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Taft, Laura
Dartmouth, MA 02747


laura taft astrologerHi! My name is Laura Taft, I found astrology at 13 and it confirmed to me that there was more than meets the eye in this life,and I wanted to know more. Astrology had hit a cord. My progressed Capricorn Sun evolved into eccentric Aquarius as a teenager, it seemed right on time. I needed to explore new ideas
and Astrology validated things about myself and my vision of who I was. This was so valuable to me.

My first astrology book was the “Practical Astrologer” by Nick Campion, it seemed to come out of no where and it taught me the basics and urged me to continue studying. Astrology was a big influence on me.

I started attending astrological retreats at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY. 2014-2018 Pluto transited over my Sun, a once in a lifetime transit that seeks to restructure your life, ready or not. Changes inevitably came, when the dust settled in my life, it enabled me to work and build towards what I was passionate about. During that transformation, I enrolled in an apprenticeship with Evolutionary Astrologer Steven Forrest, I flew to California and met other astrologers and studied with Steven from 2014 until 2017. I was very grateful to have had that opportunity. I am registered on his website as a trained Level 1 Astrologe.

I am actively studying and connecting with mentors & students alike, as well as doing astrological readings in person at my studio and online. Astrology has been a lifelong passion and language with which I’ve looked at my world through ,Im thrilled to have come to the right time and space in my life to share it . It is interesting to look back at the cycles of our lives and piece together how our journeys unfolded and how they continue to unravel our destiny. I hope you enjoy my content and please connect with me if you are looking for a deeper dive into your path.

Tamplin, Ed
Riverwood NSW
(02) 9534 1081

ed_tamplin_nswEd Tamplin is a consultant, writer and researcher specializing in mundane astrology. He is a regular lecturer on the Australian circuit & co-hosts Sydney’s top rating Saturday talkback show on Sydney radio 2GB-AM every Saturday night – with live readings.

He teaches at the Sirius School of Astrology & has served as past VP of AANSW & VP/President of SARS

Specialities: Consultant astrologer specializing in ‘whole life’ experience, research, writing and education. Sirius School of Astrology offers classes to professional level.


Tatavarthy, Bhawaan
Hyderabad, India


I Am Dr.Bhawaan Tatavarthy from HYDERABAD, INDIA. I did my B.Sc.,M.A,jyotisham, Ph.D. I am Practicing Vedic Astrology from last ten years. Interested to participate in INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES from India.

Interamerician University of Humanistic studies (U.S.A).

Two years studied M.A Astrology by Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University passed in higher second class.

Two years studied Astrology in K.P.System at Universal Research Institute of Astro-ocult SciAwarded Honorary Doctorate of philosophy in Astrology by ences universal Astrological College.

Graduate in Sciences.

Diploma in Marketing and Management.


Taylor, Barbara
Roanoke, VA
(540) 772-7379

Barbara Taylor_2Barbara Taylor is a Professional Astrologer certified by the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR). She is also an ordained minister in the Church of Religious Science and is a Registered Nurse, specializing in holistic nursing. She is currently completing the requirements for a degree in transpersonal psychology. A serious student of astrology for more than twenty-five years, she specializes in the use of asteroids to provide detail and depth to the information given by the traditional planets, signs, and houses, using 100 asteroids plus personal name asteroids in her clients’ charts. Client services include Natal (birth chart) consultations, Current Timeframe (Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions), Solar and Lunar Returns, Locality
and Relocation. Gift certificates are available.
She currently teaches introductory, intermediate, and advanced classes in Roanoke, VA, and presents workshops and seminars on astrological and spiritual topics nationally. Current topics include: Cosmology of Change: 2012 and the Mayan Calendar; All Signs Point to Health; All Signs Point to Romance; Focus on the Future: 2008—2015; Karma and Consequences; Astrology and Christianity: in Conflict or in Communion?

