. However, I add an element of playfulness and humor that my clients appreciate. My sessions are true dialogues, not me running off at the mouth in “astrologese.” I can advise you of specific windows of opportunity to develop your natal talents, shine in the public eye, set goals, break bad habits, find good ones, look for love, explore relationship issues with your current partner, relocate…whatever area/s of life you most want to focus on during a session.

My specialties: natal (birth chart), progressions, Solar Return (birthday) and Lunar Return (monthly) readings, relocation charts, career readings, and relationship readings (with a romantic partner, a parent, a child, etc.). Anyone of any age can benefit from an astrology reading, as it can be a highly healing experience, but I also specialize in Saturn Return readings (29-30 years old) and the three “midlife crisis” aspects that hit between 40-44 years old. Having just made it through the latter, I now feel far more qualified to counsel those who are in the midst of these stormy years than when I was a pre-Saturn Return whippersnapper.

Officially intrigued? Please contact me for my rates

Gauthier, Molly
central Virginia USA
(434) 466-9829

Molly Gauthier AstrologerHalf science nerd, half mystic. Molly is an experienced astrologer and a holistic health practitioner trained to get to the root of your health issues and help you address them naturally.

She teaches astrology online and produces an annual astrology calendar.




Gehrz, Andrea
Portland, Oregon
971-404-5068 (landline, please do not text)

Andysmallfile[1]Andrea Gehrz is an astrological scholar and practicing astrologer based out of Portland, Oregon. After attending Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences in pursuit of a Master’s degree, Ms. Gehrz went on to learn Ancient Greek and Latin at Portland State University in preparation to translate a number of ancient Greek astrological texts. Building upon her many years in the field of Sign Language interpreting, Ms. Gehrz has rendered eloquent and readable translations of ancient texts by both Porphyry of Tyre and Vettius Valens. Her first translation of An Intro
duction to the Tetrabiblos by Porphyry won second place in the Philosophy and Classics division of the 2011 Independent Book Publishing Awards. Having cut her teeth in the works of the ancients, Ms. Gehrz is now finishing up her own book entitled Astrological Remediation: A Guide for the Modern Practitioner. Ms. Gehrz continues to delight in her work doing readings, astrological research, translating Greek texts, and preparing for her upcoming radio show on the “7th Wave” channel entitled the “Astrological Detective.” Ms. Gehrz is available for Astrology readings, lectures, and more!

Gelman, Rhoda CA/AFA
Seaside, Or

About Rhoda Gelman
Bachelor of Arts
28 years Certified Astrologer/AFA
Certified Adviser for Coalitions Preventing Domestic & Sexual Violence
25 years Public/Media Relations in: Television, Radio, Online Media, Business-to-Business Development, Chambers of Commerce, New Product Development, Communications, Health, Organizations/Non-Profit, Graphic Designs, Social Networking, Small Business Entrepreneurs, Real Estate, Resorts

Ms. Gelman has created a New Venue: The Power of Difference! Focus: Discover Your Own Individuality, Image and Niche for your Business & Product/s. Recognize your Significant: Self-Esteem and Creative Communications. We live in a fast and furious world, which does not emphasize how we are different and indeed, share our own amazing story. Exciting News: New Newsletter – Every Month on: website.

Rhoda Gelman is a Certified Business Astrologer and has provided insightful direction for major businesses, organizations, technology, health, graphics & public relations, real estate & land development – architecture, education, arts, financial groups, etc. Ms. Gelman is passionate and enjoys helping people find their own path and direction in life and to discover their own journey and potential – resulting in empowerment and success. She believes in spiritually and is success oriented. Expertise in PR-Get Print, Fund-Raisers, Events, Conventions, Seminars, Public Awareness, New Product Development, Research.

Genik, Juliette
London, UK
(44) 845 2574 527

Juliette is a practicing astrologer based in London, UK. Originally from Canada, she has been drawn to astrology from a young age. She has gained the Certificate from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 2008 and has since gone on to become the beginner’s tutor at the Astrological Lodge of London.

With more than 10 years experience as a professional astrologer, she has appeared on television, radio and regularly contributes to such publications as The Metro, National Enquirer, Prediction Magazine and Astrological Journal.

She is writes extensively on the topic of astrology and also lectures and holds work shops. Juliette is available for face to face consultations in London, UK and also by phone or internet anywhere in the world. Sign up to her monthly newsletter on Stargazers Astrology for special offers and other information.

