Krok, Euegenia

Krok, Euegenia
Pine, CO
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Oftentimes, astrology can seem abstract and distant to the novice client, leaving them confused and bewildered as to how the astrologer has interpreted their information. As a trained psychotherapist, Eugenia has been able to merge the art of astrology with her training in mental health to help explain astrology in understandable and accessible terms. In doing so, Eugenia has created methods using tools such as myth, metaphor, and visualization as a sort of bridge for clients to understand their charts. Bridging modern day psychotherapy and its practices with astrology has been profound and affecting for clients.

Eugenia Krok, MA holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and Art Therapy along with a certification in Grief Therapy. Eugenia conducts her work in the mountains of Colorado serving her local community individually and through group work, while continuing to see astrological clients throughout the US and beyond. Through her education and experiences, Eugenia utilizes her training in pschotherapy with her enthusiasm for astrology, to bridge access into self understanding and self acceptance.

Eugenia practices Evolutionary Astrology, Psychological Astrology, Spiritual Astrology and is also a Teacher of Astrology. For more information please visit her website at: