Astrologers Listed by SpecialtyMundane astrology is the branch of astrology that focuses on World events through the lens of Astrology. Many types of charts are used including the charts of countries, locational charts, eclipse charts and the natal charts of a country’s ruler. The focus of Mundane astrology is the development of political and social cycles throughout the world.




Acker, Louis CO
Diaz, Armand Martire NY
Emeney, Ellen UK
Finey, Michele Australia
Hathaway, Edith CA
Knight, Sharon UK
Lever, Carrie PA
Martin, Craig CA
Newfeld-Green, Sarah NM
Orr, Marjorie UK
Possenti, Paola Emma Australia
Rahman, Mohd Bahzad India
Sette, Ray NJ
Streett, Bill CA
Tamplin, Ed Australia
Turner-Schott, Carmen VA OH
Waterfall, Tony Canada
Zoller, Robert Canada