Louise, Mary

Louise, Mary
St. George Utah

Mary Louise, a professional astrologer since 1976, synthesizes astrology, tarot, palmistry, and more to counsel, guide and teach She holds a B.A. in Humanistic Psychology, an M.A. in Human Behavior, plus lifelong studies in astrology, comparative religions, philosophies, metaphysics and holistic health. She currently teaches History of Ancient Disciplines in community education. Astrology was a driving force at the “Dawn of Civilization” in 4000 BC when humankind began to document history, and is at the roots of all our present day sciences and disciplines.

Mary was active in the San Diego Astrological Society for two decades, served as Vice President and President of the Southern Utah Society, and stays current as an avid student of Astrology. Astrology is a remarkable and comprehensive tool for getting information, gaining insights into present situations, and allowing us to make the choices that create the lives we want to live.

Mary works offers a full range of astrological services and reports. Discovery and insights are crucial to making informed choices that help keep our lives on track. Always encouraging, positive, upbeat and choice-centered she specializes in optimum timing , creative potential, relationships and locational utilizing natal, progressions, transits, solar returns, lunar returns, electional, compatibility, and relocation.