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Walke, Rajpal
New Rajendra Nagar
New Delhi, India

195785_211921318856193_5685684_qRajpal Walke is an astrologer based in New Delhi. He has been consultant with other portals also. He has been giving his knowledge on Vedic Astrology to many people for the past 10 yrs. He is a man with an attitude of Simple living and High thinking. He is an expert in various aspects of Astrology like Confident with Prashari system of astrology, Reiki, Palmistry, Face reading, Tarot card reader and Hypnosis.

He has learned the basics of Astrology from his Guru, Bhartiya Vidhy Bhawan, New Delhi, Sanskrit Vidhyapith, New Delhi and Astro Science Research Organization (ASRO), a premier organization of India for imparting education in Astrology

With God grace and blessing of his Guru, he is known for her much accurate predictions and timings of events for well known people in different walks of life. He has a firm believe that though astrology one can be guarded against the odds of life. Utter devotion, Prayers and Remedies can do Miracles in One’s life.

He has so far published 12 papers on astrology, all on predictive astrology and general astrology. With this he is also involved in further research and writings in field of astrology. He serves people all across the globe. His followers believe that he is blessed extraordinarily by the Almighty. Presently he is also involved with astro -research in various deeper matters
of life.

Being very quick in replying to queries. He is very popular in India at national and international level. He modestly attributes his success as an astrologer to the blessings of his Guru

He believes that if a prediction comes true there is nothing to feel proud about because this is the minimum thing that a person expects from an astrologer. He feels that Astrology should be used as a self development tool to achieve the inner talent every human being possesses. Astrology can be used for self development and choosing different aspect of life’s. He is doing research work based on self study and experience gained from day to day predictions specially on character analysis and in choosing a career. His tendency in helping people has made him devote his energies mainly towards astrological consultations.

His style of remedial measure is unique and simple. He is influenced by Dr. Gola renowned astrologer for DAN DWARA ROGOKA NIDAN. He suggests to donate from whatever we use in our day to day life for survival among the poor and weaker section of society. He feels that donation is the best way to reduce our problem. He suggests other remedies also.

Presently he is doing research on how to decide either kundli is of male of female.


Walker, Bill
Ashland, OR

dadnkidsBill has been a teacher, researcher and counselor in the field of Astrology since 1997. Usinghis background in Jungian psychology, Bill creates a holistic experience of dream exploration, regression into the emotions and experiences of the past, as well as the dynamics of relationships past and present in order to bring to you and awareness of how your unconscious mind affects your everyday reality. An empathic healer and Reiki practitioner, Bill brings a compassionate and loving approach to all of his clients. Bill promises that you will come to know and understand more deeply your purpose in this lifetime, the karma that dictates your cycles of experience, and real solutions towards building the life that you want!

Wan, Maxine
Hong Kong

Maxine Wan AstrologerMaxine’s astrological journey formally began in 2003 when she commenced her studies with the Faculty of Astrological Studies and successfully gained her diploma in 2014. The following year, she completed the practitioner’s level horary course with the School of Traditional Astrology.

In 2012, Maxine was invited by the Hong Kong Astrology Club to join their board committee, where she spent two years promoting astrology to the citizens in Hong Kong.

Maxine now manages her own practice as a professional astrologer in Hong Kong. She runs regular astrology classes and sees clients privately. Maxine uses traditional methods including the art of horary and electional astrology in her consultation work.
Besides astrology, Maxine is also a certified hypnotherapist, a family constellation therapist (one-to-one), Reiki master and an EFT practitioner.

Maxine is the only qualified professional astrologer in Asia, as recognized by the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI). She is also the first astrologer in Hong Kong to receive the diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies.

Ward, Sue
Benfleet, UK

SueSue Ward is a practitioner and teacher of the Art of Traditional Horary Astrology. For over twenty years, she has focused on the method and techniques of the great English astrologer William Lilly (1602-1681).

Sue began her astrological studies in the early 1980s under the late Kay Way. She also studied with the Faculty of Astrological Studies of Great Britain, and with the late Olivia Barclay. It was Olivia Barclay who played such an important role in the revival of the Traditional Art and was, until her death, widely recognised as the leading horary teacher of her time. In 1987, Sue gained
her Qualified Horary Practitioner’s diploma from Olivia’s school and for some time continued a close working relationship with Olivia.

