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Vacek, Radko
Toledo, Ohio

me5-19My name is Radko “Merlyn” Vacek. I was born in Brazil on November 18, 55, 11:50 pm Rio time. With Pluto in my first house and my sun in Scorpio, highlighted close to the nadir, I have a lot of Scorpio in me. I continue to live every minute as if it were the last, which, as a typical Scorpio, always has meant feeling my way through life, and pondering those things that elicit the strongest of feelings, including death, without repressing them. This is what much of psychology is about, a very Scorpio subject, so I majored in psychology, earning a B.A. in general psychology, and an M.A. in psychology with an emphasis on counseling. I have used my broad educational background in my writing and astrological counseling. I live in the area of Toledo, Ohio, USA. I was a contributing writer for a full year to I have had five articles published on, with two pending, as of June 1, 2014. My astrological article there, The Language of the Stars, has had about 68200 views RSS. One of my pending articles also is on astrology. My specialty is relationship compatibility.

I may be contacted in any of these ways: my email,, and through the websites, and, or by the business phone, “Once in a Blue Moon” @ 419-810-1478.

Valente, Lorraine MS (Psy), RMT, ACH
Manalapan, NJ
(732) 598-2720

downloadLorraine Valente is a Counseling Astrologer. She has been studying metaphysics and healing since her early teens, and has practiced Astrology and Tarot reading professionally for the past 14 years. She specializes in natal chart analysis, relationship/compatibility, transits, progressions, and solar returns. She especially enjoys working with individuals and families to enhance relationships and aid personal growth. Comfortable with her psychic/intuitive abilities, they are often incorporated in her practice. As a freelance writer, her articles have been published in astrology and spiritual magazines. She has also spoken at various spiritual and astrology conferences and is often hired for corporate and private events.

Lorraine’s background is diverse. Her eclectic skill set serves to enhance astrology consultations. She is a former Corporate Human Resources Manager and staffing business owner who obtained two Human Resources certifications. She received her Bachelors in Psychology (B.A.) with honors, with a concentration in Abnormal, Deviant, and Violent Psychology, with a second focus on Substance Abuse and Addiction. She then obtained a Master’s of Science in Psychology (M.S.) with a concentration in Health and wants to complete a doctorate in Forensic Psychology.

Lorraine is also an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist (ACH), Alcohol and Substance Abuse Intern (CADC), and a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT). In addition to offering Astrology consultations around the World via Phone, Skype, E-mail and digital recordings, she also offers Handwriting Analysis, Numerology, and Tarot readings and classes, Health Assessments, Hypnosis and Regression Therapy. Payment is accepted via PayPal. Gift Certificates are available and may be applied to any service.


Valentino, Lou
New London, CT

tn_480_30868af19fc0f7e78e0df6cc4531a941.JPGLou has been a practicing astrologer for over 15 years. Combining astrology with his 20 years of meditation practice, Lou will select a mantra from your birth chart to be taught to you by cassette tape and telephone consultation. Lou specializes in the clients life’s lesson, vocational abilities, timing of events for the next five to ten years, past life information, best times for partnership or marriage, comparability of signs and gemstone and mantra recommendations from the Vedic chart. For more information on his unique approach combining Vedic and Western astrology, email him directly from this site or call him at the number above.


Van Horn, Linea
San Francisco CA, San Mateo CA

Linea-AboutLinea Van Horn Linea Van Horn, Astrologer at Large, is a Certified Astrologer through NCGR-PAA. She has been a professional, full time astrologer since 1998. She is founder and Vice President of the thriving San Francisco Astrological Society, and has served on NCGR boards both locally and nationally. Her articles have appeared online as well as in professional journals including The Mountain Astrologer. She is a popular teacher and presenter. She was employed in the astrology internet business from 1998 – 2009. Linea currently devotes herself to seeing clients and students, teaching, writing, organizing, networking and promoting astrology in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Van Toen, Donna
Toronto, ON. Canada

Donna Van Toen has 28 years of professional astrological experience, including consulting, teaching, and lecturing. She has taught all levels of astrology from beginners to advanced and has lectured extensively in Canada, the US, Australia, and New Zealand. She has NCGR LEVEL IV certification. She is the author of two books and currently a book reviewer for NCGR memberletter. Her specialties include relationship astrology, Moon’s Nodes, life purpose issues, and asteroids. Donna may be reached at the email address listed above. She is based in Toronto Canada and is available for in-person or telephone consultations, classes, tutoring in person or by email, lectures, or workshops.

