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Jacobs, Tom
Tucson AZ

tomTom Jacobs is an astrologer, medium and channel assisting clients in understanding their soul’s agendas. His focus is on showing you your soul’s path, and supporting you in clearing out debris from the past that keeps you from doing what you came here to do. Tom takes into account and addresses all levels of your being, bringing an understanding of wholeness out of the realm of abstraction and into the counseling session, offering practical tools to incorporate into your daily living to make changes for the better. With compassion, humor, wisdom and clarity, Tom shares astrology as a language of healing.

Tom has an active practice in Tucson, AZ and has been a member of Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Program since 2004.

Jain, Jayant
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


JJsmallImgAstrologer and Services offered
Mr. Jayant Jain, an outstanding Astrologer of Jaipur city in India has dedicated over thirty years in practising astrology. Jaipur city has been a hub of astrological activities since it was founded. The astrological observatory built by the founder King of Jaipur city Maharaja Jai Singh in 17th. century has always drawn the attention and interest of astrologers.

Qualification and Experiance
An Engineering graduate from India’s most prestigious “Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur” and an MBA in Marketing Management , Jayant Jain became interested in Astrology. In 1989 he took up the challenging assignment as Honorary advisor in Janampatrika Computer Center, an astrological center of Jaipur City .In his distinguished career as Astrologer he has collected and researched over 100, 000 horoscopes and has cultivated an international network of friends and admirers.

” Since 1993 , Jain’s articles were published in India’s’ reputed astrological magazines. His rashiphal became a regular feature in Jyotish Sagar and other popular newspapers/magazines. In 1994 he traced the transit of planets in context to individual birth charts.This created ripples in the media and was given wide coverage in almost all the news papers of India.

Jain, Pankaj

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Jain has been an MBA Finance and has done his Jyotish vishard, jyotish acharya and vastu vishard from Delhi. He is working in MNC & has keen interest in ASTROLOGY since his childhood. He has written books on Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology & Vastu. Mr. Pankaj Kumar Jain has been an MBA Finance and has done his Jyotish vishard, jyotish acharya and vastu vishard from Delhi. He is working in MNC & has keen interest in ASTROLOGY since his childhood. He has written books on Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology & Vastu. He has also written many articles on these subjects in reputed Astrology magazines & newspapers.

He has a strong believe that actions of our previous lives determine the present. Every event of the present life which is beyond our control is predetermined but we can make little change through astrological prediction and remedies.

Can any astrological remedy change the course of events? He says, Yes, to a great extent, but only where the right remedy is given which may be either Mantra, Puja or Gemstones. He strongly believes that there are only two things that exist in whole universe and that are namely 1) vibration/sound and 2) energy, which is scientifically true also. Mantras are nothing but vibrations of different kinds and Gemstones provide cosmic energy through their divine rays which is required by an individual.

He spent many years in detailed research and study of Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Mantra and vastu etc.


Jeffries, Ingrid
Denver, CO

ingridIngrid is an international astrologer, writer, teacher, counselor, and retreat facilitator working out of the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area, providing individual, relationship and career counseling for over 20 years. She has studied and written about, astrology and spiritual traditions as well as tarot, dream and archetype symbolism with her articles appearing internationally. Her love of mythology and legend allow her to identify with the sacred story each of us has to tell. It has been her privilege to work with adults and teens in a myriad of teaching and counseling situations. Her approach is one of counselor and guide, honoring the unique challenges and concerns of each individual and couple. Her studies and work in the intuitive arts and spiritual traditions provide her with a discernment that allows her to recognize an individual’s great potentials and help that individual gain increased mastery. Through her own search for wisdom and self knowledge she has attained a wide variety of inspirational teachings and tools that she can use or recommend for particular challenges as indicated by the natal chart. As a working mother of three, Ingrid deeply understands the challenges and demands of today’s fast paced world. She has established herself as one who can help you identify key behaviors, tools and time frames that support opportunities and choices that lead to success and well being. Through increased self-knowledge and esteem one creates self-confidence. She is dedicated to helping you realize the powerful potentials of your life through providing you with the gift of insight into new options and choices while also holding an awareness of present life challenges. She sees the natal chart as a psycho – spiritual map of the Soul’s desire to reconnect with the Divine. This map is an incredible tool that can identify key initiations and evolutionary leaps as well as specific life and karmic lessons. If you would like a consultation or to receive Ingrid’s monthly newsletter you can reach her at 303 697-8309 or by email at: For information regarding her classes and services go to