Classes: Introductory Astrology: The Philosophy of Astrology is a ten week course that covers the basics of astrological learning: signs, planets, houses and aspects, including the topics covered in the NCGR study guide. Additionally, a bit of history, mythology, philosophy, and psychology are introduced to present a broad perspective to the art/science of astrology.
The big-four asteroids (Ceres, Juno, Pallas, Vesta) are included, along with Chiron and the new Dwarf Planets.

Taylor, Maxine
Marietta, GA

Maxine Taylor simultaneously made history and advanced the field of astrology with her many pioneering achievements, one of which includes becoming the state of Georgia’s first licensed astrologer. She is a published author, has made numerous appearances on radio and television, and has been featured in a variety of national publications, including THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.

Today, as an ordained minister and spiritual consultant, Maxine helps people from across the globe to recognize and release the blockages to their own success. As a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Maxine is able to assist clients with healing on all levels: mind, body and spirit.

Teixeira, Mónica Mendonça Lopes
D.F.Astrol. S. (Diploma 2016)
+351 (91) 616 34 63

Mónica Mendonça Lopes Teixeira,Character Analysis; Personal Relationships; Business; Vocational; Forecasting; Children’s Charts; Electional; Ongoing Work.

My passionate journey through astrology started in 1996 but it was only in 2007 that I began my studies in FAS, obtaining my Faculty Diploma in 2015.
Astrology helped in my personnel and spiritual development, deeply changing my life approach. It showed me how meaningful our lives can be when we manifest ourselves without fear but instead with trust and awareness about who we are. It is from this perspective that I like to work with my Clients. I look for the creative potential and how it can be manifested during the course of life. It is rich and pleasurable team work: I use my astrological knowledge and combine it with the client’s questions and life situations.
I also have a degree in Informatics and some certifications in the Quality Management area. My degree in Informatics helps me on know how to explore the best features of the Astrological software and combine many astrological techniques. My experience in the quality management area taught me how important it is to offer properly planned astrological services and that are continually reviewed and improved.

Telesco, Stephanie
Boise, Idaho
208 867-7277

portraits 002 compressedStephanie Telesco, BA, MS is a consulting astrologer living in Boise, Idaho. She believes her role is that of a guide, acting as a translator between the symbolic language of the astrological chart and the client. Her joy is in promoting her client’s understanding of the challenges and blessings of life, reflected in the astrological chart, working with them to improve their options and perspectives on their lives. She has had many years using astrology in a variety of business settings, both as a way to improve interpersonal

relationships as well as a way to plan strategic business decisions.

Thhakur, Dr. Palash PHD
Dubai, UAE
+91 95714 50711

A detailed look into your birth chart, planetary position, doshas and current outlook to identify problem areas and possible solutions.

Your full name, DOB, Time and Place of Birth is required for accurate birth chart development and analysis.

Membership: International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, UK

Thill, Liz
Portland, Or

LizChair4Liz has been studying astrology since 1995 and she started reading charts professionally in 2005. She believes that we each influence our own personal development and destiny. She has found astrology to be an effective tool to help one live one’s life to its fullest potential.
Liz wants to help you find what inspires and enlightens you and help you transform your life. If you want to move forward and make the most of your life using your unique talents then Liz is the astrologer for you. Liz is a member of the OAA and lives in Portland, Oregon.



Thomas, Christine
Wollongong, NSW
(02) 4256 5953
0410 565 954

christine_thomas_christina_stargazer_nswChristine Thomas (Christina Stargazer) Christine Thomas is a consultant, researcher, and writer who practices Astrology and Numerology in the Illawarra, South Coast and Southern Highlands. Christine teaches Astrology to the FAA Syllabus to a professional level or introduces you to Astrology via short courses.
Christine offers private consultations, facilitates experiential & circle work and presents to a variety of community and social groups. Christine currently co-ordinates the South Coast Astrologers Group – all enquiries welcome. Christine currently sits on the National Council of the FAA and serves on the AFAN Steering Committee which is the international Association for Astrological Networking.

Specialities: Horary Astrology has allowed Christine to assist clients to find lost or misplaced items. Christine’s astrological writings have also been published.