Van Zyl, Dion
Natal, South Africa
082 745 3078
+27 82 745 3078 – cell

downloadWHEN 33-year-old Dion van Zyl walks outside on his Alverstone farm at night, it’s the skies his eyes are drawn to. Dion’s eyes can spot planets amid constellations that, tracking their course though the years – they are his inspiration and stir in him the deep passion for Astrology. Born into the family Engineering firm, Dion says he was obviously the odd one out.

“I was very sensitive as a youth and always knew I was different.”

Today, a sought-after Astrologer in his own right, Dion is able to look back on those tough early years with a certain amount of pride.

His dedication, commitment and passion for his craft has served him well and he has a solid base of clients for whom he consults.

His eyes light up and he becomes animated as he explains the finer details of his art.

“Astrology Fascinates me every day,… The movements of the planets affect our collective lives in every way, and if you are aware of those movements, you are able to understand yourself and the times so much more,” he says. Dion explains how, when planets are in certain positions they can influence
behaviours and moods etc.

“You might think that you just get cranky at certain times of the month, but in fact, looking deeper, you’d probably find that the position of certain planets on those days are what is affecting you.”
“From the time of a phone call, we can tell what the person on the other side was thinking,.. Whether the topic of the call or meeting will actually amount to anything,..”

That his predictions and observations are uncannily accurate is confirmed by those who seek his counsel on a variety of matters.

“I consult with business people, some here in Hillcrest, Durban thru Johannesburg, who have come to me to establish the best possible time to open new businesses. I’ve advised regarding investments and partnerships.

I’ve consulted with couples on the best possible day to get married and have even advised people on the best time to buy a vehicle. In fact, I could probably tell you the type and colour of vehicle you’re most likely to buy, and who goes with you as you make the purchase,..” he said, smiling at my amazement!

Back on earth, Dion says he lives a simple life and shies away from all the trappings of modern society, having left Television and Radio behind over 10yrs ago,.. The Internet is his only source of outside information at present,. “I think I’m Addicted,.” He jokes,..

“We live very simply on a farm in Alverstone with my girlfriend and my six-year-old Son. It’s an Alternative lifestyle,” he says smiling.

“Westernism, like Hillcrests new Traffic lights, are merely an experiment,.

No-one said it would work, not so!? So why Flock to it!? Be Yourself, Enjoy Yourself”,..

“Astrology is so vast a subject, used by ancient civilisations, it is still a very useful tool that we can use to understand ourselves more and discover our true potentials,… I mean, Would you make any purchase without knowing it’s model/specs!?” he taunts me,…


Varma, Pandith
London, UK

Indian Astrologer UK – Indian Famous Astrologer Pandith Varma began his spiritual healer at a tender age of 9. Further, Pandith Varma’s real panache for astrology and Vedic learning came from his father, a well-known name in London, Wembley, and in India, in the state of Kerala, he is thought about as the Great Grand Daddy. Utilizing his remarkable intuitive capacities and the knowledge of Vedic astrology, Pandith Varma has actually developed an all natural method to make impressive forecasts.

Acclaimed as one the best and famous Indian astrologer in UK and India, Pandith Varma originality lies in his comprehensive know-how, ingenious ideas, and dynamic ideas. With over 14 years of encounter in astrology, he desires to reach out to individuals and assist them recognize the vibrant link in between life and astrology.

Numerous peoples have actually come to recognize the projections of Pandith Varma. Utilizing his amazing instinctive abilities and the understanding of Vedic astrology, Pandith Varma has developed a holistic method to make astonishing forecasts. Hundreds of people have profited from the irreversible remedies supplied by Pandith Varma.