For the last decade, Sue has been concentrating on teaching and research while maintaining her astrological practice with clients throughout the world. She has researched at Oxford University and in London, and consulted widely with leading experts in the field. Much of her research has led to new insights into the techniques and methods of William Lilly and provided a better understanding of horary practice.

Sue has published widely and lectures both in the United Kingdom and abroad. In 1993 she established the Traditional Horary Course which is primarily concerned with research and teaching, offering both foundation and diploma level courses to students. Sue is the Principal and prefers to work closely with students at all levels. This reflects her love of the Art and her appreciation that we must do all we can to pass on the full body of our knowledge to the next generation of astrologers.


Warnock, Christopher Esq.
Iowa City, IA

Christopher Warnock practices as an attorney and traditional astrologer in Iowa City IA specializing in Renaissance horary and electional astrology and the Renaissance astrological magic of Cornelius Agrippa and Marsilio Ficino. Traditional horary and electional astrology gives precise, accurate answers for such questions as “Should I end this relationship?”, Will I get the job?”, and When should I get married?”. Traditional astrological magical talismans harness the power of auspicious timing and the occult virtues of material things for such diverse purposes as love, money and wisdom. Visit Christophers’s web site for more information on this important branch of astrology or contact him at the email address above.

“Christopher Warnock also offers full courses in Horary, Natal and Electional astrology and mini-courses including planetary magic, lunar mansions, decans, geomancy, Green Magic and astrological rootwork. His full Astrological Magic course teaches the complete theory and practice of medieval and Renaissance astrological and talismanic magic.”

Waris, Mazhar
+92 345-538-93-55

mazhar wI am practicing Astrology on National Level. I also do prediction succuessfully. I do prediciton about mundane astrology. My first prediction was about the down fall of Priseident Perviaz Muzharraf and was published in the magzine Aiena Qismat Lahore, and also in the newspaper. You may read my prediction on face book which is already updated.

I am a Clinical Psychologist , Career Counsellor and Homeopathic Doctor and did 6 Months of work in Nishter Hospital Multan as a Clinical Psychologist.
I am the Author of One Book “Dengue is Curable” (visit my I am Collum Writer in Nawe-e-Waqat Newspaper Multan. I also make prediciton in Daily Ausaf Newspaper and Daily Khabrian,Daily Dunya Multan Edition. I developed Four Temprament Personality Tests. I also work on Mundane Astrology, Natal Astrology, Horary Astrology.



Waterfall, Tony
Vancouver BC Canada

TW March 2009 (1)

Tony is interested in astrology and the linking of multiple charts (progressed/relocated) (tropical/sidereal) (geocentric/heliocentric) using Exactitudes (the exact timing of angular interaction) and Apparent Motion (direct and retrograde motions).

2016 CPI Theory is published and available as a 325 page paperback and as an eBook at Amazon worldwide.

CPI Theory Part One was published in print in the NCGR 2014 Research Journal

CPI Theory Part Two is to be serialized in the NCGR Research Journal starting in 2015 and continuing through 2016 and 2017.

Tony Waterfall between 1995 and 2000 published three of his astrological theories:
A Theory of Apparent Motion
A Theory of Exactitudes
A Theory of the Vertex

Some past accomplishments include:
Director of Registration, Canadian Astrological Directory
Director of Registration, Waterfall Astrological Directory
Director of Registration, World Astrological Directory
Director British Columbia Astrological Society
British Columbia Coordinator Canadian Independent Astrologers Order

Received in 1974 the first business license ever given to an astrologer from the City of Vancouver, Canada, In the 1970’s he operated a six person Astrology Chart Business and worked with noted psychologist Eugene Bonny where using a system of progressed moon cycles obtained an 80% success rate in helping couples hold relationships together.

Starting with the Canadian Astrological Directory Tony Waterfall and Publisher/Astrologer Robin Armstrong produced The World Astrological Directory listing astrologers from 28 different countries. Tony has met and corresponded with 100’s of astrologers all over the world.