Gerhardt, Dana
Talent, OR

A popular columnist with The Mountain Astrologer since 1991, Dana Gerhardt is an internationally respected astrologer. She has lectured extensively and written for astrology publications on several continents. Her ongoing passions are the moon and living the intuitive life. Dana worked for many years in the corporate sector, where she observed the undeniable influence of natural cycles. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude from Occidental College in Los Angeles and did graduate work in literature at Columbia University and CSULA. Dana can be contacted by email.


Gerosa, Pauline
Kent UK
+44 (0)7951 168857

Pauline GerosaIn 1986 I experienced a traumatic period in my personal life. I turned to astrology for guidance and to help me understand my situation so I could make the best of it. As I was living in London, I was able to attend regular classes held by the Faculty of Astrological Studies. I spent six exciting years studying the spellbinding subject of astrology and I gained my diploma in 1992, when I began to read birth charts professionally.
I suppose I was born an astrologer as I have always been interested in people, their lives and loves, hopes and dreams, sorrows and joys. I think growing up in the Arabian desert under those amazing night skies crammed with stars may also have had something to do with it! I’ve been truly inspired by this quotation from American astrologer Betty Lundsted: “We are not born to be hurt, we are not born to lose. We are born to work with what we have.” For me, astrology shows us what we have to work with and can show us how to get the work done.

I aim to pass on to you the fascinating feedback and important information provided by your Birth Chart. I also alert you to the beneficial and/or challenging planetary influences around you and ahead of you. Your life experiences can then be used to develop coping strategies and creative solutions as you begin to take conscious control of your own destiny.

I offer phone & Skype readings, which can be recorded – files are emailed to you in MP3 format.
I specialise in Astrological Compatibility / Career Astrology / Esoteric Astrology / Predictive Astrology / Psychological Astrology / Spiritual Astrology

Ghoshhajra, Tapomay, Dr.

Academic qualifications: MBA.,CAIIB., PH.D.,MA., LL.B., MDH.,MSc.H.,DSc.H.,Gold Medalist.,
Pragya., Shastri., KP Acharya.

Author of Kankalitola & Astro-KP Books., former Hony. Principal-Takshasila Vedic College of Astrology., Founder Hony.Chief Editor-Jyotish Vimal., Hony Consultant Editor-Planets & Forecast., Hony. Prof-Viswajyoti Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya.

Consultant: Special Appointment.

Giamario, Daniel

Daniel is the creator of the Astrological Vision Quest and founder of the Harbingers of the Turning of the Ages and has been a professional astrologer for over 27 years. He is also an author and a teacher and specializes in connecting astrology to the night sky at sacred sites by taking groups to secluded wilderness locations to experience their interrelatedness to the earth and sky. Daniel conducts an advanced training program qualifying students as Shamanic astrology consultants. He is available for personal and phone consultations, lectures and workshops.

Gilbert, Sara
Carrum Downs, Victoria, Australia
0412 235 935

sara_gilbert_vicSara Gilbert Sara Gilbert was brought into being to help you decode the unique patterns that keep repeating throughout your life. She is a specialist in Life Purpose and Design, who can empower you to feel at home with yourself and find your own unique place in the world!

Sara is able to draw on wisdom from multi-faceted knowledge of esoteric systems: Astrology, Tarot, Myth, Goddess Energy, the Tree of Life, Numerology, Palmistry and Hand Analysis. This enables a richer understanding, as each tool reinforces your life design through a slightly different lens. Her approach is psychological and based on foundations from a childhood passion for mythology which has grown into the desire to explore everything connected with how our personality is created, what previous lifetimes we have experienced and what is our purpose in this incarnation. She is fascinated by all forms of ancient wisdom systems and loves the synchronicity that exists between them as they are drawn from the same universal source.

Sara can work with you through private consultation or a series of courses and workshops. Sara is an accurate, insightful and empowering consultant, who is able to integrate the wisdom from her many fields of spiritual knowledge and life experience into her readings. She offers consultations from Carrum Downs and but travels regularly to offer her services at a variety of Expos and Festivals across Melbourne, Victoria and many states across Australia. Services are also made available by Skype or telephone. Sara is available to work at an hourly rate for corporate events and parties, at venues provided by the client, inquiries are welcomed.

