Astrologers Listed by SpecialtySidereal astrology is practiced by Western Astrologers as well as being the zodiac choice of Vedic astrology. The sidereal zodiac is a set of signs, much like the tropical signs, except they do not move in the ecliptic. The sidereal signs are aligned with their corresponding constellations. The tropical zodiac (which is determined by the seasons) aligned with the fixed sidereal zodiac around 200 A.D. but has since drifted 25°. If you would like a Western chart interpretation using sidereal astrology, choose one of the experts listed below for a new slant on your astrology chart.



Beckman, Howard NM
Bowser, Kenneth MN
Braha, James FL
Chimenti, Athen  WA
Dillard, Deborah VA
Lemme, Valerie NJ
Rodriguez, Isaac  NY, VT
Seligson, Eric NY
Stevenson, Mary CO