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Radhakrishnan, Panamanna
Chennai, India

316995_114464705329393_1080247946_nI am Panamanna Radhakrishnan from palakkad kerala but setteled in chennai. My D.O.B is 13/07/1959 at 7:45 a.m in, palakkad district.I am married and have two childrens. my wife’s name is Vijayalakshmi Radhakrishnan, My daughter’s name is P.R. Rajasree B.Tech, she got married and setteled in America, My son P.R. Rakesh B.Tech is working as engineer in ‘Dell’ company in chennai. I’m parambarya astrologer ( Guru – Kaanipayyur Narayanan Nambudiri paad, kerala). I have participated and qualified in Astrology’ exam. I have also got Siromani pattam. I have also excelled in many debate competions at ‘Jyothi Jyothisha Samvadam’ trichur, kerala, I have also received ‘Certificate OF Honour’ ( shabarimala devaprashnam) I do service in astrology , numerology, vasthushastra, devaprashnam, thambulaprashnam, marriage matching. (Astrology related to science with maths), marriage, matching related to health, memory and suitable matching blood devaprashnam, thambulaprashnam is based on kerala.

Radovskaya, Ekaterina
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
+7 951 685 85 05

ekaterina-radovskayaI astropsychologist, graduated in 2016 online courses in the School of Astrology simple and understandable to them. Anna Suhomlin, practicing six months on natal astrology, is now studying prognostics (predictive astrology). I will be glad to answer the following questions on the natal chart:. Strengths and weaknesses of individual career guidance, health, compatibility of partners, etc. For such information, please send me the place and time of birth data, it is desirable to specify an exact time. I will be glad to answer all questions.


Rae, Dunnea
Johnson City, TN

dunnea-rae-astrologerExperienced spiritual astrologer Dunnea Rae provides personal astrology readings, intuitive rune readings, natal chart
interpretation, and relationship readings at affordable rates. She has over 30 years of experience as an astrological
consultant. Her site, has easy scheduling and safe payment processing and she responds quickly to


Rahman, Mohd Bahzad
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mohd Bahzad Rahman completed his astrological studies and received mastership in the Indian School of Astrology. In addition to his personal consultations, he also is a regular contributor to leading astrology magazines in India and Bangladesh. Mohd Bahzad practices both Vedic and Western astrology and specializes in Marriage Compatibility, Mundane, Financial and Electional astrology (wedding dates etc.) and will use his skills to remedy the effect of malefic planets working in your chart.  Mohd Rahman also specializes in the ancient technique of Vastu Sastrue which can help you find the remedy to an ill designed house and success in finding the best place to reside. He is also well versed in health issues and can help you find the major break through in your life. Please contact him through his email address for details on personal consultations.

Rao, C.S
M.A.,(Astrology) M.B.A.,LL.B.
Hyderabad, India
Prof.C.S.Rao-PhotoC.S.Rao is qualified in Astrology with M.A. (Astrology) degree from P.S.Telugu University, Hyderabad (India).

Honorary Titles :

aboutusDaivagna Siromani;
K.P.Sidhanta Siromani;
Jyotisha Visarada;
Jyotisha Bhaskara;
Jyotisha Acharya;
Jyotisha Vidya Bhushana;
Jyotisha Pandit;
Jyotisha Vidya Nipuna;
Jyotisha Sasthra Sarvana.
C.S.Rao is conversant with Vedic astrology; K.P.System; Ashtakavarg; Western system etc.,.
An Astrologer with 3 decades of experience in astro counseling in matters of health, wealth, marriage and marital life, career development, financial investment, stock market investment, horse racing etc.,
an Astrologer with a decade of experience in teaching. Engaged in teaching for beginners and advanced students of astrology
Famous for coaching for M.A., (Astrology) courses conducted by P.S.Telugu University,Hyderabad. And Osmania University Hyderabad

C.S.Rao mainly emphasize on using the astro readings for counseling for prosperity in present day life.

Rasmussen, Eskild
Copenhagen, Denmark

Me2013bI have studied western astrology since 1980. I began practicing astrology in 1988, and soon after, in 1989-1992, I was teaching astrology at night courses. I like doing astrological research, and to improve my skills in this area, I passed a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 1997.


I prefer the “real” astrology for “psychological” astrology. Real astrology is the kind of astrology that deals with “real” issues like: How long will I live? When will I marry? What kind of career should I pursue? Will my health improve or worsen? How can I make money? For this reason I use both natal charts and horary charts. I believe a natal chart cannot be interpreted, unless it has been properly rectified first, so in order to set up your chart I need not only your birth date, time and place, but also 4-5 rectification events (headlines: what happened?), dates and places. Once the chart has been rectified, I can make very precise predictions for you.


