Fremlin, Helen Jayne

Helen Jayne FremlinFremlin, Helen Jayne
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Astrologer for over 20 years. Certified Life Coach since September 2015.
Educated in Astrology by the great Julie Simmons in Toronto.

Over 25 years in the business world of retail as a Corporate Buyer/Planner for major Retailers.
Masters of Business Administration from Lake Superior State University and a Bachelor of Arts from Wilfrid Laurier University with a major in Economics.

I love knitting and my beautiful dog Humphrey (cocker spaniel/airedale mix). Living in Bolton, ON (GTA) and enjoying the life of a cancer survivor and the amazing life lessons that come with that. Life is fun, challenging, educational, extraordinary and beautiful.

Being the true authentic YOU sets up a force field of attraction that brings your dreams right to you. I love working with clients to identify those dreams and digging deep into who they are to make magic. Its a lovely amazing process that fills my soul with joy.