Hansen, Ingrid

Hansen, Ingrid
Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Boston: (617) 841-7510
Washington DC: (202) 407-3815

Ingrid Hansen is an experienced astrologer with specialties in western, vedic and forensic astrology, and specializes in Sade Sati challenges. She enjoys her work helping others understand their life path, challenges and remedies to bring hope that something exciting and new is just around the corner.

Ingrid uses a unique method of reading a natal chart using The Degree Theory to give incredible insight on a client’s natal information and current transits, which can help to explain one’s current reality and future.

Ingrid also uses Vedic dasha calculation to indicate when major changes are ahead. She currently works as a criminal astrologer and helps investigators and families of missing persons to determine crime details and mapping the location of a missing person; she also trains astrologers on this niche area of astrology.

Ingrid is available at her office, based in Wrentham, Massachusetts during the week and weekends.