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Hammond, Richard Gideon
San Diego, CA

Richard is an inventor, scientist, computer engineer, carpenter, chemist, philospher, and astrologer. After living in France for 11 years, when he came to America, he realized this country is in desperate need of spiritual guidance. He has been studying astrology since I was a child, and his mother was an astrologer with a professional career healing and teaching astrology. By applying scientific theory and philosophy to the understandings of astrology, he has an even broader knowledge of the universe and our impact and purpose in it.

With our current technology, learning astrology is now easier than ever. Richard is fluent in french, and a firm believer in integrating self sustainability and technology in one’s life in order to achieve autonomy. He specializes in all areas of astrology with a soft spot for compatibility, chiron, electional, esoteric, financial, and business astrology.

Your reading with Richard is sure to not only impress you, but leave you with a sense of direction, purpose, and answers to you greatest questions. He works remotely and can video or phone chat with anyone anywhere in the world.

Hampar, Joann
New York, NY

Joanne Hampar has been a professional astrology for over 25 years and holds certifications in electional and horary astrology. She is also proficient in natal astrology and relocation techniques. She attended the American School of Astrology in Manhattan, New York and began her career as a staff writer for American Astrology magazine. Many of her articles have been published by Dell Horoscope, AFA Today’s Astrologer, The Mountain Astrologer and Lewellyn Mind and Spirit.
Electional Astrology: the art of timing published in 2005, describes a practical approach to the astrology of timing. In her third book, Astrology for Beginners, she shows you that interpreting your birth chart is actually easy.

Joanne is a proponent of astrology as a means to self-awareness: “Astrology confirms that each of us comes into this world with a specific agenda. This is revealed in the horoscope and begins to manifest from the moment of birth. The birth chart symbolism points the way and it’s up to you to follow your path. Astrology is not about telling you what to do but reminding you who you are and how you can live your life to the fullest.”

Joanne writes the annual Astrology Planning Guide which you can subscribe to through her website or purchase the app on the iTunes and Android app stores.


Hand, Robert
Reston, VA

Robert Hand, Astrologer Robert Hand is an internationally renowned astrologer who is the author of many fine astrology books including, Planets in Transit, Planets in Composite, Planets in Youth, Horoscope Symbols, and Essays on Astrology. He is also the author of a series of short tracts on ancient and medieval astrology. In 1976 he began writing astrological programs for microcomputers and in 1979 he founded Astro-Graphic Services, Inc. (now Astrolabe Inc.) and Astrolabe Software to make the benefits of computers available to astrologers. Robert conducts seminars all over the world and is a favorite keynote speaker at important astrological conferences throughout the year. He has explored heliocentric, sidereal, Uranian, cosmobiology and in mundo techniques and uses a synthesis of these, along with more standard techniques in his practice. He is currently involved with the Archive for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts, a company that publishes both translations of ancient and medieval texts and publishes new material on traditional astrology. Robert’s speaking schedule can be accessed through his website.

Hansen, Cornelia
Tarzana, CA

CorneliaPortraitHello, my name is Cornelia.  My specialty is children, from infancy  through teens, based on personal experience   (mother of 4), and working with children both as a teacher and a family therapist.  I’ve been a professional astrologer since the 1970’s, receiving my certification from Aquarius Workshops.  My educational background includes a Master’s Degree from California State University at Northridge in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on Early Childhood Development.  I obtained a second Master’s Degree from Antioch University in Clinical  For 17 years, I was in practice as a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist.  I was a teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District in their Early Education Centers.

I spent 9 years teaching English, Humanities, and Psychology at Sylmar High School.  Currently, I am teaching an online astrology class on children and temperament for Kepler College.  I have a book “Kidwheels: Understanding the Child in the Chart” which will be published by The Wessex Astrologer, Ltd. this Spring (2018).  My research article on children will be published by the American Federation of Astrologers in their Journal of Research (also this Spring).

