Gopal, R.S.

R.S. GopalGopal, R.S.
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

I am an astrology consultant from a family of ancient Indian Vedic Astrologers. I am an Experienced Astrologer with specialization in authentic system of Vedic astrology. As we know most of the happenings in our life are certainly due to the act of external forces outside conscious control. Only through proper Astrological solution and divine powers we can solve our problems. Through spiritual practices and divine powers I have been inspired to provide astrology consultation and provide Remedies for all sorts of problems in life. I provide astrological guidance on Health, Wealth, Married life, Career, Business, Litigation, Sudden gains-losses, Marriage, Spouse, Family, Progeny, Horoscopes- Matching, Annual and Long Time Forecasts in important aspects of life.

In addition to being a professional astrologer I also practice following areas of Vedic astrology such as: Gem Therapy, Indian Vasthu, Numerology and Gemology. I provide consultation to work on your strength and grow in your life by eradicating all your present problems and catastrophic situations in both career and personal life.