The Canadian Retrograde Research Program was started in 1980 by Tony who worked exclusively on Apparent Motion for 15 years until 1995 when he published A Theory of Apparent Motion.

In 1995, Tony was the host of an online program he called the “Astrology Hour” located in the Matrix Forum on MSN. Tony completed 320 continuous weeks of the “Astrology Hour”. He was joined by Astrologers Eveleen Jackson, Joan Kellogg and PJ. Garner as co-hosts and many other astrologers.

In 1997 along with astrologers P.J.Garner and Don Le Couteur Tony co-founded AstrologyNewAge an Astrology Forum with chat rooms and newsgroups where some of Tony’s articles were published.

Tony has published what is perhaps the most extensive collection of charts on the 1997-1999 series of school shootings. Eleven locations were charted and all progressed to the shooting moment using exact times and location.

Tony has published online an extensive collection of charts for the last three American Presidential Elections incorporating all candidates from primaries to Election Day. The 2000 American election is published.

Tony has been a member of Astronomy Forums and is a regular subscriber to NASA newsletters on matters astrophysical.

Tony’s link to the Amazon book link page.

Watson, Phillipa
Queens Park, Perth, W. Australia

I’ve been doing astrology properly with charts for about 10 years now, long enough to look at a chart and see a person, not a diagram. I’ve done many charts for various people, including twins and triplets. I have seen over and over again how accurate horoscope charts are, and how accurate they are in daily life, especially at the end of a day AFTER events have occurred and at the time I had been completely unaware of the chart in recent times, and seen that the writing was on the wall. So now I check very, very regularly to check where the planets are in relationship to my chart and take care when necessary. So, with 10 years, it’s safe to say, I’m experienced and accurate.

Personalized Chart Interpretations all done by hand using your date, time and place of birth to give a reading answering questions, analyze situations and enable you to got to know yourself better and patterns in your life. All readings are detailed, in depth, honest and accurate. They are done by hand so they are not merely a compilation of computerized interpretations. They take into account the whole chart. Check my website for details on services and fees.

Soon I’ll hopefully be going to university online to study ancient history and philosophy. I just have to wait for my children to be old enough to be less
dependent on me. For the record, I’m a Taurus with Scorpio rising.

Tony’s  author page link at Amazon:


Watters, Joanna
Lefkada, Greece
(00 30) 26450 92943
(00 30) 6976 296085 MOB

meet-joanna-150x150Joanna Watters was born and raised in the north of England but migrated south to Essex University in 1978, and graduated with a B.A. Honours in English and European Literature in 1981. Her original career plan, to teach junior school, went on hold as she returned to the north to nurse her mother through a terminal illness. This changed everything as she never did make it to teacher training college but moved to London in December 1984 to start afresh.
Having worked out her own Ascendant at the age of 7 Joanna finally sought out a place to study astrology seriously. She studied intensively with the The Company of Astrologers over the following six years, gained the Advanced certificate in Craft and Creativity of Astrology and became a tutor for the Company in 1990. Her studies, teaching and consulting work also triggered an interest in psychotherapy. She went into individual therapy with Jocelyn Chaplin, founder of The Serpent Institute, from 1987 – 1994 and teaches counseling skills to her astrological students as an essential part of the consultant’s craft.

Joanna represented the Company at a major convention in Moscow, in June 1994, and the following year finally decided to make a Sagittarian life long dream come true and move abroad. She headed for the Greek island of Lefkada and set up a new practice, combining astrology and Tarot for the English speaking tourists and local population. During the winters of 1995, 96 and 97 she lived in Cairo and found clients amongst the ex-pat community. She also started writing up her own material at this time, along with “ghost” writing for colleagues working in the national press.

In early 2000 Joanna submitted work to agents in the field of Mind, Body and Spirit and was accepted by the Susan Mears Literary Agency. Her first book Tarot for Today, was placed in 2002 with London publishers Carroll and Brown. This book also incorporates astrological analogies and was published on 27 June 2003. It was dedicated to her beloved twin sister Sue who moved out to join her in Greece in 2001. In December 2002 Joanna was commissioned by the same publishers to write the companion title, Astrology for Today. This book was completed by the end of the following April and was published in November 2003. Both books are based on her own client work and personal experience and are therefore highly anecdotal. They also illustrate how the astrologer or Tarot reader must also wear the therapist’s hat. In other words, this is “hands on” material rather than academia. The books have been translated into six other languages so far. Two new book synopses – one for astrology and one for the tarot – are currently with her agent.

