Astrologers Listed by SpecialtyRelocation astrology is the branch of astrology that looks at the effect that different locations will have on your life. It uses various techniques such as Astrocartography and local space as well as constructing a new chart for a location as if you were born there. Relocation astrology works well for residential moves, business campaigns and even vacation choices. Check this list of expert astrologers for your personal relocation astrology consultation and make an informed decision!


Acker, Louis CO
Allen, Lisa CA MT
Ashman, Bernie NC
Beckman, Howard NM
Blaze, Chrissie CA
Brownstone, Diana NY
Clement, Babula New Zealand
Cozzi, Steven CO
Davis, Martin UK
Day, Misty CA
Delaney, Ian UK
Devine, Carole MD
Fannin, Bert CA
Flaherty, Dennis WA
Foxworthy, Teresa Ann CA
Frazier, Andrée  VT
Gainsburg, Adam NV
Gardstein T. C. NY
Guttman, Arielle NM
Hampar, Joann NY
Hathaway, Edith CA
Hand, Robert VA
Hillis-Dineen, Madalyn MA
Kahn, Nancy WA
Lawson, Dianne KS CA AR
Macintyre, Ralph CA
Manteris, Robin CO TN NV TX
Markel, Stephane CO
Martin, Craig CA
McBride, Deb NY
Michaels, Nicki CA
Munns, Patricia Petty NV
Neuner, Marilyn OR
O’Brien, Dale OR
Parker, Douglas Australia
Perlis, Brian  IL
Phillips, T. S. CA
Rubald, Tim FL
Sher, Jim CA
Siregar, Moses lll AZ.
Siri CO
Solini, Lydia VT
Stanley, Ena VA
Staudacher, Lynn IL
Staunton, Linda Australia
Stevens, Cece AZ
Stevenson, Mary CO
Sullivan, Erin NM
Valente, Lorraine NJ
Windsor, Anne UT
Winter, Edgar  Australia
Wolfram, Scott MN
Woodall, Darcy NY