Thomas, Faith
Brugge, Belgium

P1060479My name is Faith and I’m a self-taught astrologer in the evolutionary tradition. I have a particular interest in the soul growth potential of relationships, outer planet transits and the mysterious and sometimes painful ways of Pluto. Since beginning my study of astrology in 1996 I’ve come to realize what a powerful tool it is for personal growth. It inspires us to work through our life lessons and find peace and well-being. I’d like to help others access this tool and the focus of my practice is to empower you to learn and apply the language of astrology.
Before taking up astrology as a full-time practice I worked for many years in community development, education for sustainability and youth mentoring. My formal studies include a Masters in Education (Social Ecology), majoring in collaborative learning. Although born in Australia I currently live in Belgium with my Flemish husband.

I believe astrology gives us insight into the slowly unfolding evolution of our consciousness. When we are in the midst of this process it’s difficult to see beyond our individual struggles and drama. Astrology helps us see the bigger picture. As such it has much in common with a map, but being four dimensional it’s also very much like a clock! With it we can see where we are in this great unfolding, and how our struggles are a part of something greater than ourselves.
Astrology is also like a fractal in that no matter what scale you look at it, both macrocosm and microcosm have the same patterns. When we look at the macrocosm, the planets, we can gain insight into the microcosm, our individual patterns of character and behaviour. These behaviours and tendencies may be holding us back from true freedom in our lives; astrology can show us what needs to be released for us to move forward, as well as helping us move through unhealthy relationship dynamics.

I love hearing from other students of astrology so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you feel drawn to. My birth chart is here for those who are curious 🙂

Thomas, Robert Mystery
Cucamonga CA
P O Box 8303, Rancho Cucamonga Ca, 91701

unnamedCertified Professional Astrologer Robert Mystery Thomas.
Member of American Federation of Astrologers, the International Society for Astrological Research and the national council for Geo-Cosmic Research. Inspired by Sylvia Sherman the Uranian Astrologer from West Orange New Jersey. After years of research I studied under the direction of Dr. Walter Colmen in New York learning the different divisions of Astrology such as ,Natal Astrology, Horary Astrology, Electional Astrology, Medical Astrology, Mundane Astrology, Financial Astrology, Political Astrology, Geophysical Astrology, Predictive Astrology.
I received a Scholarship as a Professional Astrologer on July 29, 1973 at 8:00 PM in Manhattan New York. I relocated to Los Angeles and established a part time Astrology practice counseling businesses and individuals in all walks of life. In addition to reading for my private clients I was also writing a regular column for the University campus in Southern California. I am currently writing a book on the faithful witness in Psalm 89 v 37.

For more insight on my Astrology Practice and to have your chart done
visit my web site at

Thorp, Barb
South Melbourne
0417 534 436

barb-thorp-aboutChildren’s Astrology Reports Barbara Thorp uses her astrological expertise to create her children’s astrology reports. She has extensive experience in her field, and is a member of some of the most respected astrology councils and committees in Australia.

Children’s Astrology Reports are Barbara’s passion in life is Astrology.

She has studied, taught, lectured and practiced astrology for more than 25 years and has qualifications in Humanistic, Traditional, Horary, Cosmobiology, Vedic (Hindu) and Chinese Astrology.She is a practising Consultant Astrologer with professional astrological qualifications (FAA Diploma). National Treasurer of the Federation of Australian Astrologers, Vice President of the Victorian Astrologers Association, a member of the A.P.A. Inc. (The Association of Professional Astrologers Inc.).

She has been a committee member of the Federation of Australian Astrologers for many years and has held the office of National Treasurer for the past 15 years. She believes that astrology can assist and guide parents in identifying their children’s strengths and weaknesses, give them insight into understanding their unique talents and encourage them to achieve their potential. Her beautifully presented Children’s Astrology Reports help make this possible.