Hansen, Ingrid
Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Boston: (617) 841-7510  
Washington DC: (202) 407-3815

Ingrid Hansen is an experienced astrologer with specialties in western, vedic and forensic astrology, and specializes in Sade Sati challenges. She enjoys her work helping others understand their life path, challenges and remedies to bring hope that something exciting and new is just around the corner.

Ingrid uses a unique method of reading a natal chart using The Degree Theory to give incredible insight on a client’s natal information and current transits, which can help to explain one’s current reality and future.

Ingrid also uses Vedic dasha calculation to indicate when major changes are ahead.  She currently works as a criminal astrologer and helps investigators and families of missing persons to determine crime details and mapping the location of a missing person; she also  trains astrologers on this niche area of astrology.

Ingrid is available at her office, based in Wrentham, Massachusetts during the week and weekends.


Harte, Judith
Los Angeles, CA
310- 281-7991

Judith Harte, Ph.D., is a licensed psychotherapist and depth astrological consultant, who has received training in both marriage and family counseling and Jungian oriented psychotherapy. Her practice of depth psychotherapy includes individuals, families and couples whose concerns range from women’s issues, to problems involving stage related life transition, couples and family dynamics, and/or the philosophical or existential challenges of daily living. Depending upon the client’s needs and desires
these issues may also be further illuminated by the in depth analysis of each client’s horoscope. In her practice, astrology truly meets psychology. She works with each client to give amplification and illumination to that place within us all where the needs of the soul may intersect and co-exist with the practical business of daily life. Dr. Harte is located in the West Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks areas, and is also available by telephone and email. For more information visit her website, listed above.
Check out Judith’s new book at Amazon “IMAGES OF SOUL: REIMAGINING ASTROLOGY”

Hathaway, Edith
La Jolla, CA

Edith Hathaway is an international consultant in practice since 1980, author, teacher, and lecturer of Vedic astrology. Among her many awards and certifications are NCGR’s Level IV (Consulting Astrologer, 1989), Jim Lewis’s Master AstroCartoGrapher, 1988, plus numerous awards from Vedic astrology organizations, U.S. and India. From 1992 she served as faculty and board member of the American Council and American College of Vedic Astrology. Her audio course “The Vedic Chart: An Expert Guide Through the Twelve Ascendants” (2002) was re-released in 2015 on mp3s with PDFs. It provides an ideal companion to her book “In Search of Destiny: Biography, History & Culture As Told Through Vedic Astrology” (published in 2012, paperback and Kindle editions). The French language edition of “In Search of Destiny” was published in 2018: À la recherche du destin: Biographie, histoire et culture selon l’astrologie védique. Translator: Patricia Depasse (Belgium). For her many articles ( (52+ articles, 700+pages)  and for her audio course and lectures at international conferences on mp3s and mp4s, please see:



Hatt Cohen, Shawn
Juneau, AK

Shawn is a professional Astrologer living in beautiful Juneau, AK. A life-long student of spirituality, she began her formal training in Astrology 10 years ago in the midst of her own personal healing journey. Using a compassionate, person-centered approach, she is both sensitive and practical in her consultations. Currently, Shawn is a student of Noel Tyl’s Master’s degree program. Shawn also holds a Master’s degree in Communication Disorders and has worked with children with disabilities for the past 16 years. She loves working with children’s charts and offers parents insightful suggestions and solutions to help meet their children’s unique needs. Shawn also has a website featuring her own hand-made Astrology gifts, jewelry and Zodiac cards.

Hunter Hawks, Paradise
Centreville, VA
(703) 615-5328

ParadiseHunterHawks100pxAstrology is a language that enables us to understand not only who we are, but also, how to best we may utilize our gifts and talents.
I specialize in compatibility astrology and have used it to assist several coworkers on achieving better communication skills.   In relationship sessions (couples, friends, family members), compatibility and differences are pointed out with the goal of exploring how to bridge differences or simply to understand them. Often we do not understand why we have friction with certain people, but after examining compatibility, we can understand how our energies are being received and learn to better communicate our thoughts in language that the other person can appreciate.

