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Astrology, simply put, means the “whys” of life. Why are we here? Why are we the way we are, and “what” we’re supposed to do in this life?

For some, the “why” question is really more of a religious or spiritual question, certainly not the domain of modern science, traditionally. Today, however there’s a powerful resurgence of interest in the special knowledge and perspectives of ‘Astrology’.

There are predominantly 2 major fields of Astrology, today. There’s the Western and then, there’s the Eastern Astrology. And, these two great fields of Astrology are now, beginning to merge.

Nature’s Astrology, is something I thought of when I had finally gotten through all my Eastern Astrology, books, and started contemplating the difference between West & East. Nature’s Astrology is the ‘Astrology’ that exists out there, in Nature.

It exists somewhere, in-between, both the West & East. I realized, ‘it’ exists beyond both East & West,…and in fact, is the ‘best’ of West & East.

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