Astrologers Listed by SpecialtyChiron astrology centers around an asteroid, planetoid or comet (opinion is divided on it’s astronomical status) named after the mythical Centaur. Chiron was discovered in 1977 on November 1, by Charles Kowal, between the orbit of Saturn and Uranus. Popular with psychological astrologers, Chiron is considered to represent: the wounded healer, priest, shaman, one who serves humanity. Chiron also alerts us to our blind spots – those features of our personality that are obvious to everyone but us. It is also the the indicator in the chart of where we are non conforming, where we take exception to the rules. Find out more about yourself with a Chiron astrology reading!


Adams, Dianne Eppler VA
Brownstone, Diana NY
Clement, Babula New Zealand
Freed, Barbara-Lynn NC
Gainsburg, Adam NV
Kahl, Jamie CA
Marcus, Rose Canada
Miller, Alice CO
Newfeld-Green, Sarah NM
O’Brien, Dale OR
Pachisia, Neo NY
Packer-Louis, Julene OH
Siregar, Moses lll AZ
Staudacher, Lynn IL
Stein, Zane B. GA
Taylor, Barbara VA
Thill, Liz OR
Valente, Lorraine NJ
Yaworsky, Roman Oleh FL