My vocation is to show you the cosmos at the exact moment you were born and then interpret for you how you can best utilize your very own ‘solar system’ to become the super star of your life!

Specialties include:
Traditional Astrology
Natal Chart Readings
Synastry (Relationship) Astrology


Heath, Robin
Wales, UK

Robin Heath Robin Heath is a full time professional astrologer and has a FAS Intermediate Diploma. He was the editor of the Astrological Journal from 1995-1998, has written extensively for astrological press, including TMA, the AJ, AFA Journal etc. He has been involved in media work which includes The Love Test, 16 half hour programmes advising couples live on TV. He has also appeared in numerous radio programs. Robin currently teaches at Bath Spa University College as a visiting lecturer, and lectures at the FAS summer School in Oxford each summer and at the AA conference alternate years. He is researching the pre-literate roots of astronomy and astrology, particularly the sacred geometry and calendar systems of the megalithic culture of northwestern Europe. He is the Author of Sun, Moon and Stonehenge, Sun, Moon, Earth, and A beginner’s guild to Stone Circles and he conducts guided tours to megalithic sites.

He has a client centered approach, with 30 years of professional experience. A first consultation is £50,by post or personal. All sessions recorded onto cassette if required. Contact Robin at his email address listed above.

Heaton, Philip
Bolton. Gtr Manchester. UK

tel 07955 083773

The Astrology Group


Philip HeatonI have been studying astrology for thirty years, originally self -taught, discovering the passion I still hold for our subject from my mid- twenties. Perhaps then and still looking for answers just like my clients do today. I attended local groups to meet like minded people and learn further, discovering a deep personal affinity for speaking on the subject.

I hold the Intermediate Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies. A Bsc (Hons) in Human Geography. A post graduate Diploma in International Relations and I am qualified as an Adult and further Education Teacher.
In 1989 I founded my astrological consultancy Blacfil Astrology. With a client database in the UK and Internationally. While providing all aspects of astrological analysis it has always been the absolute beginner to the subject that is my specialist area. I devised and delivered my first ever beginners course in 2000. With strict guidelines and limits it enables a grasp of the basic symbolism of the chart factors, without the confusion of interpretation. This was followed by an Intermediate course to develop further the understanding of wider techniques.

I have lectured extensively on a range of astrological subjects ranging from the history both ancient and modern, to individual character biographies, interpretation techniques and chart factors. Also I’ve had opportunity to be thought provoking and challenging to our often universal knowledge. I am available to speak anywhere, when available, it is always a pleasure and an honour to address one’s peers.

Henddrick, Marlana

Greetings, My name is Marlana Hendrick (Plauche) I am an Astrological and Gematria researcher, as well as a full time artist. My research work was published by Karen McCauley, past editor of Aspects Magazine Vol. 17-No. 5 Spring 1993 on my astrology/gematria work and again in Aspects Vol.19-No III Fall 1994 on my work with the fixed stars and their midpoints. You may visit my web site listed above to view examples of my astrological/gematria material and read how my spiritual quest began in 1979 after a near death experience. This is my own original technique given to me during a psychic vision at that time. This project has been tested and tried on numerous topic’s and famous personalities, as well as my friends, family and clients all returning 99.9 percent truths in each and every case. I must mention Neil F. Michelson who in the beginning calculated all my charts and Lois Rodden and her Data Bank, of which I am included under my prior marriage name of Plauche, both of these wonderful people were very supportive and encouraging towards my work. If it had not been for them in the beginning of this quest doubt if I would have been able to complete this task. If your interested in having a chart with words calculated for yourself or an event please contact me at the above email. The time needs to be accurate, all names need to be the full name at birth and spelled as it appears on the birth certificate, baptismal papers or bible for that person. All my work is handwritten by me except for the astrology chart which is computer generated. On my site there are clear examples with words of famous events and persons. More famous charts with words will be added to my site as time allows. I prefer to do work on missing or lost persons, especially children. Please, email me with any of your questions or to set up an appointment to talk in person. Thank you

Eliane Herdani, PhD
+49 (0) 151 127 322 17

Eliane HerdaniMy journey into astrology started in 1988, with a 2-year in depth course. Five years later I opened up shop and started providing astrological charts and forecast interpretations professionally. Additionally I offered foundational and advanced astrology classes and courses. I have attended many astrological workshops, classes and symposiums along the way and been a guest speaker in various events, as well as published a monthly horoscope column.