Tinsley, Lucinda
Life Guiding Astrology
Southport Merseyside UK

internet_picture[1]Astrology is a subject that never ceases to amaze and fascinate me. I have been studying astrology for over 20 years now as it opened up my mind and my world. I trained and gained a diploma from the Huber method which combines astrology with psychology. I was drawn to this because it about the growth and development of the person. Astrology properly understood and translated well is so valuable to a person evolutionary progress, especially in this Age of Aquarius.

Life Guiding Astrology, with the aid of the Birth Chart, connects a person to their inner essence and plan. This helps a person to find their true purpose and direction. It also fosters understanding and brings new perspectives both of which aids self-development.

Tiwari, Dr. Anshumali
+91 9431587394


Presently, I am a panel astrologer in “GoAstrologer”, “AstroTalk”, “AstroMatchPrediction” and “AstroLive”,
“House of God”, “JyotirVid” and “AstroSwamiG”.

Expertise : Vaidik Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, Palmist, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing, Sports Prediction, Marriage, Health & Carrier Counsellor, Numerologist, Lal Kitab Expert.

Toth, Dadhichi
Mortdale, NSW, Australia
61 413 124 809
61 280 847 473


Dadhichi-ThotIn the 30 years that Dadhichi has been practicing face reading, astrology and other esoteric studies, he has conducted over 10,000 consultations.

His clients are not only limited to his local Australian market but include celebrities, political and diplomatic figures, media and corporate identities from all walks of life in countries as far and wide as England, India and the United States.

Furthermore, Dadhichi has been writing columns and stories for many of Australia’s leading magazines including Australian Women’s Weekly, New Idea, and NW and periodically appears as a guest on most of Australia’s leading television networks on which several of his political and worldwide forecasts have proved correct.

Toy, Kenneth
Hampton, NH
603 929-0303, email:

Kenny - 052Kenneth Toy (Swami Jayananda) is the founder of Institute for Personal Development, Inc. He is an independent scholar who earned the title of Swami in the Kriya Yoga lineage and is also a Certified Professional Astrologer. He has been living, practicing and teaching the mystical sciences for over 39 years. He worked for 20 years in the building trades while learning the mystical sciences. He is a Steamfitter of local 638 in NYC and a certified welder. He says “fusion of metal and fusion of consciousness are identical. Just as the atom imitates the solar system, the small and the simple explains the large and the complex.” He developed the Transformational Lifestyle Program on the subways of NYC where all of his senses were violated. He says, “During those years in NY, I figured out the mystery of life and applied the theory. I empowered myself to shape my inner state of being to fit the demands of my external environment. Self-control and self-mastery is the foundation of this program and Kriya Yoga.” As a Kriya Yoga Swami, he took a vow to truth and has the responsibility to develop his own system for attaining enlightenment– The Temple of Kriya Yoga is not responsible for the information that you get here. He is a firm believer in knowing and doing– walking the talk. Kenneth has deep appreciation to his teacher Goswami Kriyananda who said “find a need and fill that need”.


Trenoweth, Alex
London, England
Publisher, Apothecary Press (UK)
Skype: AstroAlex1984
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: Alex Trenoweth
Instagram: astrology.conference.ace


Alex Trenoweth, MA (CAA), DFAstrolS, CIA Agent 144 is an astrological researcher and professional schoolteacher in London UK. In 2015, she was awarded “Best International Astrologer of the Year” by the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology (KIA) for her ground-breaking and innovative research on Astrology and Education based on her book “Growing Pains” (The Wessex Astrologer). Since then she has spoken at astrology conferences around the world and has contributed to major magazines and publications such as Dell Horoscope, The Career Astrologer (OPA), The ISAR Journal, The Journal of Research for AFA (Grant Trust) and Kindred Spirit. She co-edits Constellation News which is featured on Astrodienst.

