Astrologers Listed by SpecialtyMedical astrology is the branch of astrology that focuses on the client’s health issues through the symbolism of the planets, signs and midpoints in the astrology chart. Medical astrology or health astrology readings by expert astrologers in the field can complement your consultations with your physician or alternative health care practitioner. Choose an astrologer from the following list for a medical astrology reading for a better understanding of your physical condition.


Acharjee, Dr. Ashis Kumar India
Allen, Lisa CA MT
Beckman, Howard NM
Easton, Chandra Australia
Emeney, Ellen UK
Finey, Michele Australia
Kahn, Nancy WA
Kudla, Stas WA
Knight, Sharon UK
Landwehr, Joe
Lawlor, Gretchen WA
Lehman, Lee NC
Levan, Michelle Hmd. Phd. IL
Munns, Patricia Petty NV
Mears, Susan  PA
Newfeld-Green, Sarah NM
Pierpaoli, Paola Italy
Rostant, Beverley Canada
Silverton, Kathryn GA
Starck, Marcia NM
Stevenson, Mary CO
Williams, Curtis CA
Windsor, Anne UT
Zagar, Ted PanDeva IN