Herring, Amy
Seattle/Shoreline, WA

I am professional astrologer living in the Seattle, Washington area. I have been a practicing astrologer for over 11 years. I have always been fascinated by psychology and spirituality, and view astrology as where the two meet and deepen each other. Carl Jung said “I’d rather be whole than good.” I have always believed that if we cannot see who we truly are out of fear of acknowledging our deepest selves, we stumble around, reacting to life instead of directing it. We can eventually begin to live life as a ghost, caught up in what others want for us, what’s practical, trying hard to be nice and considerate and good, believing that we must sacrifice in order to accomplish those things. We become stuck in this momentum of just existing and not living. I consider it my life’s work to help others know and honor themselves.

I am always perfecting my craft through private study and also through attending seminars and conferences such as NORWAC (the Northwest Astrology Conference) and the American Federation of Astrologers conferences. I am an ongoing student of Steven Forrest through his Apprenticeship Program and am completing my final level of certification as an Evolutionary Astrologer, which is a view that specializes in the soul’s journey, purpose, and life lessons. I also teach locally through public classes and one on one mentoring. I consistently have astrology articles published in local newspapers in Seattle as well as publishing free articles on my own website and writing a monthly astrology newsletter for clients. I aim for an honest and compassionate approach and a choice-centered philosophy behind my readings. I offer natal, relationship, and future readings as well as relocation & astro*carto*graphy and readings for children & parents.


Hillis-Dineen, Madalyn
Brewster MA/Cape Cod

Madalyn Hillis-Dineen, C.A. NCGR, is a nationally-known astrologer, with nearly 30 years of experience in astrology. She is certified as a Consulting Astrologer by the National Council for Geocosmic Research and is a certified astro*carto*graphy interpreter. Madalyn has lectured at major astrological conferences in the United States and Canada and has been featured on radio and cable TV. She is a contributing author to the Llewellyn anthology entitled ” *Astrology for Women: Roles and Relationships *.” Ken Irving, editor of American Astrology magazine gave the book rave reviews and especially noted that ” … Hillis-Dineen manages to single out some very important themes that signal a woman’s basic attitude toward relationships, dependence and independence, and her chapter is probably the most instructive example of how a modern astrologer works.” Her writing has also been published in various astrological magazines and journals and she wrote a monthly column in Horoscope Guide magazine from 1991-1993. She is a featured author for where she has contributed articles on both celebrities and politicians.

Since August 1994, Madalyn has been the Marketing Director of Astrolabe, Inc. Headquartered in Brewster MA on Cape Cod, Astrolabe is the world’s largest independently-owned astrological software company. Madalyn is the former Chair of NCGR and a member of their advisory board. She is also the past president of the NCGR Professional Astrologers Alliance and is now the Clerk of that organization. She is also a member of AFAN and ISAR.. Madalyn was one of the co-coordinators of UAC 2008 and 2012 and was the winner of the United Astrology Congress’ 1995 Regulus Award for Community Service and the 2012 NCGR Sisyphus Award for outstanding service to NCGR.

Hills, Richard
Minehead, Somerset, UK
(0) 1643 705571

I graduated at the University of Durham (England) in 1971 and had a career in publishing before taking
up astrology in the 1990’s. The insights astrology gave relating to major issues in my life compelled me
to explore further. I studied at the Centre for Psychological Astrology, gaining their Certificate, then further
with the Academy of Predictive Astrology, gaining the Certificate in Medieval Astrology. Later I studied horary
with the Company of Astrologers. I offer birth chart analysis, mainly with a psychological approach, with
vocation and relationship issues frequently highlighted. I also offer horary and four in-depth reports. Please
contact me or visit my websites for further information.