Vasilchuk, Olga
Old Montreal Business Center
Montreal Quebec
+1 438 939 01 24
Skype AstroEsotericPro

olga10Olga Vasilchuk

My primary profession is translator and teacher of foreign languages. I graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University (Belarus) and from the University of Geneva (Switzerland) with the Master of Arts in General Linguistics.

I have been interested in esoteric sciences since I was very young, when the need for my personal spiritual quest became evident. Inevitably, I found it absolutely necessary to determine the causes of events in my life and to find solutions to my own problems. This should be done first before you start helping others. My interest in astrology emerged from my life experiences. I taught myself astrology by reading many books and studying other materials independently.
At the moment I’m studying the science of astrology in one of the most prestigious Avestan astrological schools in Russia, working towards completing a diploma as an astrologer. I use the professional astrology software Zet and VegaSviri. I specialize in astrophsychology, karmic astrology, relational synastry, forecasts, astrocartography.
I am also a tarologist with many years of experience; I read Rider Waite Tarot as well as Petit Lenormand cards.
I work freely in three languages: English, French and Russian in my office in the Old Montreal and by Skype.

Vega, Susan
Miami Lakes, Fl
(305) 556-4769

SusanVega1_150Susan Vega is an executive board member of the South Florida Astrological Association.
She has been involved in the study of astrology, tarot and other spiritual endeavors since the 1970s, but embarked on an intense study of astrology 1990. Studying with an array
of astrological teachers and spiritual masters, she has spent many years working to sharpen her interpretation skills and broaden her knowledge of this ancient and sacred language. Highly regarded in the field of astrology, Susan was selected by Cosmopolitan Magazine, a Hearst publication to give astrological readings for a Ralph Lauren event in 2002 and a Liz Claiborne event in 2003. She was the chosen astrologer for an event sponsored by Teen People Magazine 2003. Susan was also contracted by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line as a guest lecturer in 2003.

Verma, Pankaj
+91 – 9810175766

Pankaj-VermaDr. Pankaj Verma is a renowned astrologer, also known as “REMEDY KING” with over 21 years of professional experience. He is known for his accurate and precise predictions, specializing in reading horoscopes, providing remedial measures on various issues of life, kundli milaan etc.. He is a TV Celebrity as well, who has featured in the main slots for LIVE TV Shows & Predictions on National TV Channels like Saadhna, Pragya & Home Shop 18. He has also endorsed some jewellery & zodiac gemstone brands on Home Shop 18 Channel. He is into professional consultancy of Vedic Vastu since last sixteen years with expertise in identification of vital points of Vaastu Purush in any Plot/ Land/ Building, in Map designing and Architectural Designing with Vaastu norms. He has also contributed many articles on Vaastu and Astrology published in various leading Astro Magazines. Recently, he has also been honored with an AWARD of PROFESSIONAL EXCELLANCE in Astrology & Vastu in November 2015 & Best Astrologer Award in March 2016.
He started practicing astrology in 1994. He has also been researching in Astro Numerology, Applied Vastu and Karmkand from past 11 years. He has earned Mastery in Gems-Rudraksha-Colour Therapy and Spritual Healing, Phalit Jyotish & Vedic Vastu. His way of providing remedies to client’s problems is through Aura & Face Analysis, which is an integral part of his standard practice. This proves very helpful in extreme cases, where immediate and effective solutions are needed. His focus always remains on common issues like health, wealth, family, harmony and overall happiness, marriage life, progeny, career, education etc. He has expertise in Occult Sciences as well, especially in Vedic Vaastu Shastra along with his regular astro studies. He has completed his Jyotish courses from many well known institutes like Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), All India Federation of Astrologers Societies (AIFAS), Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan (BVB) etc


He is famous for having intuitive powers and providing accurate predictions pertaining to your career, financial matters, personal relationships, children, property, business, health, investments etc. His consultations provide extremely accurate & significant insights into different aspects of life, which proved to be of immense help to those who are distressed and depressed. His dedication, efforts and credence has improved the lives of many people worldwide as he believes in giving simple yet effective remedies to his clients by applying his vedic astro experience to resolve various issues of life. This has taken him to a level where people from all walks of life visit him personally and get his precious advice on their family, financial, health and business issues.


