Hohne, Kari

kari hohneHohne, Kari
Tahoe City, CA
Evolutionary Astrologer

Kari has been practicing astrology since 1977. She has been featured on radio stations around the world as an expert on symbolism, shamanism and comparative archetypes. She joined Ken Wilbur as a speaker at Spiritual Tech Summit because of her popular self help apps. Her website ranks #1 for I Ching and dream symbols because of her down to earth interpretations. She blends decades of research in symbology with Jungian psychology in her astrology practice.

As an indigenous language preserver and author of books on mythical studies, nature and Taoism, she interprets the chart like a language, where the houses, planets and aspects are similar to how letters come together to tell a story. Her intuitive consultation style focuses on the snapshot of the sky, where the evolutionary journey is detailed in the natal chart, while its activation over time is revealed through transits and progressions. Reports can be ordered from her website and she is also available for personal consultations by phone or skype.