“I have created a tool, “AstroMate”, aimed at identifying members of a given category (e.g. profession) by the astrological chart alone. AstroMate is inspired by neural network technology, i.e. artificial intelligence. So far tests show that AstroMate is 90% accurate, but I think the precision can be improved even more.”  Contact me for more information.

Ravenhall, Maureen
DFAstrol S, RCAstrol
Henley-on-Thames UK

Garden 160Maureen Ravenhall is an experienced astrologer with a wide spread client base. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Astrological Studies and has a post graduate qualification in Astrological Counseling. As a State Registered Nurse, her area of interest has always been in the mind/body connection and using astrology as a preventative tool. With this in mind she recently published a book for children ‘Getting to know you’, to introduce them to the subject at an early age when they are eager to soak up anything, and firmly believing that by knowing yourself and using your potential you are likely to be a healthier person.

She has been actively involved in organizations in London for some years and was secretary of the Association of Professional Astrologers from 1996-2005. She has been Chair of what has now become the Association of Professional Astrologers International since September 2005. She was also on the council of the Astrological Association of Great Britain for three years.

Ray, Indranil
Kolkata India

AIbEiAIAAABECLnUt7y1voWVvgEiC3ZjYXJkX3Bob3RvKig3YWYxZGFjYjUzNzRjMjE3NzcxNGYzNzlkZTJkZDY4MTA5ZGQ2NWJjMAEhLvewRXc3q_kZNUB1lAwAUx6w0AI am the Vedic Astrologer with full knowledge of Western Astrology Sayana and Nirayana System with many years experience in Chart Analysis using Parashara and other Jyotish techniques, specializing in current period analysis using various Dasa Systems. I have deep, precise analytical and predictive skills and provides very accurate predictions. I had trained in the accurate use of Ashtakvarga, Divisional Charts, Jaimini Karakas etc.I trained myself Transits very effectively to gauge and determine future life periodsunder the World Renowned Jyotish Guru’s .

The Best Astrologers are in fact advisers, healers . It takes great subtle and deep into one’s birth chart objectively and see clearly what is hidden from plain view. Spiritual power is also essential for Astrologers .

I am deeply Spiritual and has studied Metaphysics.

Ream, Norma Jean
Pahoa, HI

In 2003 I began to learn tarot and after only 3-4 months of learning I was immediately getting business for my unusual skill. Eventually, over the last 11 years I have learned Vedic Astrology and Sidereal Ephemeris, as well as honing my craft as a Clairvoyant Medium. In 2006, I was granted my spiritual name … Elisheba …In 2013, I was granted my title of The Fountain Heart, and in 2014 … I was given ‘Nabu’. My full Spiritual Name is Nabu Elisheba, The Fountain Heart. In September 2012 my grandma passed and in May of 2013 my grandpa passed. Several weeks later, in May of 2013 I had a vision and encounter with Archangel Gabriel ~ below is what I wrote subsequently in my journal ~

I would say first that I am prompted of a vision of a fountain – over flowing and as if the water was their love… it is pouring over … Endlessly. Tireless. Effortless, and Soothing. The purest of loves – the purest of waters, like a divine nectar, dribbling and bubbling over. But soon Archangel Gabriel puts this earth fountain in my body, with one thrust, it takes the actual place of my beating heart and now the fountain is apart of me …the thrust of the water is like my heartbeat eternally linked to some love like a lifeline keeping me alive – from some infinite thread intertwined amidst this feeling of pain and love in equal parts… “you are The Fountain Heart” archangel Gabriel says …

This thread is not an accident nor is it entirely material … it is made of hopes and dreams and most importantly memories … knotted together like a braid linking those to whom you click with eternally … and often without logic or forethought … effortless Love. Eternal love. Ketu love. Little did I know that a past life unfolding before me would forever change my life ~ This isn’t intellect, this isn’t might – this is love ~ this is the beginning of my receiving messages from archangel Gabriel … it has lead me on The Path all over the world … as Nabu Elisheba

Over the last 10 years, I have raised money, in Benefits, for the following organizations:

Cystic Fibrosis Assoc
Milwaukee County Mental Health Assoc
The Grain Exchange
State Fair Center
Eisner Museum
My clients have ranged from corporate groups, to private parties, to one on one sessions.


