Astrologers Listed by SpecialtyEsoteric astrology has come to be specifically associated with Alice A. Bailey and other members of the theosophical movement. The word “esoteric,” however, simply means “hidden,” and refers to that which is not apparent at first glance. Broadly speaking, therefore, esoteric astrology refers to any systematized endeavor to reach beneath the surface significance of a chart in order to plumb its deeper meanings. Choose an astrologer from the following list and have an esoteric astrology reading, it will provide deeper meaning to your chart’s interpretation.

Acker, Louis CO
Begg, Deike UK
Blaze, Chrissie CA
Brugge, Gustav AZ Denmark
Duncan, Narelle Australia
Easton, Chandra Australia
Friedman, Hank CA
Fronteras, Adam UK
Johnson, Stephanie Australia
Kerr, Maggie Australia
Maerz, John FL
Makransky, Bob Guatemala
Michaels, Aluna MI
Miller, Alice CO
Oken, Alan Bali
Phillips, T.S. CA
Roberts, Evelyn CA Bali
Siregar, Moses lll AZ
Vasilchuk, Olga Canada