Gilliam, Diane Booth
San Francisco, CA
415 994 6303

diane booth gilliam, MA, E-RYT (2)Diane Booth Gilliam wrote the book “Yogastrology® Yoga Meets Astrology”
based on decades of yoga practice and teaching—and, while Diane was
living in ashrams in Australia, India, and the USA—she practiced ancient
yogic rituals based on solar-lunar rhythms. Diane Booth Gilliam writes for
Yoga Journal and YOGANONYMOUS and many more publications. Together
with her stellar team of guest astrologers, Diane leads dynamic training
programs for wellness professionals, teaching people how to use astrology
in healing sessions, wellness classes, and yoga workshops.

Goell, Siddhartha
Delhi, India


siddharthaSiddhartha Goell is a passionate qualified Astrologer, Gemologist and a Vaastu consultant having experience of more than 15 years in this field. He travels to far distant places to procure the rare and distinguished varieties of gemstones. Besides dealing in all the colored gemstones, He has a fine taste in occult sciences like Numerology, Palmistry, Astrology etc.He specializes in Palm readings, Numerology, Medical Astrology, Vaastu, Psychological readings and Past Life readings. He has clients worldwide. Being a qualified Astrologer (Jyotish Acharaya, degree) Siddhartha been giving professional horoscope readings to his clients since 2008.

Gold, Dawn
Devon, England
Tel 01626337661 Mobile 07855536505

dawnherbDawn Gold (D.T.S.Astrol) is a qualified astrological practitioner, writer and an experienced speaker, with 30 years experience in esoteric and metaphysical fields. Dawn specialises in relationship, career and works with people facing crisis and life changing events.

Dawn is a compassionate advisor, counselor and healer, She uses psychic and clairvoyant skills to some degree. She can help you gain insight and answers to specific questions into all areas of your life, including relationships, finances and career. If you are looking for someone with a kind and caring approach, make it your priority to talk to her now!

Goldsmith, Barbara
Vienna Austria, Athens Greece
Austria: 011 43 676 4822 403
Greece: 011 30 693 100 2371

barbara-goldsmithI have been a professional astrologer for over 30 years and I give personal astrology readings to clients around the world. I post regular video forecasts on You Tube and am the author of: Astrology Made Easy – A Handy Reference Guide and The Elements – Physical and Metaphysical
Astrology which are available on Amazon, Lulu and other retailers. I am located in Vienna and Athens and I specialize in financial and business astrology and compatibility charts.

Goosen, Isabella
Johannesburg, South Africa
082 565 5109

I graduated from The Thorburn School of Astrology with distinction in 2003. I have many
years of Tarot experience and have been a Reiki practitioner since 2006. I am currently
the editor of Aspects and also serve as an ASSA committee member. I also write for various publications.I encourage my clients to live their ultimate destiny and find THEIR TRUE SOUL PURPOSE. All consultations are done on a face-to-face basis and clients are encouraged to question and interact throughout the session.Services offered: Personal Birthcharts, Year Ahead detailed charts, Career Charts, Elective Charts, Relationship Charts (Synastry), Tarot Readings, Reiki Sessions.

Gopal, R.S.
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

IMG_0741I am an astrology consultant from a family of ancient Indian Vedic Astrologers. I am an Experienced Astrologer with specialization in authentic system of Vedic astrology. As we know most of the happenings in our life are certainly due to the act of external forces outside conscious control. Only through proper Astrological solution and divine powers we can solve our
problems. Through spiritual practices and divine powers I have been inspired to provide astrology consultation and provide Remedies for all sorts of problems in life. I provide astrological guidance on Health, Wealth, Married life, Career, Business, Litigation, Sudden gains-losses, Marriage, Spouse, Family, Progeny, Horoscopes- Matching, Annual and Long Time Forecasts in important aspects of life.

In addition to being a professional astrologer I also practice following areas of Vedic astrology such as: Gem Therapy, Indian Vasthu, Numerology and Gemology. I provide consultation to work on your strength and grow in your life by eradicating all your present problems and catastrophic situations in both career and personal life.

Goshen, Catherine
Nyack, NY
(917) 543-2610


Catherine Goshen (BA HONS, HDE) is a life-long student of Astrology and a highest honors graduate of Noel Tyl’s rigorous Master’s Degree Certification Program for Professional Astrologers. She has worked intensively with clients in person and over the phone since 2011, bringing her humanistic and intuitive approach to her extensive chart interpretation skills. She is known to go the extra mile with follow-up and client care. Her specialties include Natal, Career Profiling, and Electional/Good Timing and she is a member of both ISAR and NCGR. Please visit her website to read her client feedback and to sign up for her monthly Astrology Update.