From 2016, Alex has worked tirelessly in her role as Secretary General and Vice Principal of KIA to bring Western and Vedic Astrologers together for the Institute of Vedic Culture Conference in Kolkata India in 2018 which aims to promote better understanding, scholarship and, most importantly, friendship between astrologers of different cultures. In 2018, KIA awarded her with an honourary PhD for her research on “Adolescent Behaviour and Lunar Phase” as well as an award for Outstanding Service to Astrology. In 2019, she delivered two keynote speeches to Canadian astrology conferences and in 2020, she will release three more astrology books and also has an extensive lecture schedule, including at the International Society for Astrological Research. Her website is:

Trivedi, Veno
Queensland, Australia

venoVedic Astrology Affordable accurate Vedic Astrology readings and Beginners Vedic Astrology Course
by Veno, author, consultant and teacher with 20 yrs experience. Veno has an International Clientele and is the Founder of Orion School & Foundation for Astrology with Prash Trivedi.



Thhakur, Dr. Palash PHD

Dubai, UAE
+91 95714 50711

A detailed look into your birth chart, planetary position, doshas and current outlook to identify problem areas and possible solutions.Your full name, DOB, Time and Place of Birth is required for accurate birth chart development and analysis.

Membership: International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, UK

Tronsdal,  Rosie
Partille, Sweden

Rosie TronsdalMy working place is Partille, Sweden. My astrological journey started in 2011 and being born in India, it spiced my curiosity for the science of Astrology.

My education is through The Faculty of Astrology in England. I do general natal charts readings, forecasting blended with the natal chart, relationship reading (synastry) and composite readings blended with the natal chart to discover the potentials from the chart.

I offer consultations on-line through Skype or Zoom.

Turner-Schott, Carmen
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Carmen Turner-Schott, MSW, LISW
Virginia, Nationally and Internationally
Founder of the Astrological Self-Awareness Center LLC
Carmen Turner-Schott is an internationally known intuitive astrologer; certified akashic records consultant, psychological and spiritual astrologer and board certified licensed clinical social worker with over 16 years experience, starting at the age of 19. She uses her spiritual gifts of clairvoyance to help others and uses astrology as a tool of self-awareness to help validate her client’s life experiences. She is a published author and has written two books, “A Deeper Look at the Sun Signs” and “A Practical Look at the Planets through the Houses”. She hosts a radio show on BBS Radio called, “Astrology Awareness” on Sundays at 2 PM EST.
She is well known for her research and insight into the eighth and twelfth astrological houses. She has published a variety of articles online and teaches astrology classes for the Edgar Cayce Foundation, A.R.E. Her goal is to educate others about the accuracy of astrology and help others apply it in their lives in a practical way.


Tyl, Noel
Fountain Hills, AZ
(480) 816-0000

noeltyl4Noel Tyl, is one of the foremost astrologers in the world. He is the author of twenty-nine textbooks on astrology that have led the teaching of students for two generations. Tyl has written the professional manual for the field, the 1000 page text, “Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology” which also serves as the main text for his internationally acclaimed Master’s Degree Certification Course in Astrology, (check into his website or see “Classes” on this site) which is considered one of the finest courses available in astrology today. “Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology” and his “The Creative Astrologer” have securely placed astrology in pace with the most sophisticated disciplines of humanistic studies extant today. Noel’s book, “Astrological Timing of Critical Illness” has established a breakthrough position between astrology and medical diagnosis and is a must read for students and professional astrologers alike. His “Astrology of Intimacy, Sexuality & Relationship” and “Solar Arcs-Astrology’s Most Successful Predictive System” are his most recent publications. Noel Tyl is a graduate of Harvard University in Social Relations (Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology). He lectures constantly throughout 16 countries (check his website for his very busy schedule) and maintains a client list of individuals and corporations throughout the world. In May, 1998, Tyl was honored at the United Astrology Congress, the world convention for astrology, as the recipient of the prestigious Regulus Award for establishing and maintaining professional image in the field. Noel was a co-founder for the Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN) and has just retired from the position of Presiding Officer, having served for eleven years. Noel’s home and office are in Fountain Hills, Arizona where he maintains a busy personal practice and his Master’s Certification Correspondence Course between speaking engagements. He may be reached at the phone number above or through his email directly from this site. Please check his website for details on consultations and course information.