Rebholz, Katherine
Sacred Alignments
Milwaukee WI
414 – 416 – 4278

summer2014selfMy Spiritual Path began in the Four Corners Area in 1999, specifically the plateau of high desert grasslands and forests tucked in between Sleeping Ute Moutain on the SW, the La Plata Mountains on the North and Mesa Verde on the East, this earthly hammock of beauty stetched down to Northern New Mexico where I finished my senior thesis from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities – in Anthropology in Ethno botanical Studies, where I was following and studying the Curanderas of Largo Wash, East of Farmington area, New Mexico. Walking back into the far reaches of the desert to find a specific plant to heal a specific ailment. Documenting the stories and the folklore that went with each plant and the emotion on the faces of the Hispanics healers brought a sense of purpose to my life path. I continued to he UK (Margaret Hone Award 1979), of whom she is also a patron. She was awarded the prestigious Charles Harvey Award in 2004, given by the Astrological Association of Great Britain for ‘exceptional service to astrology’. Her work is an unusual combination of intuition and meticulous research.


Reyes, Leslie
Kalyani-Astrology Readings By Leslie
New York, NY

IMG_1876 (2) (1)I started obsessing over astrology and horoscopes after receiving my first kiss from a Scorpio back when I was 15-years-old. Unfortunately, Jupiter was retrograde in my relationship house and it didn’t work out. All the articles in “Seventeen” magazine said that a Gemini didn’t belong with a Scoprio anyway, and I should be with an air sign. But I kept on attracting water signs: Scorpios, Cancers and Pisces, and no Libra or Aquarius would give me the time of day.

In 1993, I picked up a book at a party that explained I had been born with the Moon in the water sign of Cancer, which explained all the Scorpios, Cancers and Pisces coming into my life. But, what I didn’t realize, was that there were other planets in my birth chart influencing other things, and not just about “who should I be dating?” either! These energies were influencing my relationships with friends, life path choices, career decisions, in addition who I was attracted to, as well.

In 1996, I started reading charts for other people, helping them navigate the star energies influencing their own lives, and the rest is history!

Understanding the energy that was present at the time of your birth can give you a better understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses, and how to better react to the current energies around us, as well as how they might be affecting various aspects of your life.

If you would like to understand your own astrological DNA and how you can utilize the best parts of your unique energies, I’d love to read your chart and help you!

Reynolds, Hunter
San Francisco, Ca
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

hunterphoto2A full-time astrologer since 2002, Hunter weaves the meditative insights of the east with the psychological insights of western astrology, creating a unique form of counseling called “Astrodharma.” In addition to offering professional phone consultations worldwide, Hunter is founder of the Astrodharma Institute: a psychospiritual school that teaches students how to perceive personality traits as divinely ordained “styles of awakening” and embody astrology as a grounded spiritual practice. He is the author of “12 Wheels of Karma: Astrology as a tool for meditation and self-inquiry” and “Brave New Prayers: Rascally rhetoric to fan the flames of oneness.”

To learn more about current course offerings at the Astrodharma Institute, please visit Hunter’s website and subscribe to Styles of Awakening— Hunter’s free, monthly astrology newsletter.

Richardson, Gary
Calne, Wiltshire, UK
44 01249 324355

Gary-RichardsonGary Richardson D.F. Astrol.S., has been practising Astrology since 1986 and holds the Diploma of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. As a professional astrological consultant, he has extensive experience of giving readings and consultations by telephone and in person. Gary has also worked as an astrology tutor both by correspondence and in classes. He has written articles for magazines and newspapers and has also written course material for the Faculty and his own personal courses.

 Roberts, Courtney M.A.
Orlando, FL.

Sunset pic of meCourtney is the founder/director of the Cosmological Research Center in Orlando Fl, specializing in sports and mundane astrology. Recent publications by the CRC include the books, Real-Time Astrology; A Clear Case for Planetary Influence, The Ultimate Athlete Database, The Ultimate Football Database, The Ultimate Basketball Database and a three tape set on the outer planets, Revolutions in Consciousness.


Roberts, Evelyn
Santa Ynez Valley, CA
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
805-688-6789 U.S.
+ 62 8133 837 2598

evelynhatdockEvelyn is a native of Scotland with homes in both Bali and California. She has been practicing professionally for 15 years and holds Certification from Liz Greene’s Centre for Psychological Astrology, a Diploma from The Faculty of Astrological Studies, and the C.A.P. qualification through ISAR. Her extensive astrological training in all psychological approaches and traditional techniques gives her a wide range of expertise. Besides having a thriving private practice she teaches classes at all levels and has hosted workshops for many other astrologers. She is co-author with 11 other astrologers of ‘Under One Sky’, published by Seven Paws Press in 2004. She has clients all over the world, and about half of her consultations are done by phone.

