Ganz, Beatrice

Beatrice GanzGanz, Beatrice
Zurich, Switzerland
0041 44 361 41 42

Beatrice Ganz was born January 1st, 1956 at Zurich, Switzerland. 1999 she graduated in Astrology in Germany. Since then she is a professional member of SAB (Swiss Federation of Astrologers). She is the founder and director of the Astrological Society of Zurich. From 1997 to 2010 she organized the International Zurich Symposium on astrology. Currently, Beatrice Ganz hosts an astrological salon at Zurich, where lectures, workshops and seminars are given by renowned speakers from home and abroad. Beatrice Ganz lectures on composers and pianists such as Frédéric Chopin, Franz Liszt and the contemporary Swiss composer Werner Baertschi, about the deduction and meaning of prognostic astrological statements, on astrology as individual life coaching as well as a contribution to the understanding and interpretation of the present age and of world events.

Her lecture on “Euro and Swiss Franc currently and up to 2020 – where will the banking and financial system end up in the next few years?” was recently held at Vienna and Zurich. Beatrice Ganz’ presentations on the future aim at astrological laypersons as well as professionals. Beatrice Ganz also deals with the basics of Astrology: How “thinks” Astrology, what can it provide? In her counselings Beatrice Ganz emphasizes the psychological approach, she gives career counseling and partnership counseling and is dealing with horary and electional astrology. She writes reports and issues astrological lessons.