Levan, Michelle

LMichelle Levanevan, Michelle Hmd. Phd.
m.s. Clinical pathology,
member American Society of Clinical pathology
Doctorate in nutrition
Doctorate in homeopathy
Chicago, Il

Dr. Levan has over 30 years experience in the health care field. She started Medical Astrology studies in 1972 where she was the laboratory director and facilitated autopsies. She noticed certain signs had certain diseases and that was an awakener. She was now actually able to help people in preventing health problems. She also uses homeopathy to clear the energy patterns that create situations that are not healthy to the person.

Dr. Levan teaches astrology, including Natal, Horary and Medical astrology classes and they will be offered starting at the beginning of the year. She has also taught astrology classes at The Psychic eye in kid Angrles and Sherman Oaks CA, Carol Righter institute Los Angeles, Daybreak health Sherman Oaks, and Healing Clinic in Simi Valley. Private classes are at her clinic in Chicago. She is a clinical pathologist and a astrologer and synthesizes the two sciences in her counseling.