His expertise in Predictive & Remedial Astrology, to-the-point analysis of various facts in the field of Education, Litigation, Property, Assets / Vehicle Purchase, Health, Travel, Career and Finances, Relationship Issues, Love, Marriage, Money, Personal Growth, Emotional Trauma, Spiritual Growth, Life Predictions, Romance, Divorce, Children, Longevity, Travel, Annual Predictions, Kundli match making etc. It gives an in-depth sight into the present and future along with accurate remedies. Analyzing the birth chart with a holistic view ensures accurate predictions in simple and easy way& provides solutions that are helpful.
As a holistic and spiritual healer, his readings encompasses all important issues, wherein, he use tarot, astrology, astro-numerology and energy balancing as tools for holistic and spiritual healing. His readings will make you aware of energy patterns surrounding an issue by giving you a clear idea about the past and present influences at home and work. They make one aware of all the available options to choose from and also indicate the future directions of a present situation. This will let one alter his/her lifestyle and thinking patterns to manage his/her future.


Known for his intuitive powers, spiritual connect and healing methods, he is rightly known as the Remedy King in the field of astrology with his precise and result oriented astro remedies and solutions. He has also done various siddhis and gained various powers necessary enough for providing the right predictions, remedies and fruitful suggestions at the time of consultations. He also meditates extensively to increases his spiritual and occult powers for the benefit of mankind. He also feels some divine powers from within, which compels him to serve mankind through this holy medium of astrology and spiritualism and hence, enlightening the path of life. As an Entrepreneur, he is trading and exporting rare gems, rudraksha & astro-religious spiritual products worldwide from last 21 years under the brand RUDRAVEDA. Its an e-commerce portal, having in-house procurement and dispersal department. Rudraveda is known for its authentic and certified quality products, with most competitive pricing and prompt services. They have worldwide deliveries with 24-72 hours max response time and highest trust factor in the industry. And last but not the least, from last few years, Rudraveda has emerged as the largest spiritual ecommerce portal in the world, providing combine products and services related to Astrology, Vastu, Gems, Jewelry, Rudraksha, Puja Items & Astro Numerology.

Verma, Pawan Kumar (B.A.,D.P.I.,LL.B.)
Punjab, India

Hello Friends!
I am Pawan Kumar Verma (B.A.,D.P.I.,LL.B.) Research Astrologer, Gold Medalist, LAL KITAB ( ( ( Redbook ) expert, Vastu shastra expert, Lucky stone expert, Jyotish Vachaspati, Jyotish KP Horaratna, Jyotish Visharath, Jyotish Ratan, Jyotish Shree, Jyotish Alankar, Horoscopes & Kundli vastu expert.

I have been learning Lal Kitab Astrology & K.P.Astrology. ( Research in Lal Kitab Astrology &Vastu & Lal Kitab Remedies , Kundli Vastu Since 1998. ) Lal Kitab is an occult book of Astrology written in Urdu with the grace of supernatural power. Lal kitab was written by Pt. Rup Chand Joshi ji. (Lal Kitab is not just a single book as common people think it to be. There are five books written by Pt. Roopchand Joshi ji. which are collectively known as “Lal Kitab”. These books came into existence during 1939 ,1940,1941,1942 and 1952.). With the deep urge to study the secretes the divine science of astrology. I developed clear understanding of the divine science. The astrological wisdom propelled me to serve the people to the best of my ability. Now, people come to me from all around the globe and I help them to get out of their worries day to day problems occurring in life. Its remedial measures are unique. Its very simple remedies are given to solve certain day to day problems occurring in life.

You may contact me on my mobile no. +919417311379 for a paid consultation.

email :- or call +919417311379


Vlietinck, Erik
Penryn, Great-Britain

Erik-vlietinckA lawyer by education and a long-time online publisher, Erik Vlietinck has been interested in astrology since he was a graduate student. Already in 1986 he was the in-house astrologer for a number of European magazines. He also wrote an astrology column. Erik specialises in predictive and horary astrology, using both traditional astrology and big data analysis to forecast events and trends. He has clients all over the world and writes his reports in both English and Dutch.