Goswami, Ankita
Jaipur, India

ANKITA GOSWAMIAnkita Goswami is a certified international vedic astrologer from jaipur india. Jaipur itself a astrological land. Here you can find JANTAR MANTAR where we are calculating astronomical phenomenon. She is M.Tech in NANOTECHNOLOGY which is a branch of physics. Due to science background her remedies are scientific. She persuaded JYOTISH RATNA from delhi and VEDIC JYOTISHI and TARROT from jaipur. Still she is exploring new area of astrology like KP, PALM READING and CHAKRA CLEANING.
She believes that when we born the astronomic positions of stars are deciding our fate. JANM PATRIKA is just a photocopy of sky at time of birth. An astrologer can help you to achieve maximum out of your fate. She gave remedies very simple ,easy to do yet effective. She is also a good counsellor who direct confused person toward right path with positivity. Her intuition power is magical . She read 500 kundali regarding marriage,child birth, career, health etc. She is running a YOUTUBE CHANNEL with 1000 subscribers and 1.4 lac viewers. Her office named JYOTISHTATVAM running successfully in jaipur and also solving problems of international clients through her website.

Gould, Michelle
Gainesville, FL

Michelle Gould, BA, MFA, is a consulting astrologer living in Gainesville, Florida, where she teaches at the Avalon School of Astrology. She serves on the board for Avalon and the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR), is a founding member of the Association of Young Astrologers (AYA), and an adviser for the Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN).
A sought-after speaker at regional and national conferences, she enjoys discovering new ways to integrate the best of modern and ancient techniques in her client work. One of her greatest pleasures is helping others access their innate sense of purpose and take advantage of the native timing available to them.

Grace, Elisabeth
New York, NY
(917) 743-2571

I discovered my passion for astrology when I read Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs at the precocious age of nine. But it wasn’t until I was eighteen that I finally worked up the nerve to have my horoscope interpreted by a professional astrologer. That’s when I really began to appreciate astrology as a powerful tool for self-awareness and understanding of life cycles. Suddenly, pieces of myself that didn’t seem to fit the description of someone born with Sun in Aries made sense!

After graduating from Wellesley College with a BA in Philosophy at 20 (yes, really, Philosophy), I embarked on a career in film and television in Los Angeles. But I never stopped doing horoscopes for friends and colleagues, eventually turning my passion into my profession. I now consult with clients all over the world, helping them live life better. I guarantee our in-depth consultation will provide valuable psychological and timing insights in all areas of your life, including career, family
and relationships — past, present and future. For complimentary daily guidance, please visit my website, where you will find a practical and engaging astro-logical forecast.

I am a Certified Astrology Professional (CAP), with credentials conferred by the International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR).

I am a highest honors graduate of Noel Tyl’s rigorous Masters Certification Course
for Professional Astrologers.

Grasse, Ray
Wheaton, IL

ray grasseRay maintains an active astrological practice while also acting as associate editor of The Mountain Astrologer. He is the author of The Waking Dream: Unlocking the Symbolic Language of Our Lives, and contributor to the anthology, Eastern Systems for Western Astrologers. Contact him for consultations through his email address listed above.



Grant, Rhona
Oxfordshire / Buckinghamshire, UK

Rhona is based on the Oxfordshire / Buckinghamshire borders. She has worked for over 30 years as a nurse and health visitor and holds a certificate in psychodynamic counselling skills. Her interest in astrology began many years ago, but it was in 1999 when she fully experienced the benefits of what it could offer. Rhona began studying with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 2003 and has gained the Faculty Certificate. She is continuing her studies at diploma level as well as developing her astrological practice in Oxfordshire. She believes astrology is a valuable tool for personal growth, with the astrologer acting purely as an interpreter of planetary symbols. This can empower people to explore their life situation and to make their own choices in order that they may realize their full potential.

Rhona offers in-depth birth chart analysis, career and vocational profiling and predictive forecasts. She also offers regular sessions in order to offer insight and support for people who are experiencing a period of difficulty or crisis, or who want to make long-term changes in their life. Consultations are tailored to each individual’s requirements and are available through personal and telephone con


Gray, Margaret
Honolulu, Hawaii, Ireland
808-782-7953 (HI)
085 8144135 (Ireland)
Skype: Margaret2835