Hofer, Manuela

I have been studying Astrology for several years. I also have attended webinars conducted by mr. Robert Hand. I work with natal charts, transits, synastry, composites, returns, progressions, asteroids, fixed stars, event charts, pet astrology, relocation, moon phases and some horary. For the last couple of years I’ve had my own regular monthly column in one of the largest spiritual oriented magazines in Norway, where I have given personal readings, and I also do Interviews and articles on related matters of spirituality, art, lifestyle and Integrative therapies for the same magazine. I also practice Numerology and Tarot, and I’m a certified practitioner in both Reiki and Reconnective Healing. For consultations by skype, email and/or telephone contact: or call (0047) 829 95127

Hohne, Kari
Tahoe City, CA
Evolutionary Astrologer

kari hohneKari has been practicing astrology since 1977. She has been featured on radio stations around the world as an expert on symbolism, shamanism and comparative archetypes. She joined Ken Wilbur as a speaker at Spiritual Tech Summit because of her popular self help apps. Her website ranks #1 for I Ching and dream symbols because of her down to earth interpretations. She blends decades of research in symbology with Jungian psychology in her astrology practice.

As an indigenous language preserver and author of books on mythical studies, nature and Taoism, she interprets the chart like a language, where the houses, planets and aspects are similar to how letters come together to tell a story. Her intuitive consultation style focuses on the snapshot of the sky, where the evolutionary journey is detailed in the natal chart, while its activation over time is revealed through transits and progressions. Reports can be ordered from her website and she is also available for personal consultations by phone or skype.



Honeycutt, Brian
Berkeley, CA

face3100pixelsBrian has been fascinated with the multi-layered workings of the human soul for as long as he can remember. When he was introduced to angels and astrology, it was like a doorway had been opened into a magical world filled with wisdom, love, and truth.

Brian began studying astrology through books and the birth charts of his close friends and family. He was amazed at how accurate and insightful astrology could be. Brian also began to work with angels on a daily basis via card readings, automatic writing, clairvoyant readings, clairaudience, angelic numerology, and past life regressions. He now has synthesized these two disciplines into a practice that can help oneself to heal on a very meaningful level.

Brian loves sharing his knowledge with others. He feels that astrology and angelic work can help lift our spirits, understand ourselves, and even provide an insight as to how the universe functions and why we are here. Brian’s readings are designed to be practical, insightful, and fun. He hopes you will feel that way too.

Hong, Joseph
Dublin, Ireland

+353 831821838

astrologer ireland Joseph HongJoseph helps you to make your personal and professional life better. He provides accurate insights into life’s many questions, including relationships, career and family through modern and traditional western astrology, I Ching and his intuition.


Hopewell, Joyce
Cheshire, UK

I’m Principal Emeritus of the Astrological Psychology Association (APA) based in the UK. I’m a professionally qualified teacher and astrologer with 26 years experience of working with the Huber Method of Astrological Psychology. I began studying astrology in 1983, first with the Faculty of Astrological Studies and then with the UK Astrological Psychology Institute. Trained personally by Bruno and Louise Huber in Switzerland, I also have a Diploma in Personal Psychosynthesis.

I have extensive experience of working with clients and have worked as a training facilitator and conference speaker and in the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA. I broadcast for BBC local radio and am a regular contributor to Conjunction, the APA magazine, and to The Astrological Journal, the magazine of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. My astrological blog is read widely throughout the world and has been recommended by The Mountain Astrologer.My books are The Cosmic Egg Timer (2004), The Living Birth Chart (2008), Aspect Patterns in Colour(2010) and Using Age Progression (2013).