Ingrid has an associate’s status with the American Federation of Astrologers. She has written for Arcos Press, Nova Scotia International, The Witches Well, The Evergreen Women’s Press, The Mountain Connection, The Metaphysical Newsletter, Nostalgia magazine, and won the Koebel award in 1998. Presently her classes in astrology, tarot, archetype symbolism and dream analysis are offered at her classroom in west Denver and at the Isis Bookstore. All sessions are taped for your convenience whether in person or by phone

Jitubhai, Shree
Mehsana, Gujarat, India
Phone No.: 7230098835
Whatsapp: 7230098835

Shree Jitubhai lives in Mehsana, Gujarat, India and expert in Astrological powers, he well known about Jyotish Shastra and 15 years experience in Jyotish Shastra. There are thousands around the world who are grateful to panditji for reducing hardships in their lives, and for the benefits of his practical advice, solve any problem in regular life like: business problem, love problem, child problem, divorce problem, love marriage, horoscope matching, financial problem, ex-back problem, face reading, palm reading, love astrology. Solving all types of problem those you are facing everyday life.


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–Special work for our sisters
–Jitubhai thinking everything can do with astrology

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Johnson, Stephanie
Seaford VIC Australia
6 18 411255577

stephanieStephanie is based in Seaford, Australia. She has run her astrology consultation and software business for more than 24 years and specializes in helping people achieve their personal and business goals. Committed to astrology as a means of gaining greater understanding to live more effectively, Stephanie supports the concept of individual choice and is available for one-on-one consultations in her Adelaide consulting room, or phone or Skype consultations. She also specializes in Rectification and uses transits, progressions etc and also uses firdaria, essential dignities, directing by Egyptian terms etc in her work – all medieval techniques.
Stephanie can also be contacted by anyone interested in licensing her astrology interpretations, or for other astrological writing projects.



Jothidalayam, Sivasakthi
91 44 42657136

I wish to inform that I am running a “JATHAKA PARIVARTHANAI” office in the name of SIVASAKTHI JOTHIDALAYAM at Chennai. I have more than 4000 horoscopes both Brahmin’s boys and girls which includes Vaishnava’s (Iyengars each more than 2000) Among them a number of divorce horoscopes are also available. I can help you to select horoscopes according to your expectations from the available horoscopes. Having been an astrologer for the past 20 years, I can match the horoscopes by strictly following the sasthras and can give predictions about the horoscopes.

Since I have specialized in DHOSA PARIKARAMS I can give proper, simple and easy advise to overcome the obstacles in getting marriage, Sarpa dhosam, Pithru Dosam, Mangalya Dosam, Puthra Dosham and other Doshams. If you are interested you can reply me either by e.mail, post or by phone.


Jennifer Juniper Astrology + Tarot
Toronto, Canada

Jennifer Juniper is a professional astrologer and tarot reader who combines traditional knowledge of signs and symbols with intuitive insights. She provides down-to-earth divination by offering guidance that’s grounded in understandable language and practical solutions that are tuned in to your unique situation.

Jennifer’s divination studies started in her youth, and since 2007, she’s been proud to share her childhood passion with others. As a multi-passionate creative and arts educator, she loves to teach about the fascinating language of subconscious symbols and her intention is to show her clients how they can serve as a form of meditation and inspire intuitive messages.

Whether you’re still searching for your creative passion, trying to get to the bottom of a challenging situation, or simply curious to find out what phase of personal evolution lies ahead, Jennifer would love to help you navigate the path that connects you to your most authentic, productive and joyful self.