Astrologers Listed by Specialty

Astrology rectification is the branch of astrology that uses past events and various astrology techniques to determine the time of birth when it is unknown. An accurate birth time is important when the astrologer is timing future events for the client, for relocation charts, solar returns and more. Choose an astrologer from the list below if you are uncertain about your birth time. An astrological birth time rectification consultation can give you an accurate astrology chart without a recorded time on record.


Beckman, Howard NM.
Brownstone, Diana NY.
Emeney, Ellen UK.
Duncan, Narelle Australia
Johnson, Stephanie Australia
Lavoie, Alphee CT.
Lavoie, Carol CT.
Lemme, Valerie NJ.
Martin, Craig CA.
Michaels, Nicki CA.
Parker, Douglas Australia
Patterson, Mj Canada
Simms, Maria Kay NH.