Izraitel, Boris

Izraitel, Boris
Moscow, Russia
+7(915)010 09 87

Boris Izraitel is a full time astrological counselor and spiritual researcher with an international clientele. Boris Izraitel was born in Moscow in 1960. A graduate of the Moscow Telecommunication College with a Master’s degree in Telemechanics and Guide-Control Electronics, Boris since 1982 was engaged in designing of signal sorting equipment for Medical Industry. In 1977 he became interested in esoterics and later on began to study astrology.
Boris is well-known in Russia as the founder of ‘Russian Astrology’ Journal – the first publication for professional astrologers in Russian. A counselling astrologer since 1986, lecturer at Moscow Astrological Academy since 1990 and editor-in-chief of ‘Russian Astrology’ Journal since 1991, in 1995 Boris became a co-founder of Euro-Asian Chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and since then runs the NCGR Education Program in Russia.

Articles by Boris Izraitel have appeared in ‘The Mountain Astrologer’ (USA), ‘Hamburger Hefte’ (Germany), ‘Astrolog’ (Switzerland), etc.

His books ‘The Complete Guide to Rectification’ , ‘The Russian Book of Charts’ and “The Astro-Manual” became bestsellers in 1996 , 1999 and 2013 respectively.

Boris is specialized in astropsychology, medical astrology, astrology of compatibility, experiential astrology, children astrology. He believes that finding out one’s true identity helps people to live a more meaningful life and even to recover from mental or physical diseases. Boris offers consultations and personalized lessons of astrology via e-mail and Skype both in English and in Russian.