Huber, Kathy
Mars Hill, NC

Kathy Huber (Eggleton), PMAFA, earned the professional designation from the American Federation of Astrologers in 1978 and has been a counseling, predictive astrologer for thirty years. Kathy’s readings have been influenced by her lifetime of personal inner work which has included time spent at Esalen as a work scholar, Jesuit Retreats, Hospice volunteer work, and personal Gestalt and Jungian therapy. She is an ordained minister in the Alliance of Divine Love. Her education includes an AS degree in Mental Health counseling from Palm Beach Community College, a BA in Liberal Studies from the University of Louisville and a 600 hour diploma in massage therapy from the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy.

Her many years of association with the Association for Research and Enlightenment, (the ARE/ Edgar Cayce organization) in Virginia Beach, where she served as director of the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy, a holistic massage school, and with Unity of the Palm Beaches where she taught the use of biofeedback to enhance meditation, prayer, and healing states, have been an important part of her metaphysical education.

Kathy believes that astrology offers a unique path to self knowledge as a key to higher spiritual understanding of ourselves and others while on this earth plane. She often includes intuitive reflections on past lives and  karma in her readings, which are both personal and positive. She enjoys showing others how to make the most of even the most difficult aspects, using a combination of good solid astrological counseling and her intuitive gifts. As a Libra with a strongly intuitive Cancer Moon Kathy has special interests in love, marriage and family relationships. She can’t promise you a soul mate but she can help you find the best time and
place to look for that perfect person and what to do with them once you find them.

Kathy is located outside of Asheville in the little college town of Mars Hill, North Carolina. She travels often to Kentucky, Illinois, and Florida and is also available for readings in those areas. Individual and group classes,
private tutoring by request.


Hunter, Kelley
St. John, Virgin Islands
(888) 7-ALTAIR
P.O. Box 37, St. John, VI 00831

Kelley Hunter Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., C.A.P., is an internationally-known astrologer and mythologist. Her psycho-spiritual approach to astrology is supported by studies in Depth Psychology and interdisciplinary doctoral studies in Philosophy, Cosmology and Myth. She appears on John Edward’s new web channel and is a columnist for The International Astrologer. Kelley is astrologer for the Self Centre at Caneel Bay Resort in St. John, Virgin Islands. Living in the Caribbean, she tells star stories under the tropical night sky. Her free Cosmic News e-letter goes around the world on new and full Moons. She is the author of Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of
the Cosmic Feminine and the upcoming expanded version of Black Moon Lilith. Visit her website



Hyde, Maggie
London, England

maggieI am an astrologer and diviner, studying cosmology and divination at the Univeristy of Kent, where I am doing postgraduate research on divination for modern times.

In 1983, I co-founded the Company of Astrologers, a London based teaching body, and was its director until 1999. I continue to teach regularly at the Company.

I have always written astrology columns for the popular market and currently I am the astrologer at Woman magazine and Harper’s Bazaar, Japan. In Japan, the Media Cosmics mobile site carries popular astrology forecasts and Tarot readings and its content also appears regularly on yahoo.

I am particularly interested in developing new formats for astrology in the media. I was the Media Medium for Media Guardian Online where I looked at media companies and personalities from an astrological perspective, and I also analysed company horoscopes using business astrology for my Company Futures column in The Business Observer. I have talked on business astrology to the Institute of Directors, and my study CD rom on The Financial Winter with Jack Kenny (March 2008) accurately described and dated the current economic climate.

I work for PR companies to promote specific products and have done thousands of ‘instant’ horoscope and tarot readings for festivals and events such as the Brit Awards.

I am interested in psychoanalytic thought and I am an associate member of the Philadelphia Association, a psychoanalytic training organisation. I have also studied Jung and the wider Jungian movement and have undertaken research into his intense engagement with paranormal phenomena and the occult, especially astrology, where his thought has had considerable influence. My book ‘Jung and Astrology’, written for astrologers, deals extensively with these themes. My ‘Introducing Jung’ was the first new book in the highly successful Icon cartoon series, and I gave a platform presentation on Jung, and wrote the programme notes, for Christopher Hampton’s play “The Talking Cure” at the National Theatre.