Margaret MSW D.Psych.Astrol is a professional consulting and teaching astrologer based in Ireland and the Hawaiian Islands. Margaret has been involved with astrology for over 25 years. Trained at the CPA with Liz Greene, Margaret and a colleague were the first to bring the CPA psychological astrology work to the USA. With an MSW in Clinical Social Work Margaret offers psychological astrology consultations worldwide to individuals, couples and children. She is particularly interested in relationship work as well as working with vocation, relocation and the meaning of our soul/life journey. Margaret also designed and runs a two year online Certified course in Psychological Astrology with her CPA colleague Graham Ibell, as well as webinars on behalf of Kepler college and independently. Although a lot of her work is online, Margaret particularly enjoys running workshops in person in Ireland and Hawaii independently and with her colleague Christeen Skinner. Margaret is a member of the ISAR board of directions and has published astrology articles in the UK AA journal as well as the NCGR journal and various psychotherapy publications. Margaret also writes a regular astrology article for Network Magazine Ireland and has presented at the UK AA conference as well as ISAR and NORWAC. Margaret has also trained in past life regression with Dr. Brian Weiss

Grayson, Caleb Kent
Haiku, Maui, HI

cayleb graysonAloha! My name is Caleb and I earned a BA in Philosophy, Greek, and Mathematics from the University of Nebraska and an MA in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. I also hold an honorary degree in raising 4 beautiful and precocious children. 😉

In my readings and consultations I use a combination of Elemental Theory and Elemental Astrology that I’ve been developing since 1997 WITH my natural intuitive and compassionate abilities that I’ve honed through many a session, calls for advice from friends, coffee house chats, and being a dad. Thus, I have the unique ability to integrate intuition (Fire), analysis (Air), practicality (Earth), and meaning (Water) into readings and consultations using memorable Earth-y language.
I work via email, Skype, telephone and in person here in Maui. Particular services and rates are on my website.

Elemental astrology has a philosophical based cosmology rooted in Taoist and I Ching principles with classic Greek elemental symbolism in the context of a modern integral meta-theory. All of the cosmos can be explored through many different fractal patterns, but Elemental astrology focuses on the four basic elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water as it’s primary archetypal lens bringing all factors of astrological components into a coherent elemental language. From Whiteheadian process philosophy, Jungian archetypes, Gebserian mutations of consciousness, to Wilber’s Integral Theory, Elemental astrology maintains universal connection through the 4 elements and thus relates every particular back to the One through integration.

Green, John

JohnGreenJohn John Green D.Psych.Astrol has been involved with astrology for over 25 years and studied at the Centre for Psychological Astrology where he now works as a tutor as well as running their Foundation and Intermediate online courses

He runs an astrological consultancy in London and has previously worked as a research scientist, a web designer and a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. He was the editor of The Astrological Journal, the international journal of the Astrological Association from 2008 to 2013. As a consultant astrologer John helps people understand their birth chart and what it means for them. He gives down to earth help with life, love and all the other myriad areas in your life that you want to know more about, all with compassion and a good dose of gentle humour.

Grecco, Lawrence
New York, NY

Lawrence Grecco is a professional astrologer in New York City. He has been devotedto astrology for over twenty years, studying under some of the most respected astrologers in the United States.

He is an Associate member of the New York City chapter of NCGR (National Council of Geocosmic Research) where he assists with the organization’s Spring and Winter conferences at Hunter College in additionto numerous outreach activities throughout the year. His decade of experience as a counselor at the Long Island Crisis Center contributes to the empathetic and caring approach that he brings to his clients.

As an artist and athlete, he has always been committed to helping people physically, spiritually and mentally to better know and understand themselves so that they can grow into their highest potential. Lawrence is available for both phone readings or personal readings in New York City.

Gregg, Michelle
Atlanta, GA

Photobucket Michelle Gregg is a Counseling Astrologer, utilizing Astrology, a Jungian psychological model, and Mythology to counsel people toward their highest good. Her work opens people to their greatest potential, reminds them of their life-path, and offers new perspectives for moving through old patterns and issues. It is truly a catalyst for many, and a healing journey on psychological,
emotional and spiritual levels. Michelle brings a unique perspective, 20 years of study, 12 years of consulting experience, and incredible intuition to every consultation, class and student. In a recent appearance Michelle stated that, “In the proper hands Astrology is one of the most profound tools available for finding insights and truths, and for learning how to best relate to our loved ones, and ourselves. It is the spring-board to self-mastery through knowledge of the unadulterated Self.”

“Michelle Gregg is the real thing: an astrologer who uses her extensive, up-to-date knowledge with real intuition. She has helped me with her insights, and I am especially impressed with her thoughtful and sensitive approach. The world doesn’t always realize it, but we need a person with Michelle’s special gift now more than ever.”

~Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul and Soul Mates

Grewal, Satinder
Surrey, B.C. Canada

We offer Vedic Astrology and Numerology Services that Includes Numerology, Horoscope Analysis with Remedies. You may obtain the Best Vedic Astrology and Numerology Services from World Famous Astrologer Satinder Grewal sitting in any part of the World.

Astrologer Satinder Grewal in Surrey has years of Experience in Astrology and Numerology. Astrologer Satinder Grewal will give you easy and effective remedies for how to make your life more Prosperous and Happy. He is the best Astrologer in Canada ,who follows Indian Vedic Astrology and Pythagorean Numerology Principles.

Astrologer Satinder Grewal give consultation in Surrey, B.C. (CANADA). you may also take his consultation over the phone, by email, Skype, whatsApp or Facebook.

Astrologer Satinder Grewal is an Expert in Casting of Horoscope interpretation and Remedial Detail on Variour Prospect of Life such as Family, Career, Wealth, Education and health etc.

Gunzburg, Darrelyn
Bristol, England

Darrelyn Gunzburg holds a PhD, History of Art (2014) from the University of Bristol, and a BA Hons (Open) (2006) from the Open University). is a professional consulting and teaching astrologer and co-principal of Astro Logos, an astrological school dedicated to the education and qualification of practicing astrologers. ( She is also a permanent part-time member of staff at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (School of Archaeology, History and Anthropology) as the medieval art historian teaching on the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astronomy and supervising MA dissertation students. Her doctoral thesis was entitled ‘Giotto’s Salone: an astrological investigation into the fresco scheme of the first floor Salone of the Palazzo della Ragione’. She has also written extensively for The Art Book (Wiley-Blackwell) and Cassone: The International Online Magazine of Art and Art Books. From Oct 2010-Jan 2015 Darrelyn taught medieval art and medieval history for the Department of History of Art at the University of Bristol.

Darrelyn’s astrological publications include: Life After Grief: An Astrological Guide to Dealing with Loss (2004), AstroGraphology (2009), and Restoring The Heavens to Astrology (2010) (with Bernadette Brady).

Darrelyn’s academic publications include:

” The Imagined Sky: cultural perspectives, Sheffield: Equinox Publishing (forthcoming 2015);

“Giotto’s Sky: The fresco paintings of the first floor Salone of the Palazzo della Ragione, Padua, Italy’, Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture 7, no. 4 (2013): 407-433;

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“Looking Back: The Transgression of Social Codes Explored through the Direct Gaze in Fra Angelico’s San Marco Altarpiece When Compared with Madonna and Child with Eight Saints’, St Andrews Journal of Art History and Museum Studies 14 (2010), 31-44.


Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

AstroGupta-100pxAstrologer Rahul Gupta, Jyotish kovid and “A TRUE VEDIC ASTROLOGER“. A scholar of the ancient scriptures and a profound astro researcher. He is lovingly called “Astro Gupta“, hence the title of the site. Over 20 years of experience in “Jyotish”, Indian astrology. Predictive accuracy over topics which is of interest and importance for an individual such as marital compatibility, progeny, profession, financial stability, love life, education & career and many more.

He has been praised by numerous scholars and other Astrologers for his unmatched knowledge about cosmology and astronomical accuracy related to “Jyotish”. He was awarded Jyotish Visharad by honorable Justice Shri Uma Nath Singh ji at I.C.A.S Kanpur Seminar on 7th April, 2013. On the same date he was awarded the title of Jyotish Kovid by honorable National President Shri A. B. Shukla ji at I.C.A.S Kanpur Seminar.

Astrologer Rahul Gupta has been imparting astrological guidance and knowledge for the benefit of people.

He has great expertise over Traditional Indian Astrology, Predictions, Horoscope Reading, Report Generation, Numerology, Vaastu, Gemology, Poojan and Anushthans, Mantras, Palmistry and more.

Guttman, Arielle
Santa Fe, NM

Arielle Guttman Arielle, is a professional astrologer with an active practice, specializing in relocation techniques. She has 12 years of practice in working with and teaching mapping techniques to describe how many different systems can be combined for accurate results in relocation work. They include Astro*Carto *Graphy, Parans, Local Space, and Geodetics. Arielle offers seminars, testing and certification in relocation techniques. She is currently teaching a correspondence course through Astro Originals which include Mythic Astrology, Relocation astrology, Geodetics, relationship compatibility and transits/progressions. Arielle is also offering local classes in the Santa Fe area. Contact her for further information or personal consultations.