Waygaonkar, Dr. Ramesh
Gwalior, India
+91 751 4001707
+91 94253 40046 m

Member of Board of Studies in Astrology, Jiwaji University, Gwalior.
Founder President of “Modern Astrological Research Society (MARS)”, Gwalior.
Life member of International Council of Astrology and Occult Sciences, Hyderabad.
Life member of Indian Astrological Association, New Delhi.5th International Seminar on Astrology, at Tirupati. Awarded “Certificate of Honour” 1991.
All India Astrologers’ Conference, New Delhi. Awarded “Jyotish Martand” by Indian High Commissioner of England, 1991
Asian Astrologers’ Meet, Chennai. Awarded “Nakshatra Murti” 1991.
Life member of Indian Astrological Studies, Chennai.
Life member of K P Stellar Research Institute, Chennai.
“PRACHI” a literary organisation
Red Cross Society of India, Gwalior.

Weale, Marcy Kay
Humanity Rising Astrology
White Mountains of AZ

0618122143Marcy uses the ancient system of sidereal astrology and maintains a private practice, Humanity Rising Astrology, in the White Mountains of Arizona. Marcy specializes in natal personality, synergy compatibility, current transits (life events), business charts, and career life path astrology. Keys to her unique approach are her analytical abilities to integrate the outer personality with the “soul” composite, based upon the soul being the driving force of our experiences and destiny. Marcy served on the Board of the Arizona Society of Astrologers for 8 years and has been a professional astrologer for 10 years. She is the author of Humanity Rising Astrology E-News , a free email news letter containing analysis of current events and people and ancient topics in astrology, as well as offers discount coupons on readings. She is a long time student of esoteric studies of the Rosicrucian (philosophy of enlightenment) and Martinist (Kabbalah) traditions. Esoteric studies provide detailed understanding of how the earth plane ( humankind and planet Earth), is harmonized with the planetary plane (filtered cosmic forces which influence the moment of birth and the projection of the life force). Consultations are provided to the client by emailed report or by phone. For a consultation or to begin receiving the Humanity Rising Astrology free E-News, please contact Marcy at the email address or phone number above.


Weaver, Vivian
Charlotte, NC

Vivian Carol has been a professional astrologer since 1975 with a specialty in psychological interpretation and future projections. She maintains a nationwide private practice based in Charlotte, NC. Non-local clients are scheduled for appointments by phone and tape recordings or MP3’s are available at client request.

Vivian is a Registered Nurse** with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. She manages a local and national* psychotherapy practice in addition to astrology, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in North Carolina.*** Vivian is also board certified as a hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is a member of the astrological association AFAN. She is certified as a Professional Astrologer by the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR)**** at the highest possible level in two areas: Astrological Counseling, and Astrological General Studies. For more information re: counseling with Vivian, see the counseling website

Werneke, Angela
Santa Fe, NM

Angela Stone 2013cropA student of astrology since 1975, Angela Werneke became a consulting astrologer around the time of the 1999 grand cross solar eclipse, with a focus on life purpose and evolutionary process. Her background in illustration and design serves as a foundation for her unique approach to the study and practice of astrology, wherein pattern and myth play a key role in identifying the soul’s reason for being here. Angela is illustrator of the MEDICINE CARDS, a divination tool with wide appeal that represents animals as teachers and healers. She is a member of the International Society for Astrological Research.


