Astrologers Listed by SpecialtyHorary astrology is the branch of astrology that answers any question by constructing the chart for the time of the inquiry and interpreting it with very specific rules. Horary astrology is one of the oldest branches of astrology and one of the most popular since it does not require your birth data and gives you an instant answer to your personal questions. You can also use Horary astrology to find lost objects. Check the list of astrologers below and get a horary astrology reading. Get your questions answered today!


Beckman, Howard NM
Brook, Jacqueline S. Africa
Brownstone, Diana NY
Burns, Peter Australia
D’Angella, Eros  Italy
Emeney, Ellen UK
Fernandez, Paul FL
Forrest, Jodie NC
Hampar, Joann NY
Hills, Richard UK
Knight, Sharon UK
Kuntos, Vit  Czech republic
Lavoie, Alphee CT
Lavoie, Carol CT
Lawson, Dianne KS CA AR
Lehman, Lee NC
Lemme, Valerie NJ
Monteiro, Marcos Brazil
Neuner, Marilyn OR
Newfeld-Green, Sarah CA
Pachisia, Neo NY
Phillips, T.S. CA
Staudacher, Lynn IL
Staunton, Linda Australia
Sebastian, James OR
Solini, Lydia VT
Surtees, Kelly Australia
Thomas, Christine Australia
Thorp, Barb Australia
Vlietinck, Erik UK
Ward, Sue UK
Waris, Mazhar   Pakistan
Warnock, Christopher D.C.
Windsor, Anne Ut
Zoller, Robert Canada