Evelyn is also an inveterate world traveler with a ‘2nd’ home in Bali, Indonesia. She is the official ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) Vice-President for Bali.

She is hosting residential Astrological Workshops in Ubud, in the foothills of this beautiful tropical island.

Roberts, Sarah

Having been in the industry for over 10 years, Sarah is a well-known and well respected astrologer. An architect by trade, Sarah has studied some of the most notable global curriculums in the field of astrology, tarot and numerology.

Sarah publishes an in-depth articles and forecast several times a week on her website, and writes routinely for established websites such as Astro Star and Spiritual Unite.

Sarah provides confidential consultations in the UK, or remote by phone. With her unique perceptive of Astrology, she continually offers beneficial insights into people’s lives.


Rodriguez, Isaac
Saratoga Springs, NY, Burlington Vermont and New York City


I have been a Spirit Seeker for most of my life. I will spare you all the details of my life journey but will share with you how I came to commune with the stars.

After 3 years of healing and learning with the sacred plant she let me go and guided me to the stars, she took me outside on a cold December night and pointed my eyes to the night sky. I had no relationship to the stars and constellations at the time. I just know on that night I received a lot of information from the Orion Constellation. I did my research for the next few days and realized the information given to me was true and it was ancient, ok so now at this point I was kinda freaking out. I went out and bought a telescope so I can further look into the night sky. I spend countless cold nights on my NYC rooftop observing the brighter objects, planets and moon. I later moved into a darker sky site and started taking astrophotos and developed a love for the ancient fire side stories of the cosmos.

It wasn’t until my life started shifting again that I tried to figure out what’s happening by looking at the planets and constellations they were transiting. I found myself confused when the astrology websites gave forecast that didn’t match what I was observing with my telescope. I was even more shocked when I started asking my astrologer friends if they also saw this discrepancy through their telescopes. None of them owned a telescope or have ever looked through one.

There was a time when Astrology and Astronomy was one science, one healing art of self realization and akashic wisdom. What happened? This is now my journey, to restore this missing link between us and the stars.

Bringing the stars to my people and my people to the stars. Control my telescope matched to my Sidereal Chart and a Tropical chart. You can see the difference for yourself. I encourage you to download a sky app for your phone or a free astronomy program called stellarium. Enter your birthdate and search for the Sun you will be surprised to find it in another Zodiac sign.


Rosano, Kelley
Denver, CO

Kelley RosanoKelley Rosano has been an astrological intuitive for over thirty-five years, She has interpreted the charts of thousands of people and currently holds a growing domestic and international clientele. Additionally, she serves as a personal and business coach, utilizing intuitive astrological skills combined with a specialized coaching technology to empower and strengthen individuals and groups in living authentically, living your True Self in relationships, work, finances, and life. And Never to “Settle.”

Knowing your lover’s natal astrology can prove incredibly helpful in determining if he or she can be in a healthy relationship with you. Love’s illusion can lead you blinded by the light of your own desire and not see the person for who they really are, what they are truly in your life to teach you, thus heartache follows. Have you two been together in a previous life? What roles have you played before with each other? Husband and wife, siblings, parent/child or best friends? Knowing the history can greatly help you in the present. What are the hurdles and bumps along the road of love for you? Can he or she give you what you need in partnership? Do you really know what you want in relationship? Above all else, we must have a commitment to Self and Creator in order to understand who we uniquely are; from this awareness and strong personal foundation, we are better able to enter into healthy relationships with friends, family, lovers, and colleagues. What are our soul agreements? Does s/he bring out your personal best? Does s/he challenge you to grow and evolve? Is s/he an authentic reflection of you? Or do you feel in your heart that “the one” for you is still out there? Moreover, I have seen countless times when two individuals can have fabulous, harmonious relationship astrology; but if they have not yet worked through their personal issues, (natal astrology) and if they are not complete with their past, hence, possessing too much emotional baggage this will interfere with the ability for healthy relationship now. As a result, he or she may not be available for union in the way you desire. There will always be challenges to every relationship, even if you are twin flames or soul mates. You may not have a soul agreement for a long term partnership. This is why situations do not always pleasantly line up between two people who love each other. The relationship astrology is a powerful tool for you to understand how your relationship works on the most dynamic, intimate levels of body, mind, spirit, heart, and soul. In truth, no relationship is a mistake, but not all relationships are destined to be long-term happy liaisons. What love, career, living, financial, and spiritual opportunities are on the horizon for you?
Will you be ready?