West, Susan
Blue Moon Astrology
Portland, OR
(800) 630-2288 (503) 242-1214

webPhotoSusan West of Blue Moon Astrology offers in-depth, intuitive, private astrological readings. Susan can explore your past lives and combines her astrological skills with her knowledge of the I-Ching. She has a Masters Degree in Human Relations and spent most of her earlier career (besides being a mom) as a Regional Sales Manager for a Washington, D.C. business lobby group. In 1985 she discovered she had advanced cancer (now fully recovered) and stepped off the fast track to redirect her life and find her true vocation. As a Virgo, she is a natural astrologer and lecturer. Susan holds a professional certification from ISAR and is a member of ISAR, OAA and AFAN. Check Susan’s web site for her current lecture schedule and personal appearances or use the phone number or email address above to contact her regarding an appointment for a personal consultation.


Williams, Curtis
San Luis Obispo, CA
Certification in Medical Astrology
Certified Shamanic Practitioner
Reiki Practitioner



Curtis Williams has lived on the Coast of Central California, between Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo CA., for the last 33 years. After a very difficult, and trying injury, an injury that brought Curtis’ attention to the metaphysical science of Astrology. Curtis has been a student of Astrology for over 30 years now, and a practicing Astrologer and Medical Astrologer for the past 28 years serving clients both locally and abroad. Curtis completed, and became certified as a Master Astrologer through Noel Tyl’s Master Astrologer Program, as well as completing and being certified Glen Perry’s Mentorship Program through his Astro/Psychology Academy, graduating them both in 2008. Also, a practicing Medical Astrologer Curtis has studied and completed Marcia Starck’s Medical Astrology Course and is currently a student with Ingrid Naiman’s Astrology of Healing Course. A Certified Reiki Master in Usui, Karuna, and Holy Fire Reiki Curtis has a broad and classical sense of Reiki Energy and how it is taught. Curtis is a full time Astrologer specializing in Humanistic and Medical Astrology, a well as Reiki Master. Curtis is certified in E3, or Emotional Energetic Evolution which is a different, and separate healing modality that he uses in combination with Reiki. An accomplished Tarologist Curtis specializes in the Marseille Tarot Deck as interpreted by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Please use the contact information above to make an appointment with Curtis, or to get more information on his services by visiting or calling 805-234-7615.



Williams, Gary
West Yarmouth, MA

Gary Williamson was born in Virginia Beach, VA, home of the famous trance channel Edgar Cayce. He began studying astrology in 1970 in Virginia Beach, and two years later undertook psychic development classes at the Edgar Cayce Foundation. In 1973 he began work as a professional astrologer and moved to Boston where he studied under Isabel Hickey, author of ‘Astrology, A Cosmic Science’. This led to further studies in tarot and psychic development at the College of Psychic Studies in London and The Learning Light Center in California.

In his readings, Gary blends astrology with his own clairvoyance to bring out the true life path of the client, thus revealing all of the many possibilities for the future ahead and enabling the client to make positive choices and to be empowered.

Gary works in an altered state of consciousness and uses the astrological chart as a guidance tool to focus on the client’s life path. He has a deep understanding of relationships and is particularly skilled in the art of evaluating two people involved in a romantic relationship, and predicting their future outcome. If a client wishes a relationship oriented reading Gary will take a look at both charts and foresee all the possible future interaction between those two people.

Williams, Aureal
Cincinnati, OH
P.O. Box 8144, Cincinnati, Oh
513 706.7332

Aureal Williams’s work with astrology focuses on natural cycles, particularly the Personal Lunar Cycle which representsa pattern of energy that is based on the phase of the Moon in which one is born. A Personal Lunar Cycle definesa personality imprint as it relates to one of the phases of human growth and development, from infancy to old age. The Personal Lunar Cycle also offers a reliable guide to high and low energy flow as it occurs each lunar month.

Windsor, Anne
Salt Lake City, UT.
P.O.Box 65625 Salt Lake City, UT. 84165

Anne Windsor’s clear, concise interpretation, in plain English, provide the specifics, as well as the timing you need to make informed choices. Whether you are considering your career path, relationships, personal purpose, or just where to go on vacation, a session with Anne will help you find “True North.” Anne Windsor has practiced professionally in Utah since 1993 and has clients throughout the United States and around the globe. She has been awarded Professional Accreditation (PMAFA) by the American Federation of Astrologers. She teaches throughout Utah and has lectured at AFA national conventions since 1996. She serves as a proctor for AFA certification in her Utah office and has developed a course of study to prepare students for national certification. She is the creator of “Astro*Flash*Cards(tm)” a valuable learning aid for astrology students. She also produced the “Building a Professional Astrology Practice” audio seminar which outlines successful business strategies for new and practicing astrologers. Her book, “Mapping Your Soul’s Purpose” (Llewellyn, 2006) has been well reviewed and is fast becoming a staple in the metaphysical community. For more information please visit today or call 888.876.2482. Visa/MC.

