Astrologers Listed by Specialty

Ancient astrology is the astrology of the Hellenistic period (300 B.C.E. to about 600 C.E.). This is the astrology that developed in Egypt and the surrounding Mediterranean area after the Alexandrian conquest and through the Roman period. It is the primary source for all later Western astrology. Project Hindsight, a non profit organization has taken on the task of translating the ancient texts of this period and reconstructing the astrology of the Hellenistic era, thus enriching Western astrology. Choose an astrologer from the following list and have an ancient astrology reading by an expert.

Beckman, Howard NM
Brennan, Chris CO
Braha, James FL
Clare, Gregory Australia
Gehrz, Andrea OR
Hand, Robert VA
Johnson, Stephanie Australia
Woods, Stella Australia
Zoller, Robert Canada