Astrologers Listed by SpecialtyFinancial and Business astrology are the fields of astrology that are concerned with all facets of finance and business for individuals, companies or corporations. Financial astrology includes stock market astrology and commodity trading while business astrology is more concerned with personal finances, assistance in making decisions for launching new businesses or promotions, personnel decisions and planning strategies for small business interests Check our listings of expert astrologers. In today’s fluctuating economy, this is the way to get the financial edge. Put financial astrology to work for you.


Acker, Louis CO
Beckman, Howard NM
Bost, Tim FL
Bowser, Kenneth MN
Brugge, Gustav AZ Denmark
Cossar, Faye Netherlands
Crawford, Arch  AZ
Dillard, Deborah VA
Gelman, Rhoda OR
Hammond, Richard Gideon CA
Goldsmith New Zealand
Laurento, Maarit Finland
Knight, Sharon UK
Lavoie, Alphee CT
Levine, Joyce MA
Lewis, Mitchell Scott
Martin, Craig CA
Meridian, Bill NY
Merriman, Raymond MI
Michaels, Nicki CA
Nicholson, Jenae WA
Phillips, T.S. CA
Pierpaoli, Paola Italy
Rahman, Mohd Bahzan India
Ream, Norma Jean HI
Rosano, Kelley CO
Schwimmer, Larry Mexico
Semenov, Constantine Russia
Singh, S.B. India
Solini, Lydia VT
Stanley, Ena VA
Williams, Samten OH
Windsor, Anne UT
Woodall, Darcy NY
Zimmel, Manfred Austria