Winter, Edgar
Sunshine Coast QLD,  Australia
07) 5442 3302
Mob. 0409 WINTER

Edgar-WinterEdgar John Winter is a successful and highly respected clairvoyant astrologer in Australia, recognized for his accurate insights and revelations.

Here is his story.
I now refer to myself as an astrologer and ‘Re-location’ expert, as I had the privilege of training with the founder of the ‘Astro-Carto-Graphy’, the late Jim Lewis in San Francisco. This revolutionary thinking means that you can change your Astrology chart to assist your destiny by changing your location. That is why some places feel more ‘at home’ than others. Using the influences of the Sun, Venus and Jupiter in a person’s chart, you can locate a place that may be more conducive for both business and/or relationships. The Astrology chart at the original birthplace changes by travel through different ‘time zones’ for instance re-location from Brisbane, Australia to London England.

I was born in Singapore in 1937, of English parents. In 1941 we were fortunate to escape the WWII invasion (Uranus on the fourth house) and to settle in Melbourne, Australia.

The stars have played a major role in my life. As a Sun Sign Piscean, I first put my trust in the stars 33 years ago, turning away from a white-collar life as a company secretary and insurance broker.

I studied both Astrology and Numerology in Sydney and witnessed many examples of ‘energy” feedback in personal astrology charts. This was exciting territory and since 1984 I have been involved in over 20,000 readings, inspiring clients to make positive steps forward through life’s many twists and turns. Through reading the client’s astrology chart, I am now able to assist in revealing their universal plan for psychological self-regulation.

In my own chart, I have found a strange connection of astrological similarities with the famous ‘seer and prophet’ Edgar Cayce and my own path suddenly opened! I quickly established 3 shops in the heart of the Aquarian city, Sydney, which I aptly named ‘Get Inspired’. They housed a wonderful array of talent in the form of Astrology, Palmistry and Tarot readers, many who have gone on to start their own businesses of inspiring people. The opportunity also arose in Sydney to take part in a radio talkback show! I can proudly say that I was the only Astrologer practicing in offices in the CBD of the biggest city in Australia!

With the practical and in-depth knowledge of Astro-Carto-Graphy I have found that the experiences gained during my world travels, tallied up as amazingly accurate with the world map of my natal birth stars! This has helped me to locate to this wonderful place in retirement on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. (North Node on Mid-Heaven).

From my home office in the country, I enjoy writing the Stars for weekly Magazines and Newspapers, respond to emails from my website and send taped readings to clients all over the world. Thanks to the latest technology I am active in working through MP3 taped readings and detailed email reports to my regular clientele.

Wise, Arlan
Martha’s Vineyard, Ma
508- 645- 9292

arlanArlan Wise has worked as a professional consulting astrologer since 1979. She has a BA from Brown University where she majored in Latin. She is a Certified Astrological Professional credited by the International Society for Astrological Research. She is certified by the Organization for Professional Astrology. She also belongs to the American Federation of Astrologers, the National Council for Geocosmic Research, the American Federation of Astrological Networking and the Astrological Association of Great Britain. She is the past president of OPA, the Organization for Professional Astrology. She wrote the astrology column for the Martha’s Vineyard Times for 17 years and was an editor of the Career Astrologer magazine. She teaches classes ranging from beginner’s to advanced level and is available for lectures on many different topics relating to astrology and the intricacies of being an astrologer. She travels to teach writing workshops for astrologers.

Arlan feels that her specialty is in understanding the most positive aspects of the client’s unconscious. She helps to pull them to the surface and explain them in ways that are easy to understand. She presents practical options and helps encourage an “I can do this” attitude in her clients

Wolfram, Scott
Las Vegas, NV

sw - garden - close smallScott Wolfram Evolutionary Astrology
Scott has a busy practice as an astrologer, writer, teacher and speaker. He is known for the unique perspectives and penetrating insights that he has developed by connecting the threads from astrology, the timeless archetypes of the classic Greek and Roman myths and the spiritual traditions of India.

