Heaton, Philip

Philip HeatonHeaton, Philip
Bolton. Gtr Manchester. UK
tel 07955 083773

I have been studying astrology for thirty years, originally self -taught, discovering the passion I still hold for our subject from my mid- twenties. Perhaps then and still looking for answers just like my clients do today. I attended local groups to meet like minded people and learn further, discovering a deep personal affinity for speaking on the subject.

I hold the Intermediate Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies. A Bsc (Hons) in Human Geography. A post graduate Diploma in International Relations and I am qualified as an Adult and further Education Teacher.
In 1989 I founded my astrological consultancy Blacfil Astrology. With a client database in the UK and Internationally. While providing all aspects of astrological analysis it has always been the absolute beginner to the subject that is my specialist area. I devised and delivered my first ever beginners course in 2000. With strict guidelines and limits it enables a grasp of the basic symbolism of the chart factors, without the confusion of interpretation. This was followed by an Intermediate course to develop further the understanding of wider techniques.

I have lectured extensively on a range of astrological subjects ranging from the history both ancient and modern, to individual character biographies, interpretation techniques and chart factors. Also I’ve had opportunity to be thought provoking and challenging to our often universal knowledge. I am available to speak anywhere, when available, it is always a pleasure and an honor to address one’s peers.