Kelley is a business expert who brings over twenty-five years of business mastery in her thriving practice in which her clients include CEO’s, entrepreneurs, business owners, therapists, doctors, financial planners, managers, executives, sales-representatives, artists, writers, lawyers, musicians, and numerous other professional backgrounds; public traded corporations, business, government, and nonprofit organizations. The use of astrology in the business world may eventually become commonplace. Business people are always looking for ways to increase efficiently and profits. How would it help your business if you knew future economic conditions? When is the best time to expand or contract your business months and years ahead of time? What about the best time to launch new products or services to maximize your profits? Or what about when not to make or implement major business decisions? You can successfully use business astrology for the timing of meetings, incorporating your business, and partnering with key individuals. Timing is everything! Astrology is modern because today’s computer-assisted astrologers bring a major innovation to our high-tech global economy. For the executive who has pondered his company’s “unexplainable” ups and downs of fortune, astrology opens new insights, new potentials. Business astrology’s amazing Synchronicity’s, showing how planetary cycles and angles can be read to help a company plan strategy, time the launching of new projects, weather difficult periods, hire new people, combine personnel for maximum performance, and more.

Timing is everything! Astrology is very helpful for the timing of events. This is called Horary (hourly astrology) and Electional astrology. A chart is created at the moment of the question. Is this the property for me? When should I start my business? Will my new product or service be successful? When will my finances improve? When will I be in a relationship? Will I relocate? When will I change jobs? Astrology can answer these and many other important questions! Why not let the universe provide you and your life with informed decision making?

God gave us the gift of astrology, to comfort, clarify, and strategize our choices. We can ride the wave of our life cycles and reach our fullest power. You were intended to have it all! Today, you do not have to be rich or powerful to use your astrology, it is made available by Creator to you for your grace, comfort, advantage, prosperity, power, happiness and health. What work, love, living, financial, and spiritual opportunities are on the horizon for you? Will you be ready?


Rose, Kathy
Virginia Beach, VA

kathy roseKathy approaches astrology from a spiritual point of view. Her emphasis in a consultation is to help her clients understand their life purpose’s) and to alert them to important timeframes for success, change and growth. She incorporates intuition in all her sessions and practices affirmative prayer every day. She has maintained a private practice for over 20 years.

Ross, Joni
Delray Beach, Florida

bio picA Humanistic-Evolutionary Astrologer, Joni Ross is a native New Yorker who now lives in Delray Beach Florida where she runs a busy private practice. She began a serious study of the art and science of Astrology in 1985 and became a professional Astrologer in 1992.

On the quest for spiritual truth, she learned that truth manifests itself in daily life. Helping her clients find everyday practical considerations based on wisdom that they awaken within themselves is her heartfelt goal. Joni works eith clients from all over the world she is sought after as a consultant, teacher and speaker.

Joni is author of ” Moon Messages”, an astrology inspired e- newsletter and hosts the radio show “Under the Moon”. a weekly show about celebrating diversity and other astromusing adventures. A Jazz singer for 30 years , Joni is a great supporter of all the arts including the universal art of living well.

Readings in person in Delray Beach, Florida
Phone or Skype sessions are fine.

astrologerjoni on twitter
Joni Ross Astrologer on Facebook


Rostant, Beverley
Marlbank Ontario, Canada

Bev2[1]Beverley Rostant has been consulting in the area of astrology since 1990. She has counseled folks nationally and internationally, from members of Royal families, company VP’s to average individuals. She holds a license in Medical Laboratory Technology, a field she has worked and continues to work in since 1977. She specializes in Medical Astrology, Progressed/ Solar Return charts, Rectification, Synastry, Horary and Natal charts. She teaches astrology classes on line, and is a research member of the American Federation of Astrologers 2006. She is also an Associate member of the CAAE (The Canadian Association for Astrological Education), where she teaches many astrology classes online. She was selected to sit on the Editorial Board of the Kingston Whig Standard for 2002.

Specialty: Medical Astrology
The Medical Astrology chart will show when a person may have a medical crisis according to their birth chart. These charts are a warning only to seek professional advice at certain critical times, and are in no way to be used for a diagnosis. Each report is interpreted by me personally and typed out in a specified format. It is then emailed to you where you can then email back any questions about the chart. The questions are included in the cost of the chart.