His practice is based on the foundation of Evolutionary Astrology (as developed by Jeffrey Wolf Green) and deepened by employing over 60 asteroids to complete the picture of the core themes of your journey in life. Also specializing in the Astrology of Location, using the complimentary systems of Astro*Carto*Graphy, Geodetics and Local Space to identify locations that are supportive of the unfolding themes on your journey in life. His goal is to promote the potential for each individual to become the architect of their life and to move in harmony with the sun, moon and stars.

To find where Scott is teaching classes and workshops around the country, check the section on this site under “Local Astrology Classes” for current listings.

Wolter, Adam
Minneapolis, MN

0_0_0_0_162_154_csupload_37780635I started my studies of astrology in 1999, as a 20-year-old seeker with a healthy dose of skepticism. When the teacher I’d befriended convinced me to do the science of following the risings and settings of the planets, and transits of the planets to my natal chart, I was dumbstruck by the undeniable, precisely timed connections I found again and again. I’ve been
on a mission since, learning and refining effective techniques for helping others experience the relevant magic that the living sky has to offer.

Most of my training has been from the trenches of life experience, and frequently sharing updates from my journey with that same friend who first introduced me to the art (Joseph Osowski). I’ve also taken a few intensive workshops from Steven Forrest, Moses Siregar, and Martin Bulgerin. I love teaching others ways to observe and cooperate with the precise timings of celestial events, and to get creative with, and grateful for this beautiful, vibrantly living aspect of our natural world.

Woodall, Darcy
New York, NY

Darcy Woodall’s approach to astrology is eclectic. Drawing on metaphors rooted in modern archetypal depth psychology and the culture of astrology’s origins in myth, sacred science and philosophy, she encourages clients and students to attend to the unrepeatable flash of inspiration which makes each moment of creation utterly sacred, and to live their charts–and their lives–with courage and imagination. Along with over 25 years of study, practice and teaching, Darcy holds a Diploma (DFAstrolS) from the world-renowned Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. Darcy is experienced in teaching students at all levels and from a wide array of backgrounds. She is a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (MAPAI) and serves as an elected member of NCGR’s Board of Directors. In addition to her regular on-going astrology classes in NYC, she facilitates in-depth astrology study groups and maintains a supervision practice for ad


Woods, Stella
Melbourne, Australia
03 9534 5021

Referr1Stella Woods is one of Australia’s leading astrologers with thousands of satisfied clients and a reputation for offering practical, sensitive and insightful advice. She is also an experienced astrology teacher and counsellor, a popular radio presenter and a national magazine columnist.
Stella has been studying, reading and teaching astrology for over 20 years and is a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers and a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia. She also holds certificates in Medieval Astrology and Spiritual Group Facilitation and has studied Literary Symbolism, Kabbalah and Jungian Psychology.
You may have heard Stella in action on her fortnightly astrology talkback segment on Melbourne’s 3RRR 102.7 FM or read her Stargazer column in Living Now magazine or The Age Introductions supplement. On a personal level Stella is totally passionate about astrology and tarot. Her mission is to bring these ancient teachings back to life by sharing their power and wisdom with humanity.

Stella is available for personal consultations in Melbourne and also offers phone readings for interstate/overseas clients. A full list of prices, services and course details can be found on her website at



Wuzyk, Innessa
South Africa

Innessa WuzykInnessa Wuzyk is an evolutionary astrologer based in Secunda, South Africa. She has studied astrology with Maurice Fernandez as well as through the Mayo School of Astrology. She offers personal and Skype consultations. She believes in astrology as a tool for healing. “Know Thyself”. She helps people reach clarity and peace as to who they are. Innessa is also involved in astrology research. She is a trained scientist, holding a Master’s Degree in Chemistry. Her interests range far and wide in the realm of the esoteric and mystical. At present she is a South African Satellite for OPA, the Organization for Professional Astrologers.