Astrologers Listed by SpecialtyFind astrologers specializing in Evolutionary Astrology. The realities of the present life are emphasized, but they are interpreted from the point of view of the soul’s evolution through its incarnations. Evolutionary Astrology is a very sophisticated system practiced primarily by graduates of Jeffrey Wolf Green’s School of Evolutionary Astrology and Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Program, and popularized through their publications. There are other programs lesser known but quite valuable that are also referred to as Evolutionary Astrology.


Adkins, Clementine Australia
Bechdolt, Patricia CA
Doyle, Anita MT
Duncan, Narelle Australia
Fernandez, Maurice CO, Israel, Hawaii
Fiverson, Daniel NM
Forrest, Steven NC
Foxworthy, Teresa Ann CA
Freed, Barbara-Lynn NC
Friedman, Hank CA
Gainsburg, Adam NV
Herring, Amy WA
Hohne, Kari  CA
Imsara FL
Jacobs, Tom CA
Marcus, Rose Canada
Navran, Shakti Carola HI
Noren-Hoshal, Kari MD
O’Neill, Marie CA
Ross, Joni FL
Siregar, Moses lll AZ
Solini, Lydia VT
Spring, Elizabeth RI
Spring, Fern Feto CA
Telesco, Stephanie ID.
Thomas, Faith Belgium
Wolfgram, Scott MN
Wuzyk, Innessa  South Africa
Yankelevitz, Diane MT