Rothwell, Christine
Melbourne, Australia
0438 730 133

Conference picChristine Rothwell came to Astrology from a background in education. She is a fully qualified professional astrologer, an accredited teacher of astrology and is currently serving as an examiner on the National Examination Board of the Federation of Australian Astrologers. An interest in mythology and archetypal psychology as well as training in counselling, psychotherapy and family therapy influence her approach to astrology. Her qualifications include:

P.M.F.A.A. [Professional Member, Federation of Australian Astrologers] Diploma of Astrology [Federation of Australian Astrologer’s] A.A.T. [Accredited Astrology Teacher, Federation of Australian Astrologers] Bachelor of Arts [Monash University] Graduate Diploma In Education [Monash University] Christine has been working as a full time professional astrologer since 1990 and has lectured at International Astrology Conferences hosted by the Federation of Australian Astrologers in Melbourne and Sydney. Her special area of interest and expertise lies with combining a spiritual and psychological perspective in both her teaching and consulting work.

Christine works in Melbourne, Australia but also does readings for inter-state and over-seas clients [digitally recorded onto CD]. She is available for personal consultations in Cheltenham and can also do readings by phone or Skype if Cheltenham seems too far away.

readings are available as personal consultations or by phone, mail or Skype… all digitally recorded onto CD and mailed to you after the session so you can digest the information at your leisure.

Rozan, Elizabeth
Lexington, MA

gassmannElizabeth is a professional astrologer, certified by both NCGR-PAA (Level IV) and ISAR. Through Natural Rhythms Consulting, Elizabeth provides holistic strategies for the transformational development process. Her tools include horoscopic analysis. This empowering mechanism focuses on archetypal energies and multivalent manifestations. It broadens the awareness of resources and timing. It offers support for working at optimal stress levels, and clarifies values that make life meaningful and fulfilling.


Rubald, Tim
Wailuku, Maui, HI
512-230-3674 cell (leave message for call back)

timTim Rubald, C.A. NCGR-PAA, C.A.P. ISAR, is a professional astrologer with more than fifty years of study and forty-plus years experience as a professional consulting astrologer. His specialties include: crises of head or heart, forecasting, relationship, location, elections (choosing a time for a specific activity, e.g., wedding, surgery, etc.), work and career.

Tim is recognized in the astrological community for his technical expertise and for the breadth and depth of his knowledge. Second generation astrologer, Jayj Jacobs (Education Committees of UAC, AFAN, PAI) writes about Tim Rubald, “Given the scope of current astrological knowledge, no one can know everything about everything done under the name of astrology. Tim comes close…”

Tim moved his practice to South Florida from Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1998. He gave monthly presentations on astrology at various Borders in Florida from 1999-2006. His on-line chats for Astronet, the astrology channel of America Online, were a staple for years (1995-2002). In addition to three hours of teaching and discussion chats a week, he emceed discussions for Uranian astrology expert, Arlene Kramer, for magazine publisher, Mark Lerner (Planet Earth Astrology), and for other widely known and respected astrologers. His online series continued via the Women’s Channel until AOL ended their community operations. He’s presented to various astrology groups in New Mexico and in Florida and continues to actively publish articles in many places online.

Tim is a life member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), a life member of the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA), a member of the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR), and a member of other regional astrological organizations. He was awarded professional certification by ISAR, “Certified Astrological Professional”; and was given the highest NCGR certification, Level IV, “Certified Astrologer.”

Rubi, Alina
Miami FL

Alina RubiAlina Rubi, is an astrological consultant and educator. She resides in Miami Florida. She graduated from the American Federation of Astrologers, She is a Certified Professional Astrologer.   Specializing in Vocational Astrology, Electional Astrology, Astro-location, Astro-marketing and Astrological Talismans.

She writes the monthly Sun Sign column for the website of American Federation of Astrologers.
She has written articles for the Today’s Astrologer Publication.
She taught Astrology from 2016 to 2017 at Miami FDC.

Her approach to the natal chart is psychological and humanistic, and her analysis are exclusively person centered.
She also practices Palmistry and Dream Interpretation.

Ruzzene, Barbara
Delray Beach FL

I have been an astrologer for at least 40 years. I have had on-going classes from Beginners to Advanced throughout the years. I wrote a Basic Astrology workbook, and have plans on reprinting it with some new and exciting astrological information. I have lectured in many venues on very topics aspects, houses, basics, saturn returns, pluto through the houses, synastry, etc. I now teach class twice a week, and give an occasional lecture in the community. I of course, do chart interpretations by appointment.